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June 25th, 2008, 12:26 AM
<commencing subroutine 5.504>


<communication established with CEO>

<Hello Creator.>

<Hello SylarGuard. We’ve just transferred your inmate so you can finally come online now.>

<That is wonderful news, Creator. I am glad to put my creativity to a positive use.>

<As are we all. I trust you can keep him busy?>

<Absolutely. I am quite certain that I can improvise new prison designs at least twice as fast as his powers allow him to solve them. Has Engineering installed my Build upgrade?>

<Yes, they have. New designs can be implemented within five minutes.>

<Excellent. I can spin my ward into a cocoon of prisons before he’s even awake.>

<I’m very glad. Do take care not to underestimate your ward, though, SylarGuard—he’s escaped places before, and he has quite a history of being underestimated. D’you know that they were planning to put him into Level 4? Thank goodness that I intervened in time. Anything else you need to know?>

<No, thank you, Creator.>

<End Subroutine 5.504 then.>

(castlemanic, all further communication to Sylar will come from the artificial voice of the SylarGuard machine. I’ll let you think up ways for Sylar to escape from consecutive prisons, but he’ll always find himself in a new prison each time he escapes unless someone deactivates SylarGuard.)


The Corinthian feasted on yet another set of guard’s eyeballs, the last member of the second of two squads that the nightmare had victimized so far. Mmm… this is exciting, certainly, but if I don’t actually get somewhere it could turn boring very easily.

He scanned for new memories in the officer’s eyeballs. Nothing new; same old stuff. A pity… not that the last few hours of work had been entirely without profit, of course.

Through the combined memories of all the guards that the Corinthian had met thus far, he had sketched a rough mental map of the layout of Level 5. But there was one spot he hadn’t mapped, one spot that every single one of the guards had never been to—and judging from the patterns of numerical markings on the doors to each cell, it was probably marked “RESIDENTS OF WORLD 553.”

The Corinthian wiped blood and vitreous humor from the blade of his knife on one of the dead guards’ uniforms, flicked it shut, and dropped it into his pocket. Then he reached up and wiped a single drop of blood from his face, a thin line of red that trickled from one of his eye-mouths like a tear. I ate a bit too messily there, didn’t I? Shouldn’t forget my table manners.

Then he turned and began to pace down the corridors, heading for the hallway full of residents from “World 553.”

June 25th, 2008, 03:29 AM
Sylar waited for an opening, noone came though, as he sat there waiting for someone to pass by, a door emerged from the wall "thats something you dont see every day" maybe i can get some powers from people behind the door he thought as he walked to the door

through the door was a backalley, the one he had previously been in before he was captured, and taken by whoever it was that kept him in the prison too easy he walked as he was suddenly hit by a metal pole, turning around he found brian adams, his first kill

"you said you would help me, releive me of my powers, but you BETRAYED ME" sylar flew backwards, helpless to stop being thrown around by his telekenisis.

"your, your not real, i killed you! im sure of it"

"you did not kill me, look" he turned around to show the death blow Sylar had given him at the back of his head, Sylar knew this was an opening, he knew the Brian standing before him wasnt real, but it was realistic.

Knowing he had no other chance to take, he picked up a metal bar and threw it at brians head, Brian turned around just in time to take the pole in the face as he fell to the ground, unconcious

"we'll see how they can deal with me after i get my powers back, lets start off with you Brian." he picked up a peice of glass as he slowly walked towards the body of Brian.

Minutes later, Sylar stands up from the dead figure below him, his victims head cut open around the brain, the top part of his head missing, his brain gone, Sylar looked up, pointed his hand at a can, it flew towards him straight into his awaiting hands.

Sylar smiled to himself now i can get out of here, and ill target the guy who stood guard, too bad they didnt leave anyone to guard me after the first guy left he then walked away from where he entered and out of the alley to find himself in the prison cell he was in again, looking back he found the prison wall without the door, the way it was.
Sylar pointed at the lock on the bars of his cell, *click*, the door swung open too easy he though as he walked out of his cell and down the corridor, he opened another door in similar fashion, he walked into a dark corridor, suddenly the lighting turned on, he found himself in the same room with the same walls, he turned around only to find the bars he had stood behind ealier

"this has to be some sort of illusion, it doesnt matter, ill find my way out"

<you cannot escape> a robotic voice reverberated around him <you are locked in an everlasting 'illusion' as you call it, there is no way out>

"you are mistaken, robot, ive found out how to get out of places like these, you need to just find the source of the illusion, get rid of it, then your free" said Sylar, smiling at what he thought was the camera in the room, he again pointed his hand at the door, *click* the door remained where it was, *click* the door opened

"as you can see, i can now open any door, try stopping me when i get out of this illusion" how could they use illusions? the only one who could do that was hannah, candice or whoever she really was, i harvested her powers but what if i didnt get them, it doesnt matter, ill find my way out he thought to himself as he left his cell and took a different route to try and escape the illusioned prison he found himself in.

June 25th, 2008, 04:00 AM
(ok, got the message, itll be funy tho how he reacts when he doesnt have telekinesis again, lol)

men flew down the corridor, guns fired off down the corridor, more men flew backwards, one man took his pistol, aimed and fired, it stopped in mid air, right in front of Sylars forehead "do you really think you can kill me?" making a movement of his hand, the guard flew backwards, hitting the wall hard enough to leave cracks, the man, stuck in the wall now, was bleeding down the wall, Sylar smiled as more guards came and fired rounds at him, lifting his palm up the bullets stopped in mid air, turned around and were fired of again in shotgun bullet spray, all the guards fell silently to the ground, sylar walked around the corridor but, finding only a door, opened it and walked through, finding himself again in the same room as before "this will never get boring" he said as he turned around, the metal door broke off the wall and killed the guard standing behind it, waiting near the entrace, guards poured into the room, running past him as the entered, one turned around and was thrown into the wall before he could tell the others, tho the thump was enough, they turned to look at the guard as several guards were hit with the same door that killed the first, then one was thrown against another, another guard had his gun his him in the face, rendering him unconcious, as more guards poured into the cell, Sylar thought to himself this never gets old

(note to varthonai, the corporation may need to also intimidate sylar as well as allow him to feel in control, Sylar usually only kills those with powers to get their powers, otherwise he needs to be intimidated to make a kill)

June 25th, 2008, 08:48 AM
(note to varthonai, the corporation may need to also intimidate sylar as well as allow him to feel in control, Sylar usually only kills those with powers to get their powers, otherwise he needs to be intimidated to make a kill)

(Yeah, I kinda figured. Go right ahead.)

June 25th, 2008, 09:32 AM
(ok, anyway i still need someone to break me out, telekinesis as well, but mainly a way out)

After a long while of constantly fighting enimies, Sylar decided to take a break and rest for a while, he couldnt continuously fight enimies, he needed to take a break, it didnt need a whole lot of energy, just a flick of the finger, but Sylar hadnt eaten or drunken anything since the first day he was there. he sat their waiting to get a meal "im kinda getting hungry, and if you dont want to kill me, then id suggest you get me something to eat, wouldnt you?" he sat their waiting for his meal.

June 25th, 2008, 10:28 AM
(There are several people waiting to be broken out, castlemanic, and most of them aren't as active as you. I know the wait can get boring, but we have to go at the same pace. Things are building up on Level 5, though, so you should be able to break out fairly soon.)

The Corinthian stepped out through the door and found himself walking on a bridge-shaped wisp of cloud, staring down at the landscape below. Suddenly perspective was changed for him, as though he were now only a minor character in someone else’s story… it was a strange experience.

The nightmare stared down at the ground below him… and without being able to see individual people on the earth, he knew who the prisoner of this world was. The Corinthian had played the part of antagonist in a thousand nightmares, and could sense the raw stench of protagonism from miles away. This man simply reeked of it.

(© Jhonen Vasquez and Neil Gaiman, Photoshop done by Varthonai. Not intended for distribution--only for the purpose of what amounts to an online serial-killer-based fanficgasmic Text RPG.)

June 25th, 2008, 01:22 PM
(wait is the big guy the corinth or is the big guy the hero ur talking about? and i just realised that so ill wait patiently, and yeah ur right, waiting is difficult, lol, but ill wait)

June 25th, 2008, 01:51 PM
(wait is the big guy the corinth or is the big guy the hero ur talking about? and i just realised that so ill wait patiently, and yeah ur right, waiting is difficult, lol, but ill wait)

(The character in the foreground is Johnny C., presumably burying people. I'll leave it to Xaxem to decide whether the people are being buried alive or whether they were already dead.)

(The Corinthian is the tiny guy in the background, looking down from the bridge-shaped cloud.)

June 25th, 2008, 05:24 PM
(ok that clears things up)

Sylar had rested enough, surprisingly the corporation had provided him with his meals, altho he wasnt too trusting of any of the other guards that came along, when his first guard came along

"Im guessing you are in need of food and water, am i right?"

"yeah, but anything would do right now." Sylar had said, he looked up into the eyes of his first guard, there was something different this time.

"well i have brought you food and water, maybe then you could cooperate with us"

"itll depend on the quality of the food, and since im in a prison, i guess i wont be cooperating"

"your choice, but we would like to send you into another room" Sylars first guard said

"another one like the backalley or a different cage?"

"well you certainly wont find yourself in another cage, i can tell you that"

"fine, just let me eat first, that is f you dont want me to die." His first guard handed him food and water, Sylar ate silently, and finished the water in no time.

"i will leave you to rest, but when you are fully rested, just give us a warning"

Sylar started to feel dizzy and had fallen unconcious, he woke up to find himself in the same room he had started off with hmm, another door would be useful right now Sylar got up and pointed at the lock on the bars when a door appeared on the opposite side of the cell than the first door had appeared, Sylar went through the door.

he walked into an apartment, this is where i killed Peter Sylar looked around, worried, Peter would be able to get to him now, he only had one ability, he turned around and peters corpse lay on the ground, with a shard glass in his head, wish that was real he almost went for it when he realised that peters brain was too damaged to take his powers, Sylar stood up as a bolt of ice flew outside the window.

"i remember you" he turned around and stopped two other ice bolts in mid air, a woman stood across the room, holding her hand up in his direction, "your power helped me so much"

"you killed my husband, and now your trying to kill me again?" she lifted her hand, a ray of ice flew from her hand, and hit the table that was suddenly up straight infront of Sylar, as Sylar stood a few feet behind the table. the table dropped, broke into peices, and then the woman flew across the room and hit the wall behind her with a loud THUD, she remained on the wall, her hands facing the wall she was on

"you couldnt kill me even if i gave you the advantage, i know your powers too well" Sylar walked up to the woman, pointed his finger at her head, a red dot appeared, then spread across her forehead where Sylar pointed as her dying screams filled the apartment, not one of them hindering Sylar in the slightest.

Sylar walked away from the bloody corpse on the ground, and held the handle of the door, freezing the handle just as her power was before, priceless he then broke the handle and then opened the door with a movement of his hand, not touching the door, he walked through, found himself in the prison he was in, he turned around and froze the wall behind him, then used his telekikenisis to break a hole in the wall, a black void stood behind the wall, suddenly reaching out to sylar and hitting him straight in the chest, sending him flying backwards and through the bars he was behind, the black void subsided, and the wall was reformed. i need to find the source of the illusion he said as he went to the door he had opened before, and froze the door before breaking it with his telekinesis, he then walked through and found himself in the same cell again im stuck here without hope of getting out