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July 21st, 2008, 10:23 AM
After searching most of the hallways and rooms, they found the panic room. It was well hidden, all that gave it away was the tiniest seam in the otherwise bland wall (I was tempted to put MASSIVE SIGN SAYING LOL PANIC ROOM).

"Allright" Said The Fear "We've found it, now we just have to figure out how to get in here."

He began running his fingers around the seams, a small electric shock flung his arm away from it. The annoying womans voice echoed once again.

"Unauthorized personnel attempting to enter Panic room C/1798B. Occupants of the Panic Room are no longer able to open the doors. Please activate your nearest alarm system and quote the fol-" The voice stopped abruptly as The Fear spotted the speaker and pulled it free.

"Thats better" Sighed The Fear "But now they know we're here, and we can't open this thing, any ideas?"

July 21st, 2008, 03:15 PM
"I suggest we just hide anywhere", I said." You have powers" ?

(That's all I can think of right now)

July 21st, 2008, 03:43 PM
The Fear smiled

"Powers?" He laughed "Of course i have powers!"

He flicked the switch on this stealth camouflage and turned invisble. He moved quickly, sweeping Freddys feet out from under him. He moved closer to his ear

"And hiding is my speciality" He whispered, turning visible again.

He out stretched his hand and helped him up, knowing this was going to be a fun relationship.

"But thats not the point, they wont send guards down here now" He hoped he was right "They'll know we're too dangerous to confront head on. They will want to keep the men in here safe. Lets focus on ruining that plan."

He considered his options.

"They'll have their own oxygen supply on that room" He pondered "Forcing this door would seem the most obvious option, which makes it the least likely to work."

He remembered something Freddy had said earlier. 'It's wierd though, I absorbed some power out of nowhere'

"You said that you got some sort of power out of nowhere." His stomach lurched with a sudden realization "It got you out of that cell, it can probably get us INTO this one. Can you try and get it to work again? To get us in there?"

July 21st, 2008, 04:52 PM
(DataaX, you've been frequently out of character and / or unrealistic and / or lacking detail in the past few posts. But the thing that really pushed me over the edge was the one-liner you just made. Even in dialogue, you should use at least two lines; look at Wadling's dialogue posts, for instance. They go on for paragraphs.)

(I'm tempted to just ban you from the RP, DataaX, but as I am a merciful GM I will give you three alternative options.)

(1. You can be put on probation. This means you will have to run all your posts by me via PM and get my approval before you put them here.)

(2. You can drop out. I'll let Wadling kill your character to prevent any loose ends.)

(3. You can drop out and let me turn Krueger into an NPC.)

(Your call, DataaX.)

July 21st, 2008, 06:49 PM
(Hey, I was think on it, I didn't just make the oneline post and leave it like that, But i'll take one, and I do make paragraphs)

July 22nd, 2008, 01:05 AM
Somehow the hallways are dead quiet. The guards are gone - the other prisoners doesn't make a sound. That cold thing happens to my gut as I start walking, perfectly aware that I unarmed. Hopefully some of the guards at this place carried guns.

"Let's go, Belkar."

"Keep the knife," Belkar insisted. "I've got an infinite number of 'em; no matter how many I throw, seems like there's always another one. I don't really know how that works, but hey, it's cool with me."

Belkar looked around. "One crack about this and I gut you like a kipper, but--yeah. I suck at Spot Check. Sometimes I can miss an entire cosmic gateway if no one points it out to me. So I think you'd better lead the way."



The CEO turned. Herald was running at him urgently.

"BOSS!! We've got a problem!!"

The CEO sighed. No good help these days.

"Boss, we've got a BIG problem. There are two simultaneous outbreaks, one on Level 4 and one on Level 2. Both of them are Class 3 Outbreaks and are dangerously close to becoming Class 4."

"Brief me," the CEO said, wearily. "Brief me BRIEFLY. I'm a busy man, Herald."

"Sir, this is a CRISIS!"

"As I said. Brief me."

Herald calmed himself. "Ok. Ok. Bitterleaf's escape is confirmed, as we predicted. We believe he has also freed Dwight McCarthy."

The CEO sat a little straighter. "Hm. That could be a challenge. But we have Level 11 Clearance now. It's nothing we can't deal with."

"Sir, even with Level 11 Clearance, the Riot Control Team we sent won't be enough. We need to order in a backup force, right now!"

The CEO considered this, decided it was a good point, and hit a few buttons on the control panel next to his throne. "Alright, that's taken care of. McCarthy and Bitterleaf are no longer a problem. Unless... hm, if Adams had a map on him when he bit the dust, McCarthy could have found it... then they might be able to get away. No matter, though; we can track them down eventually. What's next?"

"Next is Krueger, sir. He was apparently able to leech some power from the Corinthian after you allowed the nightmare to escape. Now Krueger is himself running wild on level 4. Ensign Kyle expired a moment ago, and we can track Krueger's direction very easily, mostly because of the trail of bodies... at any rate, we're copying Kyle and the others as we speak, but--"

The CEO laughed uncontrollably. "BUAHAHAHAHA! That's brilliant! That's priceless!"

Herald looked oddly at his boss. "Something about this is... funny, sir?"

"Isn't it obvious, Herald? The Corinthian is a single nightmare. Krueger is the goddamn Dream Master! Krueger is our metaphorical medical leech, destroying the problem on Level 5 for us! And when Krueger drains the nightmare dry of all his power, when the Corinthian is a lifeless wisp of dying dream-crud, when there's nothing left to claim, that's when we move in. We've got the technology to zap all of Krueger's power away at once, Herald--it doesn't matter how powerful the child-murdering bastard gets from feeding off of Morpheus' little sidekick. We can kill two birds with one stone here by just leaving Krueger alone."

The CEO flicked his control panel off. "Do you know what the beauty of this prison is, Herald?"

"Efficiency, elasticity, and expendability, Boss," Herald recited.

"Damn right. You did well in Training, boy. And right here I'm talking about numbers two and three--this place is elastic and its resources are un-fuckin'-limited. It's flexible; we can change the rules whenever we damn well please. No matter how many pop their cells, they're going to go back in before they ever make it out of the prison. And it's expendable; no matter how many guards they kill, a dozen will come to take the place of every man down. This is the only prison in the Multiverse that is completely impenetrable, so long as I'm in charge."

The LED lights that glowed around the rims of the CEO's chair dimmed as he went back into his sleep-cycle. "Wake me up when you've dealt with McCarthy and Bitterleaf," he mumbled. "We've got a schedule to keep, doncha know."

July 22nd, 2008, 01:49 AM
(So the CEO knows nothing about me? Excellent.)

July 22nd, 2008, 02:37 PM
I tried to absorb energy again, but I failed. "Sorry, buddy,” I told the Fear. “No can do."

"Shoot," said Fear. “Well, I guess we’ll have to do without it, so—"

Suddenly, I started to feel something. It was power, nightmare power again. The energy was invisible, like air, but I could feel it coursin’ through me like a freight train on an express railway. My hands shook in joy, my claws felt more powerful. I had a minimal amount of power again.

“Hey, lookee here,” I laughed. “Fooled ya!”

I grabbed the Fear and pulled him with me into Dreamland. Things were lookin’ up for the two of us now, heheh.

But how in Hell was I supposed to kill the guards while they were awake?! Spendin’ so long killin’ things one way, you forget how to do it another. S’how I lost the upper hand in a fight with Jason Voorhees, way back when.

Ah, but here now—here was a right fool’s fix! Two guards were sleepin’ like babies. Off-duty. The idiots.

One of ‘em was dreamin' of riding on an airplane. I settled down in his tiny lil’ brain and dropped the Fear off in the back. “Wait here,” I said, puttin' a claw to my lips. My newfound partner-in-evil nodded once, and I moved off.

The dreamin’ guard looked outside; he saw the plane goin’ back up, headin’ away from the landing zone. He was worried. He came to the cockpit.

"Hey," the guard said, askin’ the pilot. "What’s going on? Where are you going?"

"Where are you going?" the pilot repeated. The pilot turned around and—guess what! It was me! You should’ve seen the look on the guard’s stupid, fat face.

"Where are you going? You are going to DIE!"

I grabbed his throat in my bare left hand and slashed his throat apart with my gloved right hand.

“Hey, Fear!” I called to the back of the plane. “I’m done! Let’s head out of Dreamland and kill some more o’ these assholes.”

July 22nd, 2008, 10:13 PM
"So that's it, then?" asked the Corinthian. "You're ready?"

"YES! ABSOLUTELY!" grinned Nny, waving Nail Bunny around like a rag doll. "PULL THE F*CKING LEVER!"

The Corinthian threw the switch inside of the bulldozer that he had hijacked from construction workers a few blocks away, revved up the engine, and plowed through Nny's front door.

A loud BOOM rattled the neighborhood with each wall that the Corinthian tore through, until finally he struck the Wall. It didn't collapse or crumble, as the others had; it was pulled up from its base, and slid cleanly onto the machine's front blade. This was all as Nny had predicted; the Wall could not be destroyed easily.

Suddenly, I started to feel something. It was power, nightmare power again. The energy was invisible, like air, but I could feel it coursin’ through me like a freight train on an express railway.

"GAH!!!" the Corinthian balked, falling forward onto the controls. The bulldozer began to spin out of control, with the Wall wobbling dangerously on the end. The machine began weaving a path toward Todd's house, throwing up dust in its wake.

Nny jumped aboard and pushed the Corinthian out of the way, shutting the machine off again. "Hello? New Friend Person?"

"Ugh..." mumbled the Corinthian, struggling to sit up straight. "Something... something weird again..."

The Corinthian looked at the Wall, still sitting motionless atop the bulldozer blade. "Did you do that?" asked the Corinthian. "DID YOU DO THAT TO ME?!"

Unsurprisingly, the Wall did not respond. I'm going crazy. I just shouted at a wall, the Corinthian realized. That's what it's doing. It's driving me crazy. Just like Nny. I've got to get out of this place...

"Er." Nny hesitated to speak, noting the Corinthian's furious and anxious expression. "We've got the Wallbeast out. What now?"

"It's still not very portable," the Corinthian thought. "It needs... wheels, maybe. Something that will let us pull it around."

"Squee might have some that we can use," Nny realized. "Let's go over and--"

"Sorry, 'Squee'?" the Corinthian interrupted.

"The neighborhood boy. Lives next door."


The one who only ever refers to you as "Scary Neighbor Man"?

"That's a good idea," the Corinthian interrupted, "but it might be best if I go alone. You see--"

"No, no, not at all!" Johnny laughed. "Squee and I get along fine. We could practically be brothers."


Too late. Johnny was already walking off. "There's a tunnel that connects the two of our houses! Neato, huh?" chuckled Johnny, heading over to the ruins of his shack. "I'll be over there in a minute and we won't even have to go through his parents!"

Wordlessly, the Corinthian slapped his palm to his face. A vision of Todd's reaction to him standing side-by-side with the Scary Neighbor Man brought nothing but shame.

Nny, I think I'll sit this one out.


Todd Casil looked hopefully out of his wide window. "Please make the Scary Neighbor Man go away, Mr. Angel... please... please..."

"Son?" came a voice from the hallway. "You ok in there?"

Todd turned to see his father coming in through the door. Mr. Casil walked inside and looked sternly down upon the boy.

"Who are you talking to? One of your imaginary friends? Like the voice in your teddy bear, or the Scary Neighbor Man?"

Todd huddled underneath his sheets and pulled Shmee close. Shmee was rather battered for a teddy bear but he served his purpose; Todd was comforted by his presence.

"I know you think we're not paying enough attention to you," Mr. Casil said to his son, "and... well, there's a good reason for that. Y'see son, I resent your existence."

Then Mr. Casil reconsidered. "Okay, maybe that's a bit harsh. Or... no, wait, it's true. I really despise my life and you're a major factor in that."

Todd looked sadly down at his bedsheets as Mr. Casil continued. "Whew!" his father chuckled, lightly. "It feels good to have this talk with you."

Todd looked at his feet and tried to concentrate on Shmee while Mr. Casil talked on and on at length. Then Todd heard something.

Are those... footsteps?

"Do you know what it's like to be trapped into a life you never planned on having? I mean, look at me! I can't believe I have this sh*tty job I do, and it's even more unbelievable that I have a kid! It's like having a roommate you can't just kick out!"

Closer... closer... Todd covered his head with the bedsheet and hugged Shmee hard.

"You know, I had other plans for myself. This is nothing like how things should've been. You shouldn't be here, I shouldn't live here. And your stinking mother wouldn't be doing all the sh*t she does. Little kid, I'm sorry nobody loves you, but just think about it, think of how miserable I am. And how much of that is your fault. I--"


Mr. Casil fell to the floor in an unconscious heap.

"Hiya, Squee!" Nny laughed heartily, bounding into the room. He clutched a plastic robot in one hand that he had snatched from Todd's toy chest. One end of it was stained with blood.

"Sorry about your dad, there, but it didn't look like he'd be shutting up anytime soon and I've no time to wait," said Nny, noting Todd's dazed expression of petrified fear. "Don't worry about him. He'll be up in a while. I've come to ask if I can borrow something."

Todd didn't react. He was too busy eying the bloody robot toy.

Nny moved over to the toy chest and found two large Radio Flyer toy wagons. "These will work perfectly," Nny continued, disassembling them with some tools he'd brought, sealing them in a giant plastic garbage bag, and lowering them out through the window. He knew the Corinthian would be waiting to take them; for some reason the nightmare hadn't been very keen on meeting Todd in person a second time.

"Well, now. I'm about to leave, so I'd think we should have a last nice heart-to-heart chat..." Nny began.


(Copyright by Jhonen Vasqu... ah, screw it, I'm sure you all get the idea by now.)

July 23rd, 2008, 02:27 PM
(Ok then, hang on just one tiny moment. Did we just kill a guy inside the panic room, or a random guard?)

(If it is the latter, how did that help us get in there?)

July 23rd, 2008, 04:48 PM
(Ok then, hang on just one tiny moment. Did we just kill a guy inside the panic room, or a random guard?)

(If it is the latter, how did that help us get in there?)

(It is the former. You and Freddy used Freddy's dream-power to enter the mind of a guard in the panic room. Freddy proceeded to kill the guard. Now you can leave the dream and reappear INside the panic room.)

July 23rd, 2008, 05:46 PM
Woosh, The Fear and his curious companion disappeared from the plane, he was so confused he had no idea what had just happened. The best he could do was stand dumbfounded as this Freddy did something to the plane.

Now he had dropped as if from nowhere into some sort of room. He looked around quickly and observed the room. Roll mats, sleeping bags, canned food, what was this? Then he saw the men.

Four men, one of which had just collapsed, bleeding from his throat. The other three men were obviously stunned beyond belief. One had fallen off his chair and was sprawled clumsily on the floor. His limbs flailing madly, as if he was trying to move in twenty directions at once.

The other two were slightly calmer, but still erratic in their movements. He heard one shout something obscure, he didn't catch it in the confusion. One ran for the door while the other reached his hand towards his left leg, The Fear saw a pistol and a holster attached. He had to act quickly.

"Get the one by the door!" He yelled, if they escaped they would find help "Don't let them escape"

He ran towards the guard reaching for his pistol, he grabbed hold of the gun with one hand and moved it to the right so it pointed at the wall. With his other hand he moved to punch him in the stomach. The man let go of the gun with his steadying hand and moved to grab The Fears wrist.

The Fear pulled the grasping hand towards him and at the same time moved forwards, smashing his forehead into the oncoming opponents chin, he moved his head upwards leaving the guards neck exposed.

The Fear immediately abandoned the gun and used both hands to hold his throat, he dug his fingernails in until he found the Jugular vain. He pulled and a subsequent splatter of blood filled the room. The Fear closed his eyes so as to not get it in his eyes and pushed him roughly aside.

He opened his eyes and turned to the man who had fallen off his chair, He was bleeding from just about everywhere blood could be drawn from, with Freddy still on top of him slicing away happily. How had Freddy done it so quickly, thought The Fear, turning to the door. The man who had run for it was still standing and was now reaching for his own weapon.

"I told you t-" He realized that now they needed action not words, he was too far away to do anything, the gun was pointed at Freddy "NO!"

The Fear sprinted towards Freddy and embraced him in a bear hug, pulling him backwards and at the same time activating the stealth camouflage. The thudded onto the floor as bullets sailed overhead the invisible couple.

"What?" Exclaimed the guard in astonishment, he looked ready to investigate, but then walked backwards to the door.

"When he turns around" Whispered The Fear faintly right in Freddy's ear "I'll make my move, you stay here"

The man surveyed the room briefly, before turning to the door. The Fear knew he only had a split second before he turned back.

He sprung up as the man flicked out his keycard. (Oh yes Varth, you knew it was coming up). He sped towards the man who let off a shot that went wide. The Fear grabbed his wrist and spun the gun out of his hand, skidding it along the floor. He kicked his knee, shattering it underneath his boots. He searched for a weapon, all he could see was the keycard the man was holding.

He ripped it out of his grip, it wasn't bendable or flexible in any way, perfect. The Fear pushed the man to the floor, relying on his weight alone to get him to the ground. He raised the keycard above his head and brought the corner slamming into the mans left eye. He screamed in torment as The Fear twisted it around pushing harder and harder, breaking the soft skin and tissue surrounding it.

Soon the struggling stopped as the eye was pushed back into his brain, the screaming and heavy breathing ceased and The Fear let go. He stood up and stared at the sight before him, he blinked several times before turning, picking up the chair, sitting down and putting his head in his hands.

He sighed deeply.

July 23rd, 2008, 06:08 PM
(dayum, he took outtwo guards on his own and his only reaction is a SIGH, daaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyym, im scared of him already)

July 23rd, 2008, 06:17 PM
(So am I Castle, seriously. I don't know where i'm getting this stuff, but it's so fun)

July 23rd, 2008, 06:22 PM
(ive always liked playing a good guy, but here you got to be evil, you should see some of the things my character has done before, but ur character is SCARY, my character is analytical scary, varths is torturous scary who can eat others eyes using his eyes, your character is like 'OMG GTFO BEFORE HE KILLS US ALL' kind of scary, so is varths but urs is on a more humanistic level, which is scary on its own)

July 23rd, 2008, 06:27 PM
(Thanks a lot, it's actually a very good way to relieve stress i've found, thats not too good)

July 23rd, 2008, 06:29 PM
(no problem, yeah its kind of strange releive stress like this, hope i dont go round killing people for their powers :/)

July 23rd, 2008, 08:30 PM
"Boss," said Herald, "the body count just spiked. Looks like the Level 4 Guards lured Krueger into a Panic Room. One of them managed to get a message about a man that Krueger freed... looks like the Fear, from Cell 411."

The CEO became active. "Lovely. Order all their keycards and maps to self-destruct. Then Krueger will have to use some more dream power to escape... we can speed up the death of the Corinthian a little that way."

Herald nodded and went to the computer terminal, hitting a few buttons and entering a command. In ten seconds every keycard and map device in the Panic Room would melt itself into useless slag.

"What about Belkar and McCarthy?"

"No word yet. The riot team hasn't found them."

"Keep me posted, then. I need to keep up-to-date."

The CEO almost went back into his sleep cycle, but then remembered something. "Herald... when was the last time someone checked on the Core Terminal?"

"We've got three patrol teams around it, Sir. I don't think that there will be any problems."

"It's protocol, Herald. The Core is the only spot in the Outer Works without cameras; we have to watch it regularly. Send someone."

Herald tapped a few buttons to bring up a reserve list. "We've got one Specialist Elite, sir. Everyone else is busy handling one of the two breakouts."

"Ah, well, shame to waste an Elite's talent... but if there's no one else, go ahead and send him in. Give him an Emergency Signal comlink and a weapon."

"Will do, Boss."

"Good man."

July 23rd, 2008, 08:42 PM
The Fear took his face out of his hands and licked his lips, various drops of liquid were slurped up, blood, sweat and bits of eye. He looked over at the man lying with the keycard propped up, sticking out of his pupil.

"Well, lets get out of here" He muttered, still angry at his companion for almost getting himself killed.

As he reached down to free the key card it morphed into a gray sludge, which seeped down through the gaps now left in the socket.

"NO!" Moaned The Fear as he stooped down and dipped his fingers into the disappearing gloop.

He punched the door in anger before turning to Freddy.

"Any chance you can get that power back?" He asked in an annoyed tone.

July 23rd, 2008, 11:16 PM
"Break!" Hector barked. He and the Joker went down one end of the hallway. Hector didn't bother looking back to see if Shriek was going to follow the plan and go down the other hall; if she did, they'd know soon enough, and if she didn't, they'd deal with it later. Too much was at stake to waste time on such small matters.

The two killers worked flawlessly as a team. Hector grabbed one guard from behind and thrust one of the Joker's razor-edged playing cards deep into the man's neck The Joker patted the other guard on the back with his joybuzzer, sending two hundred volts of power through his heart and stopping him--quite literally--dead in his tracks. The pale-skinned man suppressed a chuckle after a stern glance from Hector.

Leaving the bodies behind, Hector and his companion moved forward to the junction where the three hallways met. There was a steel vault in the floor, and the other two hallways joined to meet it.

Hurry, Ms. Barrison. If you don't show in a few seconds, we're going to have to move on without you...

July 24th, 2008, 12:03 AM
Shriek had started to run. She had quickly figured where and when by following the example of the others. She was met by two guards, as expected. According to Hector, too much was at stake to hesitate. Not that she would do so, never. But taking her time enjoying the act could cause unwanted trouble. The guards had both their backs turned so she silently took off and in a graceful movement ended behind them. She quickly grabbed the head of the guard before her and snapped his neck in a fast, powerful movement. The sound of the crack immediately made the other guard turn around while readying himself for combat. Too late. Before the first guard had hit the floor, Shriek's scar lit up, her hand moving swiftly through the air and hitting the guard with a strike powered by energy.
Goddamn. The uniform the guard carried had saved him. Well, spared him a few seconds more. He was still conscious but weakened, unable take any effective action such as alarming anyone. Choice was free of what to do with this helpless soul. Shriek briefly smiled and looked into the panicked eyes that could nothing but turn at every possible direction in a desperate search of a solution, help. A hope.
She grabbed the man's arm and got up in the air. The height of the ceiling seemed fitting. At least fitting for the mission Shriek had at hand. As she reached the top she lowered herself and whispered: "At the bright side, they'll probably find you and your mate soon enough."
The guard closed his eyes. Shriek violently sent him towards the floor head first. If this wasn't enough to take his life she was still pretty sure he wouldn't ever get out of the coma from fracturing his skull, let alone be able to move from damaging the spine. She gave herself a burst of power, flying right above the ground before letting her legs take over from the flight. She was out of the hallway with the guards and was met with the sight of Hector and Joker. She quickly caught up with them.