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A Mega Crossover Role Playing Game, starring all your favorite bloodthirsty villains, antiheroes, and miscellaneous ne'er-do-wells.
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 [ARCHIVE] AYKF, Story Arc 1

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The Corinthian

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[ARCHIVE] AYKF, Story Arc 1 Empty
PostSubject: [ARCHIVE] AYKF, Story Arc 1   [ARCHIVE] AYKF, Story Arc 1 EmptyTue Mar 03, 2009 5:57 pm

Under construction. Copying the HTML from DQ Archives for your convenience / reference.

Page 1. The Corinthian, Belkar, and Dwight wake up in their cells.
Page 2. Shriek wakes up in her cell. The Corinthian and Belkar are forced to play through combat simulations created by the Corporation.
Page 3. Johnny "Nny" C. wakes up in his cell. Dwight runs his combat simulation. The Corinthian escapes his cell. First appearance of "Hector," who releases Shriek from captivity.
Page 4. First appearance of the Joker. Belkar escapes his cell.
Page 5. Sylar wakes up in his cell. Belkar fights with a prison guard and notices the captive Dwight.
Page 6. The Corinthian breaks into Nny's cell.
Page 7. Hector and Shriek meet up with the Joker. The Corinthian meets up with Nny; hilarity ensues.
Page 8 Belkar releases Dwight from captivity. Dwight kills the prison guard. Hector and co. arrive at the level 5 control complex.
Page 9. Hector and co. move further into the complex. Dwight and Belkar study a map they found on the dead guard. The Fear goes through his combat simulation.
Page 10. Freddy escapes, frees Fear, they wreak havoc. Hector and co. plan their next moves. The Corinthian and Nny prepare to depart, and decide they need to take the wall with them.
Page 11. The Corinthian and Nny prepare to leave. Fear and Freddy continue their murder spree. Hector and co. Masacre guards on the way to the control room.
Page 12. Hector and co. reach the core terminal, and encounter their first elite. The CEO orders level 11 clearance. End of Story Arc 1

[ARCHIVE] AYKF, Story Arc 1 CorinthianSigRed
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[ARCHIVE] AYKF, Story Arc 1
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