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July 1st, 2008, 01:35 PM
Adams spat out his last dignity and quoted some movie, some novel or some guy a hundred years ago who thought it would be cool to drag someone else into death. Considering the kind of world we live in, it'd be mercifull at best.

I took a quick look around me.

I had five options for taking him down.

One; I get up close and personal and I beat him to death. Two, I use the midget's butter knife to finish him off. A blade that was still stuck deep into Adams's wrist, an extension to his anatomy he seemed to have forgotten at the moment. Three, I throw him down the pit, assuming it's deep enough to have any kind of effect. Four, I use the tazer and then take my time.

Five, all of the above.

I make my choice.

My muscles explode in a mix of testosterone and adrenaline as I jump forward. A punch veer towards my head, one out of panic and it's easy to dodge. I drill my fist into Adams cheek as hard as I can. Adams have suffered enough for me to drag it out. My fists hurt already and I'm suddenly reminded of my meeting with Manute, something I had believed only to be a dream until now.

I pull the knife from Adams wrist, and quickly jam it into the side of his head.

Light's out, Adams. Sweet dreams.

My memories pound in the back of my skull, like an angry mob would pound on your door. It doesn't take long until I'm back in Old Town, looting the pockets of Jackie-boy in the pouring rain.

I find a wallet. There's a few ATM records in here which I don't care much about. There's a few hundred dollars which I'm happy to consider compensation for the dream he took from me. But it's not just money I find. I'll be damned; Adams, you son of a bitch.

July 1st, 2008, 02:28 PM
The last thing Adams saw was a metal disk that McCarthy pulled from his pocket, like a common thief... Typical.

Adams' vision was glazing over, and his memory fading; he couldn't even remember what the device was for.

Adams watched McCarthy press the green button on the edge of the disk, watched a green blur of light emerge in holographic form from the middle of the device; then his vision went black, the last drop of vitality dripping from his brain.


(HINT: Maybe it's a map! :yikes: zomg!)

(I wonder what the crossed-swords symbol represents?)

July 1st, 2008, 03:03 PM
Shriek smiled. "Of course," she replied with a tone that, if you took away the sugar coating, could be dripping acid.
Normally Shriek would go more drastic ways. She had figured the first idea of dropping it all and doing things on her own would be the least safe choice she could make. Besides, curiosity and the thought of possibly seeing Hector draw his last breath made her decision a bit easier. She hadn’t spared much thought for the Joker beside her, although he seemed to be hiding more than just common insanity. Was this place like the Ravencolt institution? A place to lock up all those who had the wit to use the gift they had? The combat simulation told her there was more to it than so. She kept her questions to herself for now.

July 2nd, 2008, 02:16 PM
The CEO hovered his throne over toward a buzzing comlink, picking it up and listening to it.

"Yes? Hello?"

"Boss, this is Medical. Adams is dead."


"Adams. The guard assigned to McCarthy."

"Damn it, I knew he wasn't fit for the job! How did he die?"

"Multiple stab wounds and slit throat, followed by forcible removal of his subdermal med kit, followed by a stab wound to the brainstem. All from the same weapon."

"Did you I.D. the weapon? Did it have a tracer?"

"Yes, sir, it was one of Bitterleaf's daggers."

"Small mercy, then. So we have a prisoner on the loose in Level 2. Do I want to know how this happened?"

"Adams was aware that he was about to be laid off, sir. We believe that the most likely reason is deliberate sabotage."

The CEO spat angrily to the ground. "What happened to the good ol' days, when disgruntled employees would just bring a shotgun to work and blow away all of their annoying co-workers?!"

"I don't believe--"

"That was rhetorical, Officer, don't answer it."

"Yes sir."

"Well, at least we installed the tracer in Bitterleaf's main dagger... we never told any of the Security 2 employees about the tracers, so I think we can assume that Adams gave Bitterleaf the bugged knife. I'll make the calls and send in Riot Control ASAP; meanwhile, get me the code from the dagger that stabbed Adams. We'll need it to home in on the Halfling's signal."

"Yes sir. Right away, sir."


"And you, Joker. What do you have to say about this?" asked Hector. "Can you maintain some shred of mental stability during this operation?"

July 2nd, 2008, 02:46 PM
"what are you talking about" Sylar said, in disbeleif of what the Guard had just told him
"i thought you would have known, after all you are in an illusion, your powers are a part of the illusion, theyre not real" Sylar was shocked, "you are useless without your powers, i told you that you would be useless without your powers"
Sylar stood there "your wrong, i can garentee that you will be dead once im done with you"
"is that a threat?" the guard asked
"yes" Sylars hand shot up as illusionl ice flew from his hand, the guard didnt move, overriding his instinct, what he didnt see though was that Sylar had moved when the ice shot out of his hand, Sylar grabbed the gun that the guard was holding, as each one fought to gain control of the gun
"if i had my powers, you would be dead by now"
"thats what im saying" the guard tried to throw Sylar to the ground, but Sylar dragged the guard with him, an all out brawl for the gun started
"youll never kill me"
"your not so sure of your claims there, guard dog" Sylar said, aiming the gun away from himself "i finally realised why i was here, im a labrat aren't I?"
"a clever one you are, but youll never understand the reason for.." the guard was cut off by an elbow to the face, Sylar had distracted him, the guards face turned around in pain, still holding on the the gun, fired a couple of times to no avail, Sylar fought for the gun, hitting the guard again on the head, the guard finally let go of the gun, Sylar stood up quickly and aimed the gun at the guard
"i proved you wrong" Sylar pulled the trigger

July 6th, 2008, 12:23 AM
(Bloodshot's taking forever to give a simple response to Hector's question, so I think it's reasonable to control his character in order to advance the plotline.)

"Heheh... that reminds me of a joke, Hector, y'know..."

"Everything reminds you of a joke."

"Heh, true. But--"

"Joker, just give me an answer right now, and I SWEAR I will let you tell me the joke when we're out of here. Yes, or no?"

"Hehehe... you got it, Hector. I'll stay quiet, I'll cooperate, I'll even--hehe--put a cork in the joking around... for now, anyway. Deal?"

"Deal," muttered Hector, in that low hiss of his. "Let's move on."

They continued down the metal corridor, Hector standing behind Shriek and the Joker as if they were his prisoners.

"If ya don't mind me askin'," the Joker whispered at one point, "call me insane if you will--heheheh--but if the Powers that Be notice that two high-security prisoners're outta their cells, I don't think it's gonna matter that we're in the care of a guard, eh, Hecky?"

"The man who formerly owned this suit had special clearance," Hector replied. "No one will dare question his authority as long as he maintains an appearance of authority. They will ask me questions eventually, yes; but by the time they get around to doing that, it will be too late to stop us. As long as all goes according to plan, of course."

They abruptly reached a thick steel door. Hector nodded once.

"I have clearance to open this door," the masked man said, "but it is Emergency clearance. If I open the door while the sensors are still active, it will set off the entire prison alarm system."

Hector turned to face Shriek. "You could be particularly helpful here, Ms. Barrison. There is one alarm there," he indicated a gray spot to the left of the door, "and another one there." He indicated another spot to the right. "If you can destroy them both at the exact same moment, neither should have time to go off. But if you destroy one of them more than a nanosecond later than the first one, the second one will activate every single one of the alarms in this complex. No pressure intended, but there it is."

Hector pulled a keycard from his sleeve and prepared to insert it into the slot by the steel door.

"Ready when you are, Ms. Barrison."

July 7th, 2008, 07:16 AM
"Pressure?" Shriek chuckled in a low voice. Destroying anything could at times seem challenging -- But pressuring? Shriek thought of how many flaws there had been already during this escape mission. Almost enough to worry her. But just almost. "I do wonder Hector, if there are cameras here, wouldn't no one see what we are doing and thus alert the staff in this complex?"
Without waiting for an answer, or wonder what was behind the steel door, she placed herself in position to destroy the alarms. Her scar lit up and out from each palm a thin ray of concentrated energy shot out. It would not burn or explode the alarms, but merely overload the system within the machines.
Shriek didn't hold her breath since she found no need to. Although she did wait in silence, she was not nervous it had not been successful. She was good, and she knew.

July 7th, 2008, 10:25 AM
She’s too perceptive, thought Hector. Not a problem now, of course. But as time goes on, there won’t be time to answer questions...

“Well, I am impressed, Ms. Barrison,” Hector noted, glancing from side to side. “It seems that you did it.”

Hector scanned Shriek’s face for some trace of pride, but found none. She’s good at hiding her mood, then, too. Hm.

Hector talked as he inserted his card into the device by the door, which began to slowly open. “To answer your question, though, I happen to know that this final corridor has no cameras. The entire complex is laced with them, but not this spot; we passed the last camera about five minutes ago. There’s a good reason for it, too, but there are two guards coming at us with tasers now and I really don’t have time to explain.”

Indeed, two men with masks like Hector’s were charging through the now-open doorway. Hector had already drawn his own stolen taser and fired a bolt at one of the guards; it struck its target in the throat, and the guard collapsed to the floor, convulsing.

The second guard ran just inside the door, using the frame as cover while he fired his weapon. “Get inside, behind me, quick,” hissed Hector to his companions, leaping around the corner at the second guard. The Joker stopped to gleefully dump the writhing first guard over the side of the bridge before moving on to follow Hector.

As Hector approached the open door, the second guard lashed out and punched Hector’s jaw with the taser-free hand. Hector reflexively opened his mouth and bit down hard on the guard’s hand, severing two fingers.

The man screamed in agony, and Hector used the guard’s shocked surprise as an advantage; he kicked the taser out of the guard’s hand and grabbed a pair of handcuffs hanging from the guard’s back pocket. Hector snapped one of the cuffs around the guard’s wrist and snapped the other one to the interior chain of the steel door; then he stepped back, to see the rest of his team looking on.

Hector chewed the fingers that were still in his mouth for a bit, then swallowed them. Then he spoke again.

“Neither of the guards was able to send a distress call,” the masked killer deduced, “otherwise there would be reinforcements by now. Let’s move on.”

Hector headed down the rightmost hallway, flipping a switch on the wall and activating the steel door again. “Keep up, please,” he called back. “Every second counts.”

Meanwhile, the door closed behind them; the chains whirred and cycled, and the struggling guard handcuffed to the left chain was dragged down into the floor and the machinery below. Screams and a bloody pulping noise followed. When the door was fully closed there were meaty chunks spread thinly over the left chain, and red ooze dripped from every metal link.

July 7th, 2008, 12:05 PM
ImpresiveI thought while walking down the hallway. "Hector do you hehe have any plan to actualy get out of here?"

July 7th, 2008, 02:55 PM
"Yes, I do. But this is not the time for that. It would be time-consuming and counterproductive."

Hector suddenly stopped. "There should be three patrol teams up ahead," he breathed. "Two guards in each team; these people aren't sloppy enough to send out individual patrol units one at a time. I confess that I am at a loss of what to do here; all roads seem likely to lead to a combat situation. But I'm open to suggestions, and maybe a combat situation wouldn't be too bad anyway... do either of you have any ideas?"

July 7th, 2008, 05:01 PM
(Thunder, I've got no problem with you joining the RP, but you're supposed to pick a character from published fiction. You can't make up a character--that's one of the rules of the RP. Feel free to remake your profile if you've got a different idea though, we'd love to have you. :thumbsup:)

(PM me if you've got any questions.)

July 7th, 2008, 05:03 PM
(Thunder, I've got no problem with you joining the RP, but you're supposed to pick a character from published fiction. You can't make up a character--that's one of the rules of the RP. Feel free to remake your profile if you've got a different idea though, we'd love to have you. :thumbsup:)

(PM me if you've got any questions.)

Oh, whoops. I'm deleting my post but I WILL BE BACK!


July 8th, 2008, 10:37 AM
(put things outside the rpg in())

July 11th, 2008, 02:17 PM
Sylar saw blackness, he couldnt tell what was going on, he was awake alright but he felt asleep, he couldnt see anything, and what he did see seemed to be things out of a dream, men who flew, men who had super powers that tried to save the world, there was always that one figure tho, the one who would stop them, the one he realised was himself, the need for power flowed through his body, i need those powers, i need to be special he thought to himself, finidng new hope and faith, he pushed himself through the darkness, only to find more darkness, a never ending circle of darkness, he had done something very wrong

July 11th, 2008, 09:04 PM
(Ok, Virus, you haven’t posted in over 2 weeks and it’s not really fair for me to keep Vic’s story stalled this long, so I really have to take control of you for now. As soon as you’re ready to take him back just PM me.)

Belkar saw the glowing green hologram from the winch position on the top of the open cell and was instantly intrigued. In the world that he came from, shiny objects were almost always a good sign.

The Halfling jumped, and amplified by his ring the jump went clear over McCarthy’s head and Adams’ corpse. Belkar extended a single tiny hand in friendly greeting. Friendly-ish greeting.

“The name’s Bitterleaf. Belkar Bitterleaf,” Belkar announced smugly. “That was some impressive slaughter back there. Can I hang out with you? I haven’t met anyone who could do anything that cool, not since Lord Shojo made fun of Roy to his face…”

McCarthy looked rather unmoved, but Belkar didn’t drop his smile.

July 11th, 2008, 09:37 PM
The midget reached his hand forward in a greeting. A sick kind of euphoria glaced over the tiny man's eyes, something you only see fro insane people, children or both. It was obvious that he had all but good intent but since I still figure this group owed me for wrecking my car I can't give him a hard time about that. Just another madman in the crowd.

Whether the midget realized that he needed my help to get out of here or not was impossible to tell. He seemed eager to get to know me which was never a good thing in my experience.

I took another look at the device I pulled from Adams pocket. I had to be honest, I had no idea what everything was supposed to mean. At this point, all I had was my speculation that it was a map of some sort.

"Sure, kiddo."

I'll keep an eye on him. However, I have to admit; I am going to need a second pair of hands to get myself out of this mess. Regardless of size.

July 12th, 2008, 12:27 AM
Belkar's face turned slightly sourer at the word "kiddo."

"Look, like I said, you were pretty cool back there, slicing up that asshole. And I'm thinking we're both in here for the same reason--so working together is probably a good idea. But keep this in mind--I'll tolerate one crack about my height, and ONLY one."

McCarthy didn't look particularly scared. That annoyed Belkar; it was like whenever he fought with the undead. No fear, no cries for mercy, no fun. This man almost seemed like a dead thing himself.

"I heard the guard call you McCarthy, so for the sake of argument I'll assume that's your name--feel free to correct me if I'm wrong."

Belkar crept around to get a better view of the hologram. "So, where'd you get that thing? From the dead retard over there?"

July 12th, 2008, 09:27 AM
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July 14th, 2008, 10:18 AM

CATEGORY: F*cking insane

CONTINUITY: Metal Gear Solid 3, Snake Eater

WEAPONS: Crossbow with bolts covered in poisons from various poisoness animals. Hunting knife.

CLOTHING: Camouflaged Long sleeved top and trousers made to resemble a spiders web. Black Gloves with grip that can hold on to surfaces. Black Boots with same grip. Various straps made to carry equipment. Also carries a device that can make him invisible.

PREFERRED M.O: Hits enemy with a poisoned crossbow bolt. Taunts them as they die and explains what is happening to them. Inducing as much fear as possible

FIGHTING STYLE: Stays hidden while firing bolts. Is also skilled with his hunting knife.

SUPERNATURAL: Can keep moving for unnatural amounts of time, Can dislocate his own limbs in order to move faster, climb surfaces and squeeze through small spaces. Can turn invisible.

APPEARANCE: Short black mowhawk with white bleaches sides. Long forked lizard like tongue which can be used to grasp objects. Reptile like eyes. Long slim body and limbs.

BIO: The Fear was adopted into the Cobra Unit very early in his career as a soldier. Having taken an emotion to his name and displayed the joy he had in killing and striking fear into others he was considered a special soldier. He was trained and given the weapons that he considered would induce the most fear possible. He was also given a "stealth Camoflauge" device that ran off his stamina. He has killed as many people as he could since that day.


The room was white and seemed to go on forever. It was neither hot nor cold, mild nor warm. The room, was nothing. Nothing filled it aside for one small huddled creature lying in the middle of this, nothing room.

The Fear opened his eyes slowly, the white light blinding him momentarily. He blinked furiously for a few seconds and was soon wide awake. His head was throbbing with a dull ache, moving forwards and backwards around his skull. He felt that his brain might burst from it's holdings and fall the the ground any second. He clutched his head and let out a low hiss of anger. With difficulty he uncoiled himself like a snake and stood up. He realized that his arms and legs hurt as well, particularly around the joints. He tried to move them, only to feel a searing pain take hold of him, causing him to collapse in a heap on the nothing room floor.

He took in his surroundings with both fascination and confusion. His snake like tongue whipped out to taste this new location. There was no breeze, this was very odd, very unnatural, and it gave him a reason to reach for his crossbow.

"What?" He hissed ferociously "Gone? But where? What is this place" He thought he was talking to himself, but somebody else was listening in.

"This, Mr.Fear, is your new home" A voice echoed around "don't try to find where i am, i assure you, you will only waste your much needed energy" He said, noticing The Fears attempts to pinpoint the location of his voice.

"Who are you?!" Shouted The Fear angrily "What right do you have to imprison me here!?"

"No right, Mr.Fear, we simply have the motives and the means to do so" Answered the patronizing voice that was already despised by The Fear. "As to answer your previous question, i will not reveal my true name, but you shall know me as Kyle"

"What do you want with me?" questioned The Fear, now calming down slightly "Why am i here?"

The reply was almost instantaneous, and sounded robotic, as if it had been practiced a thousand times "Mr.Fear, you are here to be studied, you are a test subject. Do what we say and you will go free, resist and you will be destroyed. Any attempt to escape will result in termination."

The Fear smiled, this 'Kyle' was textbook, playing by the rules. He knew his type, knows them off by heart but can't enforce them. The Fear decided to keep playing as long as Kyle had the power.

"This room, can't really be 'nothing'. Thats impossible, how is it done" He hissed, trying to work out the best way out. He got no answer and expected none, hands in front of him, he walked strait forward until he reached a wall.

"Just as i thought" Mused The Fear "This isn't nothing, it's an optical illusion, a trick of the mind. This is a room like any other."

"Don't think that means you can escape" The voice came quickly and slightly out of breath "There are no doors, access is only available to people on the outside, and thats only.... only us out here."

The Fear noticed the falter, somebody else was out there other than these people. Other prisoners perhaps?

"I can hear the fear in your voice Kyle" The Fear hissed slowly, letting his tongue flick in and out "It's covered in it" He prepared to dislocate his arms.

"Don't even think about it" Kyle said smugly "We injected your body with thousands of high tech nanites. These cause your bones to be very fragile. Dislocating them will cause them to shatter violently"

The Fear hissed once again, realizing he had lost his grip on the boy, he now thought he was in control and he was right. For the first time in 20 years, The Fear... was afraid.

July 16th, 2008, 04:33 PM
Hector suddenly stopped. "There should be three patrol teams up ahead," he breathed. "Two guards in each team; these people aren't sloppy enough to send out individual patrol units one at a time. I confess that I am at a loss of what to do here; all roads seem likely to lead to a combat situation. But I'm open to suggestions, and maybe a combat situation wouldn't be too bad anyway... do either of you have any ideas?"

(In case anyone's confused, I really am waiting for suggestions. Hector may be the one who knows the inner workings of the Corporation prison, but he's not necessarily the leader and you're free to comment on his plan.)

July 16th, 2008, 05:11 PM
(ok i wanted to ask, is ur avatar ur character from this RP?)

July 18th, 2008, 01:29 PM
(ummm, is this RP dead now? It seems that they are never going to suggest anything to you Varth.)

July 18th, 2008, 01:37 PM
(ummm, is this RP dead now? It seems that they are never going to suggest anything to you Varth.)

(Don't be ridiculous, Wadling. Text RPs can go for weeks without dying.)

(If you're bored, though, you can keep updating us about what happens in your cell. Or you could make yourself a combat simulation, that would be entertaining.)

July 18th, 2008, 02:20 PM
(i cant post, im at the end of my imagination, varth please go on with the story, i beleive this thread is dying, time crises died, and another one too, cant remember tho, we need the story to continue!)

July 18th, 2008, 02:23 PM
(i cant post, im at the end of my imagination, varth please go on with the story, i beleive this thread is dying, time crises died, and another one too, cant remember tho, we need the story to continue!)

(The next time SPP is on MSN I'll ask her to post soon. If I can't get a hold of her I'll control her character and move on but I don't want to do that unless it's absolutely necessary.)

(Anyway, having this RP on hold gives me time to work on my novel, so I can't honestly say that I mind going at a leisurely pace.)

July 18th, 2008, 02:25 PM
(since waddling joined, it wont be necessary for a while, but not for too long tho)

July 19th, 2008, 04:12 AM
The Fear paced his cell rigidly, not wanting the ache in his bones to get any worse. His urge to run and jump and be free was overwhelming, and he hated the corporation for it. The worst thing about it, was that there was no scenery, this place, despite the obvious illusion, looked like nothing. The walls felt of nothing, no breeze, no trees, grass...

The Fear growled and hissed in furry. He felt as though he had never been this still for so long. It was torture. What made him even angrier was that this 'Kyle' was so immune to his techniques.

He has been trained, he thought to himself, he believes he is safe, the only way to bring him fear is to bring him close to death, and i swear.

He shouted the last words to the ceiling "I WILL BRING YOU FEAR!"

At that exact moment, a shaft of white light disappeared. The Fear whipped around, at great protest from his legs. Some of the white had turned green, and it looked like a green door.

"What?" hissed The Fear "they're letting me free?" Delight overcame him briefly as he made for the door. But then he stopped, they wouldn't release me so readily, this is some kind of trap, he thought. He took several steps back and waited, staring at the green door.

A voice issued again from overhead "Please step into the portal Mr.Fear" came the familiar voice of Kyle "Failure to comply will result in force."

As much as he hated this room, and it's nothingness. He felt something very sinister about that door. He knew that if he went in there, something bad would happen.

A countdown started. 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3...

The Fear knew that this corporation had some insane things at their disposal, so he thought that he'd be better off going in himself. Instead of being forced.

He stepped through the portal. His eyes widened in shock, he was in the forest again!

"Oh, thank you" He whispered "I'm free". But again the glee faded from his mind. No, he thought, this too is an illusion.

He looked around wistfully, not that he minded the change of scenery. But he couldn't help feeling... watched. A sensation he hadn't felt for a long time. He scratched his head nervously, and realized that his arms didn't hurt any more, the same with his legs. Now he knew they wanted something from him, they wanted him to fight.

At this very second he felt himself helpless, his right arm held tightly in a lock by one hand with his neck being twisted by another. He legs lifted partially off the ground. His instinct kicked in.

He used his free, yet limited, hand to jab his captor in his left kidney. As he jerked to the side to avoid this annoyance, The Fear moved the opposite way, unbalancing him. As his oponant stumbled his feat momentarily touched the ground. He swept his leg around and used it to pull at the back of the mans knee. As he felt him pull back, he dislocated his right arm and twisted round, as the man lost his grip on the hand, he saw his chance. He jumped and planted his feet on the mans chest, he kicked off and using the momentum, moved a safe distance away from him. As he landed he saw that his oponant was already back on his feat. The Fear gasped in horror.

This was no ordinary man, this man was also The Fear, a clone. The real Fear shook his head and stared as the clone readied his own crossbow. The Fear dived behind a tree, knowing full well he himself wasn't armed. He would have to rely on his wits, outsmart the enemy.

He prepared for the fight.

(Can i just ask, what floor am i on?)

July 19th, 2008, 11:28 AM
(Can i just ask, what floor am i on?)

(4th floor.)

(5th level = maximum security, prisoners with nearly-uncontainable supernatural abilities)

(4th level = prisoners with long history of brilliant escapes, prisoners with moderate supernatural abilities)

(3rd level = prisoners with a few previous escapes, no supernatural abilities)

(2nd level = prisoners with no recorded previous escapes and / or physical deficiencies)

(1st level... well, you'll find out.)

Belkar took a good look at the device. Then he took a look at the surrounding area.

"Hey--hey hey hey," he said, thoughtfully. "Now see, I'm not big on ranks in Wisdom but I think I got this thing figured out."

He took the device and turned it sideways, so that the hologram lay flat and parallel to the floor. Then Belkar pointed to one of the squares in the map.

"Look around. Look where we are. See, with the pit in the center and the cell blocks surrounding it?"


"Now look at the map again."

July 19th, 2008, 01:25 PM
THUD, THUD, THUD. Three bolts from the clones crossbow fired into the tree. The Fear cursed, he needed to get hold of that thing, otherwise he was done for.

He peeked around the tree, he saw his clone moving behind some logs. This was his chance. He began climbing the tree, staying hidden from him at all times. He swung himself onto one of the branches and licked his lips. He silently swung from branch to branch, checking every now and again to see where the clone was. He thought he saw the clone look up at him once or twice.

He positioned himself above him, and prepared to attack. First he broke off several branches quietly from the tree, he made sure they were thick and heavy. He took one in each hand and held one in his teeth. He attacked.

He leapt in the air silently, and at the same time threw both branches close to his clone on either side of him. As he fell he bit down hard on the branch in his teeth and ripped it out of his mouth, causing it to splinter and make the end sharp. The clone turned in confusion towards the sounds of the branches falling and pulled up the crossbow, leaving himself oblivious to the real threat above.

The Fear smashed the sharp end of the branch into the clones leg, and coiled himself around it like a snake. He latched onto the crossbow and twisted it in the clones grip, he smiled as he heard a satisfying crack of bones in its wrists. He pulled free the crossbow and pointed it at the clones neck.

The clone moved quickly, ducking and gliding forwards. It slammed its fist into The Fears nose, knocking him to the floor. It slammed on top of him, squeezing the wind out of his lungs. The Fear lashed out and rammed his fingers into its eyes. It let out a scream of pain and fell back, writhing.

The Fear stood up, triumphant. He slowly took out a bolt covered in poison. He fell apon his victim, blinded and bleeding from his eyes.

"You can't defeat Fear itself, imposter" Whispered The Fear menacingly "You think you can match me? Think again."

He moved the bolt close to its neck, he made the smallest prick in its skin, piercing the vain, ever so slightly.

"One drop is all it takes my friend" He hissed quietly "Soon, you will lose control of your body, you will go into spasm. Your systems will shut down one my one. Until all that is left it your brain. Intact and dieing, and the last thing you will feel... is fear"

He laughed and stepped back to watch his prey die. After he convulsed for the final time, The Fear turned. The green door had appeared again, he decided it was best to step through it.

As he walked towards it, the crossbow disappeared. He was not surprised, they wouldn't let him have a weapon in there. As he entered the nothing room. He realized he was hungry, the lust of battle and adrenaline often counter the feeling of hunger. A voice flared into life.

"Well done Mr.Fear, that was far quicker than we anticipated!" he sounded exited, as if he had done his job very well "A special meal is coming down for you. enjoy"

The Fear sat down on nothing, and waited.

July 19th, 2008, 09:45 PM
This time, Shriek could smile. "We are three. If these patrol units consists of two each -- as you state, I believe we wouldn't have particularly many odds against us. After all, you've shown yourself to be quite useful in a combat situation too."