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June 23rd, 2008, 03:36 AM
Shriek looked at this newcomer. She would have killed him, but had chosen to listen to his words. It had taken her by surprise to see anyone else and she was indeed not sure if this was a trick. On the other side, though, she did not have any wishes of going back to the small cell she had awoken in. A way to escape was welcomed. She had no intentions of guarding down, still. She didn't let her thoughts circle for too long, since she knew there probably would be a sort of alarm set off if she chose to hesitate.
"I'll have your word for now, Hector," she said without coming any closer.
Hector nodded. "Indeed a good choice Ms. Barrison," he replied.
Without any sign of intention to leave just yet, Shriek walked towards the man. The fog was still rising around them, reaching the smoke detector -- Shriek had no time to look up, which was part the reason it took her a while to realize where the high-pitched sound came from. The open door behind Hector was the only reason the detector had automatically turned on. An arrangement of security, although it would not secure the lives of those who stood too near the open cell door.
"Cover your ears!" Shriek screamed to deafen the sound coming from above their heads. Hector barely had time to do as Shriek commanded, before Shriek quickly manipulated the soundwaves to return to their source. Her doing did not alter the sound. She didn't expect a monotonous sound to act so anyway. She added more power until she was satisfied with the result of silence, and a destroyed detector.
Hector slowly uncovered his ears and straightened up. "We really should go now," Shriek commented.

(I'll be almost completely away until Saturday, sorry.)

June 23rd, 2008, 03:28 PM
(Bloodshot, the Joker hasn't been introduced to the storyline yet. Sorry for the wait, I'm working on it.)

June 23rd, 2008, 10:52 PM
(Sorry for taking so long to enter the tale. I was being smothered to death by a million beautiful women of infinite beauty and unknown age.)

(We commence. Don't expect too much development, this is just me having fun and sounding like Kurt Vonnegut.)


Dear Die-ary,

Today was a good day. Some new friends appeared in the basement, which was and certainly still is a curiosity. But as these fine individuals are, indeed, in the basement, it's safe to say they belong there, no?

Something about this afternoon's mass torture-- at the expense of the great Provider of Mysterious Victims-- inspired familiar existential poison deep inside me. This development has served the thing in the wall quite nicely, but what do I get out of it aside from a blacker conscience? And even if, in the grand scheme of things, a few dozen more slaughters doesn't make me any worse off on a spiritual level, then doesn't that only confirm for me the nature of my slavery? I get nothing out of it, not pain and not lasting pleasure or peace, and I still have to do it. Or this world is over.

Why do I feed that thing anyway? Am I just so afraid of my own death that I'm willing to allow the scum of this planet-- the Human Race-- play out its miserable life while I play whipping boy to some astral turd?

Wait, shh. I think I heard one of my new friends.


Taking into consideration how much twine I strung through his lips, he shouldn't be able to annunciate, let alone shout. I'll return briefly.

Johnny descended into the guts of his shack-- the dilapidated dwelling bore many a bloody secret, especially on this dawn. The hours between midnight and six A.M. are particularly unhappy hours for Nny, so it follows that the current circumstances could have made him no angrier than at this moment in time, 3:21 A.M., according to most of his clocks.

All clocks set to 3:21 would remain as such for the next few moments. All clocks not set as such would be stuck in their respective times for the next few moments. This fact will almost drive Nny to suicide in a moment.

Anyway, Nny bounded down the basement stairs. These spindly vessels sent him to the bowel where the screaming man dangled. Johnny spotted problem #1: The door to the basement was still open. Even with adjacent concrete and soundproofing, a cry can ring forever if unimpeded otherwise. The poor man had been hamstrung and dangled by his legs, like a big piece of meat, just ready for consumption. Johnny prepped another carnivorous friend as he made angsty banter.

Just one more detail before the story gets moving-- Nny often felt empty after a killing. He recalled a young man by the name of Edgar Vargas, a man who'd made peace with his God before Johnny had him torn to shreds. There was no palpable fear, and what's more, that man had done nothing wrong. To be honest, Nny just needed the blood for the Wall.

Although the screaming man was all quite there, Nny felt nothing for or from his adjacent partner in death. This fat asshole was, like so many other fat assholes... well, an asshole, and this is something for which Nny could not stand, nor was it something he could condone. But the feeling that the fat one wasn't there was, and it was a real penetrating sensation for the instant wherein it hit Johnny. It struck him like a sledgehammer, like the one he'd taken to fatty's fat face not just moment's ago. It was more of a tactic to inspire fear within Sewn-Lip Man than anything else.

Tee hee.

From a bygone time, the words are recalled: "THAT COMMERCIAL, WHERE THE WHOLE FAMILY GETS DIARRHEA, IS ON!!!" Johnny loses focus, and he goes on another day or so, happily chopping at limbs.

Anyway, listen. Johnny preps his carnivore of choice, something simple to dispel the anger which had surfaced due to a basement-borne disturbance. It's a knife, quite a knife, short and fat and sharp enough to lodge itself behind a man's eye with very little force. The less energy Nny could devote to this task, the more relieving it'd be in the end.

Nyy speaks.

"Do you realize what you've done?"

The prisoner-- not the fatass, but Sewn-Lip man-- speaks.

"Please... I don't deserve this..."

Nny speaks.

"Ding ding ding! You're the bajillionth customer to say that, verbatim! Guess what you win!"

"I'm not playing a game... I just want to live!"


"Serious... why is everyone so serious? I... I did my job fine--"

"Words! You think that crafting yourself an ignorant cocoon of words will save you from your demise!? Idiocy, be your shield! Let's see if it can deflect steel!"

"I shouldn't be he--"

Nny was riled up, and now Sewn-Lip Man had gotten himself a considerably larger tear duct. This job had taken 30 second, and 29.99 seconds too long. It literally should have taken a jiffy. Instead, 30 seconds. 30 freakin' seconds.

Anyway, as Sewn-Lip Man passed, he thought his last thought: I see why you're Level 5 Security... This hurts a lot

One last witty statement: "Don't feed me that shit! I'm full up on that course." Although irate, Johnny was in rare form this morning.

Anyway, with all distractions silenced, with all doors in the guts of the house closed-- ain't soundproofing wonderful?-- Jonhny could focus on the wrongness of this morning.

June 24th, 2008, 09:48 AM
(Bloodshot, the Joker hasn't been introduced to the storyline yet. Sorry for the wait, I'm working on it.)

(sorry dude)

June 24th, 2008, 12:18 PM
(Virus, you asshole! You killed Adams! That was my job! ARRGH! xD)

June 24th, 2008, 05:39 PM
CHARACTER: Sylar (Gabriel Gray is his real name)

CATEGORY: Smart and witty

WEAPONS: supernatural abilities he claims, uses sharp weapon for first kills to gain powers tho

CLOTHING: everything he wears is black except his watch which is silver

PREFERRED M.O.: cuts open heads to steal abilities

FIGHTING STYLE: uses abilities/powers/supernatural things to attack enemies with, occasionally manipulates other people to do his bidding, or atleast shock them so he may move in for the kill (altho he doesnt necessarily move for the kill, lol)

SUPERNATURAL: Intuitive comprehension (what he starts out with, he will get powers later on, this is the ability which allows him to steal others powers by looking at how their brain works, this is also used for anything else, can even fix mechanical things, he baisically knows how something works just by looking at it)

CONTINUITY: Heroes, season two, after regaining his abilities, last scene of season two heroes.

APPEARANCE: black hair, evil snigger

BIO: Gabriel Gray was his original name, until his first victim, he took his telekenisis powers and used them to cut open other peoples heads, taking their powers, he named himself after a watch brand he had fixed and wears.


sylar woke up, he never usually slept which he found strange, he then looked around and found himself in a prison cell how did i get here? he thought, he then saw the bars, how stupid can they get he pointed his finger at the bars, nothing happened

Sylar got up "what? how can this be, the cure, it worked, my powers were restored! how can this be? the virus..."

"Its not the virus Gabriel." said a voice

"whos there?"

a man walked infront of the bars, a tall and dark figure, "i am here, you are somewhere else Gabrial..."

"my name.... is sylar" sylar said slowly

"i know what you call yourself, so im calling you by your name, Gabrial, dont be afraid..."

"you know nothing about fear" said sylar, getting up from the floor "you must work for the company, it doesnt matter, ill find my way out, and i will get you, even if i dont have my powers"

"ah but Gabrial, we all know you cannot kill without your powers"

"then you know nothing about me if u think i cant kill with my powers" Sylar said, "i am much more than you think i am, you honestly think that i cant defend myself?" he walked closer to the bars "your not from the company, are you, your something different, you dont know how to get to me, well, i know how to get to you" Sylar looked straight into the mans eyes, he was intimidated, too easy sylar thought, even bennet knew more about handeling me than this guy he walked straight to the bars and, as Sylar expected, the man backed up, rather quickly

"i can get my way out, and i promise you, you wont stand a second against me" the man backed up a little bit more

"well Gabriel, you know nothing about us, and besides, you arent on your home planet either, so you wont know your way out." the man started to walk off

"just wait" Sylar said, the man turned around again, Sylar looked straight into his eyes again "i will get you" the man turned around quickly and walked away

Sylar smiled to himself, he could even intimidate others from somewhere else, these guys didnt know how he could think, sylar looked at the opposite prison cell, the same lock as his, Sylar figured out how to open the lock, he couldnt do it on his own, he would need to wait for someone else to come along, he could wait.

(if anyone comes along to save me, beware, im manipulative, and if noone comes to help me in time, i might acuire an ability from the training room, so be warned, ur character (unless NPC) might suffer sever injuries unless pointed out as a fellow prison member, just a warning)

June 24th, 2008, 05:50 PM
(Virus, you asshole! You killed Adams! That was my job! ARRGH! xD)

(Hold that thought, Vic.)

Thank God for sadism, Adams thought, watching his blood pool around him. If he'd been 'merciful' and killed me right then, I might have actually regretted this.

He reached down to his stomach cavity and felt for the nanobot medical device implanted beneath his skin. He hadn't been laid off from the Corporation yet, so it hadn't been deactivated... but it would take a few minutes to patch up his wounds. Already the slash wound to his throat was beginning to close up.

Just a few minutes, and then I can leave. Hopefully the little guy learned his lesson about letting people live...

Belkar looked around the hallway. "Damn you, irony," the Halfling said, grimacing. He looked around the hallway for an exit but couldn't seem to see one. He paced around a bit.

Adams watched in panic as Belkar began to move toward McCarthy's cell. Not him. Don't free HIM...

"DON'T!" shouted Adams. Belkar turned, startled to see his victim speaking again after his throat had been slashed.


Belkar hadn't been planning on letting anyone out, obviously--such an act would have been uncharacteristically charitable--but Adams was too close to unconsciousness to think about that. He turned onto his rapidly-healing stomach and began to crawl toward Belkar on his knees, picking up his lost taser on the way.


Adams was pointing the taser at Belkar threateningly now. If the Halfling tried to attack him again, he would be able to win the fight easily. But if he let McCarthy out, things could go horribly wrong.

McCarthy sees things. He'd see my med devices right away, even if he didn't realize what it was... none of the other prisoners would, but McCarthy isn't like them...

Adams' grip on the taser grew shaky. He steadied himself with his other hand.

June 24th, 2008, 06:00 PM
(BTW, my refrence to the company is a different company to the company that is holding the serial killers, the company im referring to is withing the heroes universe, the company varthonai is referring to is the one thats holding us all)

(@Varthonai: what do u think of my intro?)

June 24th, 2008, 06:51 PM
(nice choice maniac)

June 24th, 2008, 06:58 PM
(thanx bloodshot, and hope it works out with joker :) if u need help, just leave a card :P)

June 24th, 2008, 07:09 PM
(BTW, my refrence to the company is a different company to the company that is holding the serial killers, the company im referring to is withing the heroes universe, the company varthonai is referring to is the one thats holding us all)

(Good point. I'm going to call them the Corporation from now on, you keep referring to yours as the Company.)

(OFFICIAL CONTINUITY CHANGE: The "Company" that imprisons us is now "The Corporation." I will edit earlier posts to correct this when I get a chance.)

(@Varthonai: what do u think of my intro?)

(It's pretty good.)

(NOTE TO EVERYONE: I'm working on a couple of points of view that will elaborate on recent events involving the following NPCs' points of view: )

(1. The AI that is responsible for guarding Sylar Complete)

(2. Adams Complete)

(3. Hector Complete)

(I'm also working on another post from the Corinthian's point of view Complete, and the introduction for the Joker. Complete So I'm on a tight schedule here, and that's why delays are happening. Sorry 'bout that, guys.)

EDIT: All done. W00t!

June 24th, 2008, 07:13 PM
(no worries varthonai, take your time, and sorry for the extra workload i put on ya, but he would be an interesting character to develop, and good job with managing the RPG, running smoothly)