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June 17th, 2008, 03:18 AM

The CEO looked proudly at his work. “The Nightmare is free?” he asked, speaking to the man next to him. “Report, Herald.”

“Yes, boss. He’s free. And I think we should really do something about it! He could free the others, too!”

“Small loss. We’ve barely got any prisoners on level 5 right now,” shrugged the CEO. “Supernatural detainees aren’t our main point of interest any more.”

“But they’re the most dangerous, boss! They need the highest level of containment available!”

The CEO spoke into a microphone at his desk. “Charts IV-V, please.”

A pair of pie charts appeared on the screen.


“Look at the data, Herald. We spend more than half our budget containing these ‘supernaturals’ and yet they account less than seven percent of the murders in the Multiverse. No, we have newer and more efficient strategies now… and if the Corinthian has escaped from his cell, what does it matter? He cannot possibly escape from Level 5 itself.”

“But what purpose did it serve, boss?” asked Herald, scratching his head, mystified. The CEO grinned and tapped a few buttons on the microphone.

“This is the Corporeal Essence of the Omnipresence, requesting Level 11 clearance for Project Killchain.”

There was a buzz, then some static, then a new voice. A powerful, imperative voice.

“Request processing, CEO. State your reasons.”

“Prisoners are proving impossible to contain with 100% efficiency, despite our best efforts to do so. A Level 5 prisoner has escaped from his private cell into the Quarantine Zone, where he remains as of this moment. Level 11 clearance is not necessary at this moment, but the CEO requests permission to invoke it for any reason, at the discretion of the CEO. The situation is not out of control—the CEO did warn that this situation might arise, though it can be dealt with easily as long as Level 11 clearance may be invoked as necessity dictates.”

“Request granted, CEO. You have obtained Level 11 clearance until further notice. Abuse of this privilege may result in the revocation of the clearance; serious abuse may result in the revocation of your position as Corporeal Essence of the Omnipresence.”

“Understood. Over and out.”

Herald grinned. “That was very sly of you, boss.”

“Yes, well, one has to know the rules before one bends them,” smiled the CEO. “We have the clearance we need to proceed legally—so it’s about time to advance the plan a little further. Let’s move on to Phase Two, shall we?”



A junior officer was working to pull the latest catch into his personal cell, but a veteran pulled his wrist back just before he could hit the final button.

“Who the hell authorized you to pull them in?!”

“No one, Sir, but they were on the list. See? ‘Johnny C., World 553.’ ‘Wallbeast, World 553.’ I thought I might as well pull them in while I had some free—”

“They’re Level 5 Security, you dolt! We spent months building a realistic virtual environment for them—that was the only way to cheat the rule that they can’t be captured! What could possess you to try putting them in Level 4?! Do you have any idea how serious this is?!”

“I’m sorry, Sir, I—”

“No, I don’t care if you’re sorry. You’re fired!”

The junior officer vanished, and the senior officer sat down in his now-empty seat. “F*cking noobs,” he grimaced. “No idea what they’re doing.”

With a few clicks from his keyboard, he had dragged both Johnny C. and the Wall into a parallel world that instinctively mimicked their own world the moment they appeared in it. The transition was almost seamless—with any luck, neither of the prisoners would have noticed.

“Psychology,” shouted the man at the terminal, typing commands to ensure the success of the reality shift, “put me online now! Some idiot started a Cast too early, and I’m going to have to finish it for him.”

“Casting, this is Psychology. What’s the problem?”

“The subjects are from World 553, my Specialty world. I know that the Johnny guy has placebos. A dead rabbit, Styrofoam puppets, or some shit like that…”

“Yes, we’ve already placed the Nail Bunny and all of Johnny’s other schizophrenic personas inside the virtual environment. We’ve also placed several virtual ‘victims’, based on selection criteria that Johnny has shown in the past… and an AI that mimics the antics of Johnny’s neighbors. We weren’t too concerned with most of them, since he’s rather antisocial and doesn’t really know them well… but we did a considerably extensive job with the boy named Todd Casil who lives next door.”

“I see… good work, then.”

“Mostly my work on the boy, actually,” added the man from , with a touch of smugness. “Johnny has an interesting relationship with him. Calls him ‘Squee,’ after the noise he makes every time he meets Johnny. Heh.”

“Yes, yes,” said the officer, annoyed. “We’re all very impressed. Start all the elements of the virtual environment that aren’t already running.”

“Yes, Sir,” agreed the Psychology Department worker. “Right away, Sir.”

(I've also added Bellatrix Lestrange to the list of suggested possible female characters, because my interest in Harry Potter is on an unusually high note for once.)

June 17th, 2008, 11:24 AM
charactar: The Joker

categorie: F*cking Hilariuos/F*cking Insane

continuity: The Killing Joke

weapons: many things (acid spewing flowers, lethal joybuzzers, razor sharp playing cards etc.)

clothing:white dress shirt, green bowtie, yellow vest, purple suit,
purple gloves, black dress shoes, long purple trentchcoat,
purple wide-brim hat
preffered kill: ?

fighting style: nothing specific


appearence: green slikked back hair with a kind of spit kurl on side, completely white skin, bright red lips, tall skinny, permanent grin

bio:He started out as a normal man (name unkown) but failed to be sucsessful with his career as a stand up comic. At home he had a wife that was expecting, so he had to do something for money. These two criminals came along and made a deal wth him that if he commited a robbery disguised as the infamous red hood h would gat tons of cash. This robbery took place at a nuclier power plant. While commiting this crime, he was attacked by batman and plunged into a pool of toxic waste where the joker was born

June 17th, 2008, 07:03 PM
(Good choice, Bloodshot, as long as you can play the part effectively. :thumbsup:)

(Waiting on SPP's combat sim post, then we begin escaping from our individual cells.)

June 21st, 2008, 08:34 AM
(Here we go, sorry for the major delay!)

Shriek could feel it so very well. Every fiber of her body loaded with energy. Such a soothing change. Slowly, ever so slowly she was retrieving those powers medication had suppressed. The months of effort Dr. Kafka had spent working through her mind were slowly crumbling. Shriek was becoming herself. Angrier, and far more determined than ever. She had lost all dear to her. Everything. It fueled a rage that had only been able to live fulfilled through her dreams, through her subconsciousness. Trapped behind bars of a safe environment, constant therapy and suppressed by the humanity medication forced upon her appearance, -

No. She was Shriek. She had seen far too many faces induced with fear to become one of them herself. Or take the risk and be like them. Frances was dead; gone. She needed to see blood. It was not the usual need for blood in means of simple entertainment. No, this was something her body and mind craved. Revenge.

She had been standing still. She had prepared herself, found the last remains of Frances -- Hatred. It was time to open her eyes and face these white walls once again. They would have to let her out at some point. They would have to guard down some time. But instead of a soundproof wall in front of her, she saw the entrance to a room. The sight was stirring. She could not tell if it was out of curiosity or the striking nostalgia that made her step inside. Silently, slowly, with the only sound coming from her footsteps. An exact copy of her bedroom. Frances' childhood memory. Was her mind playing her a trick? Was this part of her imprisonment? She chose to believe the latter, and hoped she was right.

Her bedroom was dark. Not the kind of dark that comes with dusk. -- No, this was different. Things she remembered stood out clearly, while those her memory vaguely recalled remained as blurry figures drawn from the shadows. As she stopped walking, was it as if one of the dark figures on the bed stood out even more. It formed itself before her eyes, but in such a natural way she didn't realize how before recognizing it as a person sitting there on the edge. A face covered by the heavy shadows spoke. "Oh, do I not get a hug, Frances?" The person leaned forward revealing it's face with a smirk on it's lips. "Not a single hug for mommy?"

Such a grotesque face. Stiffened by Shriek's memories, distorted by her contempt feelings towards the woman who brought her to the world. It would've left anyone with a shiver down the spine. But not Shriek.

"I," she took a determined step forward, leaving no trace of hesitation.

"Have," she felt how she extracted the energy within her body to her right hand, almost grabbing it as if it would hurl out of her body if she didn't.

"No," Her left hand lit up too, and she took yet another step. She raised her arms, and took no notice of the fear the illusion of her mother showed.

"Mother." A blast of energy pushed the deformed body through the wall behind her bed. Shriek followed. Possible out of curiosity, but most definitely out of vengeance to kill.
Shreds of bedsheets, splinters and dust laid in a half circle around the hole in the wall. A lifeless body rested on the floor too.
If Shriek had taken her time to notice her surroundings, she would've seen a great hall with what seemed to be endless, tall walls that stretched themselves up and up into a hight where the moisture in the air as well as the distance made it impossible to see the ceiling. If she had taken her time to look up, she would've seen the fog that slowly appeared. She didn't. Shriek was busy with other things. Oh how she had dreamed of an opportunity as this one. To watch the source of her pain die -- Even if not in reality, would make her feel better than ever. The monster was still alive, breathing and twitching. Not in death cramps, but in effort to escape the fate Shriek had chosen upon it.
She sensed the darkness of the beast her 'mother' had become as she approached it, although the darkness she sensed was a mirror of her imagination. Of how she had chosen to remember her mother.
Without a word, she lifted up her head and forced her to look into her eyes.

Seconds became minutes of tensed silence. Suddenly, Shriek let go of the body whose head she had held between her hands. It had been like seeking through the dark, only to find things she had found familiar. She had destroyed everything she had felt. Well and good. The body before her acted like she expected when she expanded every bit of fear in her mother's mind. There was nothing left but helpless, paranoid insanity. Cries and shouts, incomprehensible whispering and sudden exclaims. There was nothing useful left of this curled up body. Nothing.
"I have no mother," she repeated to herself as she turned around towards the broken wall. It was at this point, Shriek took time to notice the fog surrounding her.
"Anyone there?" Her voice echoed slightly. She stopped up stopped up, and looked around. She would not be caught off guard.

June 21st, 2008, 09:18 PM
The man in the standard-issue metal mask was on a mission. And though he generally preferred to work alone, he was smart enough—no, brilliant enough—to realize that he needed help.

And help was all around him. After all, every prisoner on this level was angry enough and powerful enough to aid in his escape, true? True.

He quietly approached the guard at the entrance to the prison of the insane supervillainess known as Shriek.

“Command sent me,” he hissed at the other guard. “There’s been a shift.”

“I see,” said the guard, noting the masked man’s standard-issue helmet and guard armor and nodding appreciatively. “That’s good, I need a break. See you.”

“Have a good one.”

As soon as the guard was out of sight, the masked man began typing into the terminal at the entrance and hacking the locks on Shriek’s prison. Almost there… got it!

Shriek’s combat simulation was interrupted. Fog began to rise from the ground as the Sim-Termination sequence began. The masked man realized he would have to act quickly before she was transported back into her original cell.

He flung the door open, and fog began to rise from the entrance. He glanced up at the smoke detector above them—he hoped that there wasn’t enough debris in the fog to set it off.

He plunged into the misty void to locate this ‘Shriek.’ Perhaps her abilities could prove useful in freeing other prisoners. And if not… well, there was always Plan B.

He found her wandering through the mists just ahead. “Ms. Barrison,” he called in a low voice, “I’ve come to help you escape.”

She turned, with an apparent lack of trust on her face.

“I assure you, Ms. Barrison, I find this guard’s uniform every bit as distasteful as you do. But please, do not be too judgmental—for the moment, it is a necessary evil.”

He stepped forward a bit. “Since I already know what to call you, it is only fair to give you a name by which to call me; you may call me Hector.”

(‘HECTOR’ is now an official NPC controlled by yours truly, but unlike the CEO or his minions, Hector's on OUR side--or at least, he appears to be. Hector isn’t his real name, as you may have guessed--he’s another fictional serial killer using an alias. He escaped from his cell in Security Level 4 by killing a guard and trading clothes with him.)

June 21st, 2008, 09:34 PM
is it to late to join

June 21st, 2008, 09:42 PM
is it to late to join

(No, bosa, it's not too late to join. Use () to mark your posts out of story context though.)

Adams was pissed. I'm being laid off. Laid off! After all my hard work for the Corporation!

His coworkers had told him about it yesterday. The guys in the Head department hadn't been impressed with the way he'd handled McCarthy and soon he would be replaced. Probably by one of those f*cking interns, no doubt. God, how do kids get so good at dealing with these people?! Where did I go wrong?! What did I do to deserve this?! Why should I stay loyal to a company that would do this to me?!

Adams was pissed beyond all levels of un-pissing. He wanted to hurt the CEO badly... but he wanted to do it discretely, to do it in a way that couldn't be traced. The CEO had power that extended far beyond the Corporation, after all... he could seek retribution against Adams under any circumstances. Adams had to remain anonymous.

The disgruntled man had searched through hundreds of files to find the best prisoner for sneak attacks, a prisoner who he could release from captivity to strike at guards from the shadows and sow mayhem throughout all the levels of security. And the answer was so obvious--the tiny but vicious Belkar Bitterleaf, on Security Level 2.

His security was so lax that all it would take to free him would be to slip him something. His Ring of Jumping, for instance... an item that Adams had pocketed from the Armaments room earlier that day. And Belkar was not as noticeable as the other prisoners, either--at three feet tall and weighing only 30 pounds, how noticeable could he be?

Adams looked into the pit below him and called down. "Bitterleaf! I'm going to let you out of here! What do you say to that?"

June 21st, 2008, 09:44 PM
can i be jason:biggrin5:

June 21st, 2008, 09:47 PM
can i be jason:biggrin5:

(Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th series? Absolutely. Good choice. Make your profile, please.)

(And seriously, USE () TO ENCLOSE YOUR POSTS.)

June 21st, 2008, 09:48 PM
(like this idk what u ment befor now i get it do i have to do that on the story)

June 21st, 2008, 09:52 PM
(like this idk what u ment befor now i get it do i have to do that on the story)

(No, that's what you do on stuff that ISN'T the story.)

The CEO turned to no one in particular and shouted "THIS IS HOW YOU DO STUFF THAT IS IN THE STORY!"

A minion looked up at him, stunned.

The CEO looked back at his minion. "Sorry. I was just breaking the fourth wall there. Had to be done."

(Also, bosa, please try to clean up your grammar. Since Jason can't speak and therefore has no dialogue I thought it wouldn't be a huge problem, but don't prove me wrong.)

June 21st, 2008, 09:53 PM
(ocay tx u one more qustion on my profile do i have to have a pic)

June 21st, 2008, 09:54 PM
(ocay tx u one more qustion on my profile do i have to have a pic)

(No, you don't have to have one. But if you want one, here's one on me.)


June 21st, 2008, 10:19 PM
(thank u )
CHARACTER: Jason Voorhees

CATEGORY: silent


CLOTHING: a brown jacket over 2 a black shirts black paints hocky mask

PREFERRED M.O.: stabs them (not really one)

FIGHTING STYLE: Hand-to-hand

SUPERNATURAL: his abbilty to not be able to die

APPEARANCE: a brown jacket over 2 a black shirts black paints hocky mask and under his mask is a face that has ben rotting away for many years

BIO: jason voorhees was bor deformed and he usly got picked on when he was (i think he was 10 )10 his mom sent he to summer camp one day at summer camp all the kid were throwing rocks at him and put a brown bag over his head the as he tried to run away he fell in the lake and as he scremed fo help the counclers were macking out sow they couled not hear him sow jason drounded ther and later his mothers hate allys brought him back to life trying to get his and her revenge

(hey can i stat on the story tomarow it like 2 hear im going to save this when i get up il start srry tx agen :) :(bye )

June 21st, 2008, 10:36 PM
(OK, bosa, I'm sorry but that's the last straw. I know you're only a n00b but the least you could do is read the rules and know not to double post.)

(Your right to play Jason is revoked until further notice. When you can speak reasonably intelligible English and avoid double posting I will let you play him again.)

June 22nd, 2008, 12:23 PM
"I say that might come in handy. What'd you expected?" Belkar responded. He had just woken up after he had been put to sleep. Only to be back in the damned hole.
He had hoped they would have rewarded him with a bed or a meal or someone to stab for being so badass against that paladin-robot.

"Man, I hate paladins." rubbing the headache the electric shock had given him.

The unknown man threw something down, hitting him against his head. He recongized the all to familiar form. His ring of jumping.

Hands shaking, he put on the ring and jumped out of the hole. He came out in a long hall, with shining white walls and blinding lights. Belkar squeezed his eyes shut, not only because of the overload of light, but also in joy.

"Now I just need a dagger and a pair of kidneys to harvest."

Something poked him in the back.

"Jeez, stop that, jackass, or the next head I use as an emergency chamber pot is yours." he mumbled, slowly turning around.

He stared not the jackass behind him, but down the barrel of some sort of gun. It seemed different from the ones he was used to.

"Now hold on, Bitterleaf, I saved you, now you do me two favors." the gun holder said with a grin.

"One, you don't try to kill me."

"Wow, thank you, Captain Obvious!" Belkar said in a sarcastic voice.

"And two." he continued, ingoring Belkar. "You kill as much people as possible when trying to escape."

"What were you expecting me to do? Start a some sort of freacking pansy, pink-splattered pussy teaparty?!"

"Heh, always good for a laugh, huh? Now common, get your daggers and kill." Captain Obvious said, throwing his daggers over Belkar.

Turning around, Belkar saw the daggers land a dozen feet away.

Without turning back, he said:
"You know, I appreciate what you just did for me, but if I was about to kill a thousand people, but I could now get an extra kill, what would I do?"

"Ehm..." the man responded insecure, lowering his gun abit.

Immediatly, Belkar jumped toward the man's head, while kicking the gun out of his grip.
He flung his head backwards. he heard something crack behind him. Using his head as a boost, he did a backflip and kicked both his feet in the man's face.
They both fell to the ground, Belkar on top of the screaming fool.

"You sneaky little bastard!" the man said, punching him in the face. Belkar slid a few feet away, but his head hitted something. The gun.

With a grin, Belkar took the gun and aimed it toward the man, wich had scrambled up.

"Don't touch my tazer!" the man screamed in rage, but Belkar heard something else in his voice. Fear.

Belkar squeezed the trigger, and a flow of electricity punched the man square in the chest. He staggered, and fell.

"Oh, I'm gonna taze you back to the stone age!"

Belkar started shooting the limp body again and again and again... And again.

"Heh, with lines like that, I could be an actionhero." he chukled, while picking up his daggers.

Returning to the moaning body, Belkar grinned.
"Now, I'll let you choose. Wich kidney do I take out first? Left or right?"

The body only stirred and said nothing more than a groan. It sounded abit like "Please".

" 'Groan' is not an answer."

More groaning.

"Bah, I'll choose myself. Inne Minnie Mo... Ah, screw it, I can't do anything with your kidneys now. Enjoy bleeding to death, jerk."

He slashed open the man's throat. He made a gurgling sound, but belkar was already looking for an exit.

"I hope I don't fail my spot checks."

He saw only walls.

"Damn you, irony." he sighed and sat down, waiting for the next round.

June 22nd, 2008, 11:12 PM
(Vic, Virus, I'm going to make a more extensive map of Security Level 2. You'll both need it once you escape.)

(I'll put it up here when it's done, it shouldn't take too long.)