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September 12th, 2008, 08:04 PM
(Varth, if we all turn out to be copies, bred in the corporation then i'm gonna have to make Fear do a dance. Don't ask me why, i have my reasons...)

(Huh... that would have been a really good idea... wish I'd thought of that... come to think of it, that's remarkably similar to something else I'd planned but not on the same scale... but no.)

Patrick looked at the Newborn funny as they continued down the steps. <I didn't say nobody,> corrected Patrick. <I said people.>

"So? What's that supposed to mean?"

<Well, you see, Newborn... we here at the Corporation, we aren't people.>

Some soldiers appeared at the base of the corridor, some of them humanoid and some of them not. One of them was a mass of tentacles like Patrick. All of them were pointing their weapons at the Newborn.

<You, though, Newborn--you may be a person. We have to find out. And we're going to do some rather nasty things to you to do that... things that we can do because we aren't people. And if we know that you're a person we'll know we've succeeded in transforming the world, because you'll be the first true person of all time. We're all just carved wood and strings, Newborn, but you may very well be a real boy.>

Patrick had paralyzed the Newborn's motor functions a moment earlier, with a simple telekinetic pinch. The soldiers advanced and restrained the Newborn with durapolymer handcuffs.

<Take him to the Hall of Pain, Officer. The testers are waiting.>


Belkar noticed a figure out of the corner of his eye... an oddly-dressed human with a stick. "What the--aw, crap, I need more damn ranks in Spot Check!"

The Halfing turned his head. "How did all three of us miss him?!"

Sylar shrugged. Dwight groaned incomprehensibly.

"Who the hell are you, anyway?" demanded Belkar of the newcomer.


"Wake up, sleepyhead."

His eyes flicked open. And his eyes were lined with teeth.

And standing before him was an innocent-looking teenage girl in a black tank top, a girl with so much makeup that she could have been mistaken for a Goth if not for her charming smile and awkward-but-endearing sunny attitude that radiated from her body like a mystical aura.

The Corinthian had met this girl before. But something wasn't right...

"No, silly, I'm not here for you," said Death brightly. "I'm here for the Corporation folks who had some bad luck fighting the Joker's men a moment ago. I never come for nightmares anyway... when you guys are destroyed, your essences just zip back into Dream's spirit, like the way those little krill zip into the whale in Finding Nemo."

"Then... why am I here?" asked the Corinthian, perplexed. "I should be back inside of my master. Another dream waiting to be created. Or recreated."

Death put a finger on her pointy chin and examined the Corinthian closely. "You're not much of a Patrick Swayze," she said, astutely, "so I don't think this is about unfinished business. Maybe you weren't destroyed completely."

"No, Krueger pulled every last bit of essence from me. Everything I had. Nothing left but my animus... and that's not enough to hold me back like this."

"You sure about that?" Death persisted. "I mean, here you are in front of me."

The Corinthian thought for a while. What could possible have--

Of course.

"Johnny's Wall," the Corinthian realized. "There's some of my spirit in there, isn't there? It sucked a piece of me when I fed it with my blood."

"That's as good a guess as any," Death shrugged. "Well, it's been fun, but I really have to run, so..."

"Tell my master where I am," begged the Corinthian. "He's your brother, he'll trust you... he'll come and free me..."

"Ok, look, I'm really sorry but you have no idea how many rules that would break," Death answered, with genuine sadness. "This place is off-limits, even for him--he was allowed to set up a little self-governing province in here, just to allow dreams to continue, but he can't come in person."

"But you could..."

"No, please, I'm really really sorry about it but you're on your own," Death answered, sorrowfully.

The Corinthian looked at his feet. I'm trapped. I can't die and return to my Lord, I can't free myself from the damned Corporation and now the only man who had any idea what was going on is at the mercy of my enemy...

If the Corinthian had tear ducts, he might have wept. Death looked very torn.

"Would a hug help at all?"

September 12th, 2008, 08:32 PM
Sweeney Todd couldn't help but watch in fascination as the group of strangers fought each other. He saw many things that shouldn't be possible in any sense of reality. He had not doubt that they would have lost had the fight continued, but for some reason they each went off in separate directions. Almost going to talk to the ones coming his way, the Belkar spoke first.

"It's Todd, Sweeney Todd." he replied to the rather rude way Belkar asked his name. "Might I ask what this place is, and what I'm doing here?" he asked quickly noting that the short one was irritable.

September 13th, 2008, 05:34 AM
(Ok Varth, i have to ask... would it have made any difference if i was invisible? Or is this a vital part of the story-line? oh my god, i might be tortured and become and elite... that would be both fun and... an opportunity to fight Nny again! Also, Hall of pain? It's so cheesy it's brilliant... i like cheese.)

September 13th, 2008, 09:45 AM
"we dont know what were doing here," Sylar replied, more allies would mean less chance of being beaten down in a fight. "all i know is that we need to get out of here." Sylar looked at McCarthy lying on the ground, still recovering. "help me with McCarthy, we need to go to a certain room in this complex. McCarthy, you still have the map, right?"

(remember, the map wasnt part of the interrogation :D)

September 13th, 2008, 12:24 PM
(Ok Varth, i have to ask... would it have made any difference if i was invisible? Or is this a vital part of the story-line? oh my god, i might be tortured and become and elite...

(Well, yeah, this is kind of a vital part because even Hector doesn't know much about the stuff that goes on in Level 1... and no, being invisible wouldn't have changed much because Patrick doesn't see with light. He sees with smells. As for becoming an Elite... well, that's entirely up to you. No one becomes an Elite against their will.)

The Fear came to in a dark hallway, stripped of all possessions and chained to a stone wall.

<WHERE IS THE NEWBORN?!> hissed a voice directly into the Fear's mind. This was not Patrick's voice... it was not nearly as sweet or friendly. The Fear saw no one around him.



Saruman looked up at the deranged expression on the face of the woman before him.

"My staff is gone but I will do what I can," the wizard called, employing his Voice as best as he could without a staff to amplify its power. "Let me out."

September 13th, 2008, 02:07 PM
Bellatrix nodded, stepped away from the window, and stared at the door. She couldn’t see a lock, and had no wand.

Dawlish’s footsteps were getting louder, and Bellatrix tried the handle in desperation. Naturally, it was locked.

Bellatrix doubted that Dawlish would be able to kill her, but he could certainly hurt her, and she would end up back in her cell. The only alternative was on the other side of the locked door.

(Um... A little help?)

September 13th, 2008, 02:28 PM
"Hurry," Saruman barked, hearing the footsteps grow closer. "Hurry, hurry!"

The wizard struck the locked door with his fist in frustration--and found that his hand disappeared through the material in a spray of blue sparks.

The door vanished in a puff of smoke and a pile of dust; the handle disintegrated in Bellatrix's hands.

Saruman looked puzzled. "Now why didn't it do that befo--"

Dawlish lunged at the old man and knocked him to his feet, pulling a dagger from a sheath in his belt. "Level 11 authorization," Dawlish chanted to himself, raising the dagger higher.

September 14th, 2008, 05:31 PM
Don’t tell me to hurry! Bellarix thought as she pulled on the handle, which disintegrated. The wizard’s fist narrowly missed her as the door disappeared. She barely had time to wonder what had happened before Dawlish ran past her and lunged at the wizard, drawing a dagger.

A weapon.

Bellatrix darted forward and kicked Dawlish between the legs. Before he had time to focus on anything but the pain, Bellatrix had grabbed his hand, and driven the dagger into his heart. Bellatrix kicked Dawlish away from the old wizard; she didn’t want to risk Dawlish killing him before she found out how the wizard had made the door disappear.

When Dawlish was dead, Bellatrix removed the dagger and wiped the blood off on Dawlish’s robes. She then took his belt and sheath, and fastened them around her own waist, before continuing to search Dawlish’s body.

“What are you looking for?” the wizard asked.

“Anything I can find,” Bellatrix answered. “Considering how helpful you were, I don’t think you’re earned the right to ask questions. In fact I think you owe me some answers. Who are you, how you made the door disappear, and why did Dawlish attack you, will do for starters.”

September 14th, 2008, 05:42 PM
"You are very presumptuous in assuming that I would help three people, whose names I do not even know, in a strange place that I have no recollection of coming to." Sweeney growled, not moving from where he was. "Before I even think of helping you I want you to tell me your names, and everything you know about this strange place." he said, allowing his gaze to drift from Sylar to Belkar.

September 14th, 2008, 05:59 PM
(Lol. Advent of the Really Antisocial Characters.)

This woman is not to be trusted, Saruman reasoned immediately. I can't tell her anything significant about my position or rank.

"I am... Radagast," answered Saruman. "A wizard of the Istari. Glad to make your acquaintance. The doorway effect was none of my doing, by the way... and I'm sure that you could speculate about why that man wanted me dead just as well as I could."

Saruman glanced around a bit. "And in spite of the restriction you imposed on asking questions, pooling information would probably be to our mutual benefit. Do you have any idea where in Middle-Earth we are?"

September 15th, 2008, 12:18 PM
(its actually quite funny how people refer to the earth considering there backgrounds)

"i cannot give you help on where we are or what were doing here, only that we have expierenced the same thing as you have." Sylar growled, he didnt want someone who would just cause some more trouble, it was bad enough he had just lost his powers, but with the introduction of a new figure, it could mean alot of trouble. "and my name is Sylar, Gabriel Sylar." Sylar said, any wrong move from him and Sylar would have him under his mercy.
"why didnt you tell us your first name from before?" Belkar questioned Sylar.
"as far as i remember, i did, altho it could have been the work of the man that attacked us earlier." Sylar replied. mumbling sounds were heard from McCarthy but noone could understand him. Belkar turned towards the figure. "and my name is Belkar." he introduced himself, Sylar gave Belkar a look.
"There is a place we need to get to, and we need to get going, whether you join us or not is up to you. These are dangerous places and you wont be able to survive on your own." Sylar bent down to help McCarthy up, Belkar helped as much as he could despite his size.
"what are you doing? we need his help." Belkar whispered to Sylar
"I know what im doing, help McCarthy up and lets go." Sylar whispered back as they finally got McCarthy up and walked away from the strange figure.

September 15th, 2008, 04:33 PM
“Dawlish said that we are not on earth,” Bellatrix said, standing up and walking to the other side of Dawlish’s body to continue searching and because she wanted to keep an eye on ‘Radagast.’ She was disappointed that he hadn’t done the door, but that left the question of, who had? Neither she nor Dawlish had a wand at the time, and Dawlish would have had to have known that Radagast was in here to have wanted to open the door. Bellatrix didn’t think she had done magic, and you couldn’t do that powerful a spell without a wand… could you?

Damn! Bellatrix thought. Why hasn’t anyone ever studied how much magic an adult wizard can do without a wand? When I get back I will suggest it to the Dark Lord, it would be good to know how much the mudbloods could do without a wand.

“So what do you know about this place?” Bellatrix asked.

(Varth, it's your call if she finds anything, but I think she's going to give up searching in the next part I write.)

September 15th, 2008, 06:54 PM
"Very well." Sweeney stated, "I shall accompany you, for at the moment it seems to be in both of our best interests." Holding his impromptu spear in one hand, he walked over and relieved Belkar of his load.
"You know sir, I'm an exceptionally skilled barber. If I ever get my razors back, I might just give you a shave. Completely free of charge." he said with a slight grin, looking over at Sylar.

September 15th, 2008, 07:29 PM
Saruman thought to himself for a bit.

"Do you think..." Saruman began, then hesitated, then continued, "...do you think we could be dead?"

Bellatrix looked confused. Saruman resumed quickly.

"The last thing I recall before I was imprisoned here was falling from a tall tower. I do not think I would have survived the impact. What's the last thing you recall?"

(Dawlish doesn't have anything else of much use on him.)


"No thanks, Halflings don't grow facial hair," Belkar answered dryly. "But... a barber? What the hell's their pattern here?! I'm a sexy shoeless god of war, McCarthy's a brooding gunslinger, Sylar's a telepath--sorry, WAS a telepath--"

Sylar glared once at Belkar.

"--and you're a BARBER? Who else are they taking, nurses? Five-year-old girls?! Jeez!"

September 15th, 2008, 08:56 PM
Sweeney decided to keep the fact that he killed most of his customers a secret, possibly something to tell them at another time. Though he couldn't help but get a bit annoyed at the way his profession was spoken about.

"Excuse me sir, but did you just refer to that man as a telepath?" asked Sweeney, a bit confused. "Such a thing couldn't possibly exist."

September 16th, 2008, 07:35 AM
"That's what I've been trying to say!!" exclaimed Belkar. "And I actually checked the manual--you need 5 levels of Wizard or Sorcerer to use Telekinesis but this guy can do it anyway somehow! Or at least he COULD, before the Corporation took away his powers somehow..."

September 16th, 2008, 11:37 AM
"they are smart, if they could figure out how to remove my powers, then they could easily do much worse than the fight we just had." Sylar remarked. "we would do better not to underestimate the people running this place. And yes, such a thing does exist, atleast where i come from." Sylar finished as they proceeded along down the corridors, Sylar knew his plan had worked, and now they were one more, albeit with a man who looks to have no expirience with anything except razors. whatever he was good at, Sylar would keep his guard up, he has lost fights because of underestimations before, he has learned not to do it again.

September 16th, 2008, 03:55 PM
"The Corporation? You don't speak of them as allies, so they must be who you were fighting before." Sweeney Todd said, struggling a bit with the injured man he was helping carry.
"What about him? How did he get into such condition?" he asked, looking at Dwight with a bit of curiosity.

September 16th, 2008, 04:46 PM
(I just wanted to ask, are you waiting for me to post Varth, because i don't know why but i got the impression i should wait for some plot explosion.)

September 16th, 2008, 07:26 PM
ìThe last thing that I remember is being cursed by a blood-traitor,î Bellatrix said, keeping her voice level.

But she couldnít have killed me; sheís not powerful enough, Bellatrix thought a little uncertainly. But according to whoever talked to me in my cell, she was powerful enough to fool everyone elseÖ She quickly suppressed the panic and doubt.

ìAnd I donít think weíre dead.î

The Dark Mark! WHY hadnít she thought of it before?

Bellatrix drew the dagger and Radagast took a step backward.

ìOh, calm down,î she said impatiently, pulling back her left sleeve. ìIím just trying to get rid of this.î Bellatrix tried to cut the bandage, but it was made of a very strong material. ìBut if weíre dead, which we arenít, then what about Dawlish? If he was already dead then what is he now? AAAGH!î Bellatrix yelled in pain as the dagger slipped. ìThere, consider that proof that at least I am alive.î She held up the dagger with her blood on it.

ìAnd you really donít know why Dawlish attacked you? I suppose he could have mistaken you for someone else, considering the number of confundus charms cast on him, itís pretty likely,î Bellatrix said, half to herself, as she clumsily cut a long strip of cloth from her sleeve and tried to wrap it over the cut in her arm. ìBy the way, he said that this place is run by something called ëthe Corporation.íî Bellatrix sighed, there was no other way. ìLook, I can tell that you donít trust me, which isnít inspiring much confidence, and this is despite the fact that I saved your lifeÖ But I canít tie this one handed.î She held out her left arm. ìCould you please do it? Tightly?î

September 17th, 2008, 04:56 PM
(does kalil's character seem to know too much? i mean he immediately knew the names Sylar, Belkar and Dwight, he knew that its the corporation and not the company or any other apparent variations that could arise, not only that but he states the corporation, as if he has some background knowledge, i may understand about the names, considering he had viewed the fight but there seems to be a high level of memory with kalils character. just an opinion)

"Whoever they are, they are the ones that put us in this place." Sylar replied, moving along with them. "He got beaten down in the previous fight, hell be fine as long as he doesnt have another fight in the mean time." Sylar kept on struggling along. how long until he can stand Sylar thought to himself. Sylar decided to check McCarthy's pockets for the map, using one arm to support him and the other one to look for the map. finding it, Sylar looked at the strange device, then clicked the button. the map flickered on, and all four of them looked at the map, trying to figure out where they were.

(Varth, any hints?)

September 17th, 2008, 05:34 PM
(Wadling, you may have missed one of my recent posts.)

[stuff for Wad to read here]

Saruman hesitated but eventually obliged Bellatrix. He spoke again as he tightened the bandage.

"Obviously we are both at a loss for instruments of power," he said. "So our first goal should probably be their reacquisition... regardless of where we are or how we came to be here."

He glanced around a bit after the bandage was tied. "Industry has always been an interest of mine, and this place reeks of it... very good architecture, though a bit on the predictable side. If the pattern continues, there should be stairs over--"

The wizard rounded a corner, and found a pile of rubble that, ostensibly, might have once been a staircase.


Saruman tapped a finger to his chin pensively. "It's a short drop. We wouldn't be injured in the fall. But we wouldn't be able to climb back up, either... would we."

(does kalil's character seem to know too much? i mean he immediately knew the names Sylar, Belkar and Dwight, he knew that its the corporation and not the company or any other apparent variations that could arise, not only that but he states the corporation, as if he has some background knowledge, i may understand about the names, considering he had viewed the fight but there seems to be a high level of memory with kalils character. just an opinion)

(CM, everything he knows is stuff that he inferred from other characters. Belkar mentioned "the Corporation" and that's because he heard that name during his imprisonment... he knows the names because we told him ours.)

"Sweet, it's just over this way!" Belkar grinned, leaping off around a corridor. "And... gentlemen, we are HERE."

Todd and Sylar hobbled over to Belkar's position, supporting McCarthy. Before them was an enormous neon archway, leading into an inner chamber.

"There's stuff in there!" Belkar proclaimed, glancing inside. "Looks like... Health Potions and lots of high-level magic items... whoa..."

The Halfling leapt towards the archway--and then bounced backward ungracefully, landing on his head. "OW. Damn it, what the hell?"


"Ohhh, man, we came so close..." moaned Belkar.

A camera mounted on a robotic arm extended itself from the wall and scanned each one of them in turn. "CLEARED INDIVIDUAL CONFIRMED. THREE ASSOCIATES ALSO CLEARED TO PROCEED."

"We'd better run for it while we still have--wait, what?!"

There was a popping-fizzling noise, and it was as though a plastic sheen had been removed from the archway. Suddenly the room inside was slightly clearer.


September 17th, 2008, 06:09 PM
Todd could do nothing but watch in fascination as the strange device move completely of its own accord. Having only a small amount of knowledge in the ways of mechanics, it really didn't seem possible.
"Who did that voice come from?" he asked, looking around for another person. "I don't see any other people in the area. Even if someone else were there, what they said didn't make any sense."

September 17th, 2008, 11:31 PM
(I have my doubts that Bloodshot will ever return to the game, so I am taking a liberty and officially changing the Joker's continuity to that of The Dark Knight. This means that his skin is white with makeup instead of permanent bleaching, and that he has distinctive scars on the sides of his mouth. Just letting everyone know.)

Belkar glanced around, looking at each member of his shaky 'team.'

"Oh, it makes sense all right," Belkar frowned. "It means that one of you three is a double agent. One of you is posing as a prisoner to bring the rest of us in. Whichever one of you it is, you'd better pray I don't find out."

Then Belkar's attention suddenly shifted violently back to the chamber. "Oooh, tanglefoot bags! And a Ring of Maximized Spell Resistance... hell yes!"

Slightly befuddled, the three other escapees stepped into the room.

"Hey, check it out," Belkar pointed. "Some of these have names on them."

The Halfling opened a drawer and found a pair of Colt 1911s, marked with tags labelled "Dwight McCarthy."

"Guess we'd better take these," Belkar noted. "And... uh, hey, you said your name was 'Todd'?"

Belkar pointed to another drawer, this one full of silvery straight-edged razors.

"These look familiar?"

September 18th, 2008, 03:49 AM
(CM, everything he knows is stuff that he inferred from other characters. Belkar mentioned "the Corporation" and that's because he heard that name during his imprisonment... he knows the names because we told him ours.)

(right, sorry)

Sylar glanced around. not to his surprise, he didnt find anything that had his name on it. Sylar laid down McCarthy onto the floor. "we should be fine for now, everything in here is a weapon of sorts. we should be able to defend ourselves quite well in here." Sylar said, looking around the room at the uncountable number of weapons available.

September 18th, 2008, 06:31 PM
"Ah yes." Todd whispered as he walked over to the drawer. Taking out one of the razors, he flipped out the blade and held it up to the light. Such a beautiful sight brought back memories of happiness and his family. Putting razor and one more in the special cases on either side of his trousers, he placed the other five in various pockets on his trousers and jacket. He wasn't quite used to carrying all of his blades at once, Todd took a moment to adjust to the extra weight. Checking a few more drawers, he found a strange looking pistol.

"Would either of you gentlemen happen to know how to use this?" he asked, holding the gun up for them to see. "I have used a firearm before, but I have never seen one as strange as this."

September 19th, 2008, 02:53 AM
Sylar wondered where this man was from. not only did he find it strange that the technology moved by itself, but he didnt know how to use an ordinary pistol. Sylar then pointed at the handle. "thats where you hold it from." then Sylar pointed at trigger. "and thats what you pull. if thats too complicated for you, then maybe you shouldn't use it." Sylar said in a rather annoyed tone.

September 19th, 2008, 10:00 AM
The Fear's head was searing with pain, every inch of his body felt like it had been subjected to just about every form of torcher known to him. His skin felt like it had been burned, his bones shattered and repaired, and his muscles stretched beyond their limits. Not only that, but his head felt like it had been smashed into several pieces, and been crudely put back in place and welded back into place. Though The Fear found this almost impossible, he couldn't keep focussed long enough to figure anything out, and only the pain was remaining in his mind.

His vision was blurry, but he could hear a voice talking. He couldn't remember anything that had just happened.

"Wha-" He began before resigning to a fit of coughing "What are you doing to me? I've... I've never felt so much pain"

After a pause in which he composed himself as best he could, he began pulling weakly on the chains that bound him to the wall.

"Nobody ever does this sort of thing unless they want something" The Fear wheezed "What do you want with me?"

September 19th, 2008, 03:25 PM
(Varth, I just realized that Saruman has been refering to Bellatrix by her name for a while now.)

Bellatrix was impressed, although she took care not to show it.

“Do you think that our weapons are downstairs?” Bellatrix asked. Radagast nodded. “That’s all I needed to know,” she said.

After all, if I really have to get upstairs again, I could probably just repair the staircase or something, Bellatrix thought as she sat on the edge of the hole and prepared to drop. It isn’t far, but considering my luck so far, I’ll probably break a leg.

Bellatrix dropped, and managed not to break anything.

“Which way do we go?” Bellatrix asked when Radagast had joined her.

September 19th, 2008, 03:47 PM
(Varth, I just realized that Saruman has been refering to Bellatrix by her name for a while now.)

(That's because I'm a third-person omniscient narrator, not because Saruman is on first-name terms with her.)

September 19th, 2008, 03:50 PM
(third-person omniscient narrator)

(New custom title maybe?)

September 19th, 2008, 03:53 PM
"I told you I knew how to use a firearm, I was asking if you did." Todd growled, snapping the weapon away from Sylar. Pointing it away from all of them, he pulled the trigger. Seeing that nothing happened, he turned back to Sylar. "It doesn't work, and even if it did, I don't see any means of reloading it." he said, holding it up for them to see. Even though Todd had only known these new people for a short amount of time, he had already started forming his opinions of them. Two of them, at least.

September 20th, 2008, 11:46 PM
(Sorry for the slow updates lately, guys... I've been busy with a combo of schoolwork and making the second official AYKF trailer, which is now complete thanks to many days of sleepless work. It is longer, better, and just generally awesome-r than the original; however I can't put it up publicly on YouTube just yet because it contains a spoiler. But that spoiler is going to be revealed officially in the RP soon so I will release the new trailer after that.)

(I had a long post prepared tidying up some loose ends, but unfortunately I had a fit of stupidity and forgot to make a backup copy in MS Word before writing it on the forum... and sure enough, somebody accidentally closed the FireFox window on my computer and I lost all of it. :P To quote Vic, "Irony can go sod off!")

(I'll rewrite it sometime tomorrow, but I gtg to bed now. C u guys l8r)

September 21st, 2008, 01:00 PM
(lol, s'alright varth, keep up the good work :thumbsup:)

Sylar looked at the weapon, sure enough, it had the safety clip on, Sylar just clicked the safety off. "Most people dont know about the safety clip, i had some trouble with my own gun for a while before i figured it out as well." Sylar said, he didnt seem to be an expert with technology, but sure enough he seemed to be able to handle himself. "as for the reloading, theres a button on the side of the handle (right?) which," Sylar pressed the button, and the magazine popped out from underneath. "releases the bullets so you can reload, but to reload you need another magazine." Sylar took a magazine from the table. "care to give it a go?"

September 21st, 2008, 02:34 PM
<We want THE NEWBORN,> hissed the intrusive voice in the Fear's mind. <WHERE IS THE NEWBORN?! HOW DID YOU GET IN HERE AND HOW DID YOU STEAL-->

There was a fizzing noise, and a popping sound, and what sounded like a death rattle. Then a new voice came in.

<Testing, testing, 1 2 3,> said a familiar voice. <Hey, it's an old pal of mine! Fear, buddy, I haven't seen you since Hector was manipulating you into workin' for him. Looks like he hasn't been doin' you any favors since then, huh?>

The Joker. What was he doing here? How was this possible?


"The walls of this building meet at right angles," Saruman said. "That means that its foundations are square-shaped. They can't support much weight naturally so it is either aided by arcane means or it is very short. In either case there are strategic options for the storage of weapons... if our weapons have not been destroyed."

Bellatrix looked a bit worried at that last bit.

"I--that is, we had prisoners at our tower once. The Tower of Orthanc. Impenetrable unless you can fly, and it turns out that one of our prisoners could. We had to take a sword and staff from him... and if I had built this place I know where I would put them..."

"Did he escape?"

"Yes. But so have we. I think we can assume that the security here will be equally lax."

Saruman headed off down one corridor, waiting to see if Bellatrix would follow.


"He guessed," chuckled Goldeye. "He can't have really gotten the right direction on pure skill. Not that it matters; makes things easier for us. Six escapees in one fell swoop! And here I was, thinking we would win this fight with brute force."

"What if they don't take the bait? What if they see?" whispered Azure.

"McCarthy would see. But he's out for the count. And even if they knew, only Sylar would be able to prevent it... and he's out for the count too, thanks to Haiti."

"Sylar en't dangerous 'cuz of 'is power," Haiti warned. "It's 'is deviousness. 'is malice."

"All the deviousness in the world won't help him now, Haiti. They're hooked. All we have to do... is reel them in."

September 21st, 2008, 03:15 PM
The Fear recognized the voice and looked around the room, amazed.

"Joker!?" He gasped "Where are you, how did y- no never mind that, get me out of this place. I don't know what they're doing to me but when i come too it hurts like hell. You have to help me!"

September 21st, 2008, 04:48 PM
<Well, see, th'problem there is that I'm nowhere near you right now,> said the Joker. <I authorized an illegal wiretap on the Corporation's own personal psychic hotline and now here I am! The boys and me broke in here to raid their little unlicensed pharmacy, but what are YOU doing here? Nothin' too pleasant or you wouldn't sound in the condition you're in.>

September 22nd, 2008, 01:44 AM
"Hector sent me down here to do... something" He tried to clear his head "I had to destroy some teleporter field i think. This big ball of tentacles calling it's self Patrick started talking to me and before i knew it i was in here being tortured. They keep yelling something about a 'newborn'. Any help would be greatly appreciated i assure you."

September 22nd, 2008, 04:48 PM
"Hmm, it is very different from any pistol I've ever seen." Todd said, turning the gun over in his hands to look at the various parts of it. "Correct me if I'm wrong, but before I can fire this I have to turn the...safety was it?" he asked, switching it on and then off again. Pressing the button that released the magazine, he switched it with the one on the table. "Then all I have to do now is insert this in the gun and I can fire it like any other?" he asked. Sweeney really hated relying on this Sylar character to teach him how to use such a powerful weapon, but right now he seemed to be the only one who knew how.

September 22nd, 2008, 05:01 PM
“We are almost there,” Radagast said after a few minutes. “Our weapons should be around that corner.”

My wand, Bellatrix thought fighting the urge to speed up. I’ll have my wand back.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a loud bang from the direction that Radagast had indicated.

“I see you’ve got the basic idea,” said a man’s voice from the direction of the bang. Bellatrix signaled Radagast to be quiet and peered around the corner.

There were three men, none of them facing Bellatrix. One was on the floor; another had black hair with a white streak and was holding a weapon. The younger man next to him also had black hair, but it was shorter, and he appeared unarmed. All three were dressed in muggle clothes.

Bellatrix’s hand gripped her dagger as the spotted a fourth figure: a free house elf. Pathetic creature.

But what is it doing here? Bellatrix wondered. For that matter, why are the muggles here? I could easily kill any of them from here, but then I’d be unarmed.

Bellatrix turned back to Radagast to share her observations.

September 22nd, 2008, 05:12 PM
For a while, there was silence.

Then, there was a click, and the Fear's chains unlocked.

<Did that work? This takes some gettin' used to,> came the Joker's voice.


Dear Die-ary,

I think something's wrong with the Wall. Like it's sick, or... had a stroke. It's not acting normally. I gave it a double ration but I don't think it helped.

I've started making new tools from the weapons that the guards carry and the equipment from the Terminal. It's a good way to take my mind off of... well, everything, really. Trying to get my head around what Hector's told us, that the Corporation brought us here to get rid of all the bad stuff in the universe. I talked about it with Nail Bunny. He thinks that Hector's right, that the Corporation doesn't have the right to take such extreme measures... I don't really know anymore.

I know what Eff would say. He'd want me to just kill all the others and then go find the Corporation food stores to raid them for ice cream. And D-Boy... I don't know, he might want me to turn myself in... that seems like a a good way to get me killed, after all.

I'm rigging up the moving parts of the machines around the Terminal to make new devices for the guards that keep coming. Maybe when I get some paper I can start drawing some Happy Noodle Boy comics again... It's starting to seem more like home every minute.

I wonder if that's a good thing or not.

Johnny C.


"GIVE... IT... BACK!"

The Corinthian flailed in a writhing mass of tentacles, jaws, and spines. The Wallbeast was appalled by his attack, not so much because of the little nightmare's audacity and courage in taking on such an enormously powerful foe as because he actually seemed to be winning.

"I told you I was going to get it back, now it's time to pay!" growled the Corinthian. "Cough it up!"

The Wallbeast had no definite head to shake in dissent, so it merely swept the Corinthian away with a swipe of its tentacles. The nightmare merely sprang back up and dug his knife into the Wallbeast's flesh, then swung up to grab a tentacle and move higher, using the knife like a climbing pick.

"Where is it?" demanded the Corinthian. "I can feel it throbbing around in here somewhere."

The Wallbeast roared its denial. The Corinthian's soul-shard was a part of it now.

"The annoying thing here is that you have no throat to throttle," the Corinthian sighed. "Oh well. I'll just have to keep picking around until I find it, then, won't I? Keep in mind that you can end this whenever you like."


Belkar sat down with his newly-acquired magic items and watched Sylar and Todd discussing the mechanics of the firearm.

"Ok, let's put our heads together here," Belkar said. "I don't understand this at all, but... it's almost like you guys don't operate on a stat system. Or a hit point system. Am I right? Because that could significantly change the way the playing field works if that's true."


Saruman had difficulty understanding what Bellatrix meant, mostly due to one word that had no meaning to him.