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A Mega Crossover Role Playing Game, starring all your favorite bloodthirsty villains, antiheroes, and miscellaneous ne'er-do-wells.
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 Supply and Demand

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Altaïr Ibn La-Ahad

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PostSubject: Re: Supply and Demand   Supply and Demand - Page 3 EmptyWed Sep 09, 2009 12:36 pm

"We. Need. The. Beast. Intact. Sylar!" Grindelwald roared out his words slowly and threateningly, "Punish you? I might as well! But Let us see what Saruman concludes." The masked wizard slowly moved towards Sylar, caution in every step. The other inmates stopped in their tracks and watched; felt it would be a wrong idea to intervene.

"I'm not sure if you already have one of its abilities, the beast will be delivered to the Joker. Am I clear?" The wand still fixed on Sylar, its tip ready between his eyes.
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PostSubject: Re: Supply and Demand   Supply and Demand - Page 3 EmptyWed Sep 09, 2009 5:28 pm

"If i had the beasts ability, don't you think i would have atleast tried it by now?"
Sylar said, almost smirking.

"And besides, even if i did absorb the beasts power, it would have remained alive, and intact." He retorted again.

Grindelwald roared "Are. We. Clear!"

"The beast will be delivered to the Joker." Sylar replied.

You will pay...
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The End

The End

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PostSubject: Re: Supply and Demand   Supply and Demand - Page 3 EmptyFri Jul 06, 2012 2:33 am

As Sylar and Grindelwald finished their argument, with Boba Fett and his troops managing to secure Level 4, the CEO was watching television.

Dozens and dozens of televisions, enough to make up a wall, all beaming the different battles and situations revolving around- and outside the facility.

All focusing on different characters, each with their own story to tell- a story forced upon them for the sake of a new kind of entertainment.

In the world the CEO originated from, his people had gotten tired of the old kind of TV- gladiator fights to the death, death runs and races and the like, eventually progressing to media without snuff and an elitist message. Movies and TV shows where when people die on the screen, they don't die in real life. Media which also allowed the creative element to grow, spawning a wide variety of idiosyncratic villains and anti-heroes which would never have existed in the time of reality TV.

As a young child, the CEO was fascinated with reality shows- the media of old. But he was even more intrigued by the media of new: the fictionalized entertainment.

As a young man, the thinkers of his time had discovered universes unlike their own- worlds differing only by chance and time; to entirely different universes altogether in shape and form.

But what perhaps interested him the most, were the ones which held the characters of his world's new entertainment- his future prisoners... and entertainers, which would make his own pockets bulge whilst feeding his people a twisted blend of media- the new AND old combined!

The CEO chuckled as he reminisced and marvelled at the story of his success, sipping his martini every now and then at every explosion, every scream which filled up the monitors in front of him. He chuckled, not only at his success, but at the prospect that every sentient being (even including celestial ones) are so easy to manipulate to one's own ends, as long as one maintains control.


The CEO switched off the monitors and put his martini down the moment Mr. Blue walked into the room, swivelling his chair around to meet him.

"How goes the meeting with the General? Does he agree on a partnership?" As the Corporation grew, it has since partnered with other companies and indiviuals, all entering the business.

"He has. In exchange of several million liters of oil, he has agreed to make his own films, especially since his main character will be entering three castles in another universe to steal goods and kill the creatures which inhabit it."

"Wonderful!" he threw up his hand in dramatically. "Oh, and is my favorite jacket back from the dry-cleaning?"

"Yes." Blue produced a plaid jacket, held in the standard plastic bag. "Do you want to try it on now?"


The CEO stood up, and allowed Blue to fit the jacket onto him. He then sat back onto his chair, picked up his martini and switched the monitors back on, waving a hand as to dismiss Blue, who walked away, towards the exit.

As his sipped his martini, the CEO grinned slightly as a prisoner catches fire, accidentally spilling some of his drink onto his jacket. The CEO in turn, caught on fire, which spread to the rest of his clothes and expanded into a bright yellow flame.

The moment the CEO leapt out of his chair and started screaming, two Corporation guards outside of his office ran in, passing Blue, who immediately pressed buttons on a panel near the doorway. The office was sealed off immediately from the outside, and Blue dealt with the guard appropiately.

The CEO was taking up too much space and taking too long to die, which lead Blue to make the decision of using one of the guard's shotguns to splatter his guts all over the carpet floor, leaving him instead rolling, gurgling and burning- but no longer screaming and panicking.

Reloading and then dropping the shotgun, Blue walked over to the CEO's desk, his skin and entire body shape changing as he did so.

Having worked for the Corporation for nearly a single year, Mystique had gotten the object she needed for her own affairs. During this time, she has also grown weary and tired of the so-called "entertainment" her boss was making. This eventually lead to hate when she had found out some of the prisoners had abilities different from others.

With one of the two keys she had stolen from the CEO whilst putting the jacket on him, Mystique opened a drawer in the CEO's table, made of an indestructable material but painted to look like mahogany.

Pulling the desk drawer open, she flipped open the glass case covering a big red button inside. Below the button was the word "REVERSAL".

Pressing it, the beings on the televisions screens flickered, and then disapppeared (with the exception of a few confused Corporation guards, executives and scientists). She smiled, having returned everyone to their previous lives before the Corporation interfered and hopefully, with their memories erased.

She opened another drawer in the table with the second key and, lifting the glass case, pressed a second red button. A timer instantly appeared on a previously blank television screen on the CEO's table- counting down from 10 standard human minutes.

Reverting back to Mr. Blue, Mystique walked out of the CEO's office, just as the flames from his charred and now unmoving body were beginning to spread around the office.

Mr. Blue ran past the Corporate staff, all rushing to the escape pods, ships and transporter pads as the countdown has appeared on all monitors within the facility.

He reached his own personal office, transforming back into Mystique as he did so, and stepped onto the transporter pad there, setting the destination to the extraction point and smiling devishly as she was beamed away.

A minute later, the facility blew up, with the Corporation ceasing to function. Although some Corporate executives managed to get away with their fortunes intact, it would not be long before their former prisoners find out about them.
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Supply and Demand
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