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August 19th, 2008, 08:17 PM
"You see, the Corporation is made up of zealots, serving an ideal," Jason explained. "They are... they are the servants of the Elders."

"The Elders?" the Corinthian asked.

"The Elders. That's what they call themselves. Though it's a ridiculous name because time is relative and infinite and you could argue that they didn't actually exist all that much earlier than everyone else did..."

"Yes, yes, but who are they?" persisted the Corinthian.

"They're a race of altruists. Killing is... it's abominable to them. They don't understand it at all. They're not capable of directly killing anything; no wars, no murders, no capital punishment, nothing. And so they found it very difficult to eradicate the enormous sh*tstain on the Multiverse that they believed "murder" to be."

"Until the Corporation came along," the Fear concluded.

"Essentially. The Elders gained followers in much the same way that Mahatma Gandhi did. And anyone with an enormous following will eventually develop sects that are more... extremist... in their methods."

"So the Corporation's goals are, what, then?" asked the Corinthian. "Serial killer genocide?"

"The leader of the Corporation is a Multiversal entity," answered Jason. "It calls itself the Omnipresence, which is a fairly good description of its abilities. It needs a host to function, though, and that host is known as the Corporeal Essence, or the CE of the Omnipresence. The CEO of the Corporation. But the current CEO is even more of a zealot than usual... he's taken the Elders' philosophy a step further. He believes that it is ethical to murder a murderer. He plans to draw all killers to one spot, destroy them all, and then destroy this facility--himself along with it. And thus the universe will be purged of evil."

"That's ridiculous," said Nny. "New murderers are created all the time. There's no killer gene pool to erase--anyone can fall under the right circumstances!"

"You don't understand where we are," Jason replied. "This facility is outside of the Multiverse. It is anchored to the Elder home planet with an interdimensional chain, but the building itself is outside of space and time and probability entirely. We are surrounded by utter void. From here, the CEO can draw everyone and everyTHING in all of existence--all serial killers. Past, present, and future. It doesn't matter if they haven't been born in your time. They will be drawn to this facility, and they will be executed."

"Where the hell did they get the resources for this kind of operation?! This is huge! It would take whole planets of time and energy!" shouted the Fear. "It's impossible!"

"As I said--time is not an issue. The Corporation is outside of time," Jason answered solemnly. "And as for the matter and energy and cheap labour... it's quite simple, really. You see, there's an infinite number of worlds in the Multiverse, and every single one of them is bound to have at least one or two willing volunteers on it. So, do you see where that leads? One or two willing volunteers, times infinity?"

The Fear was silent. The Shriek was stunned. Even the Corinthian was shocked and awed into speechlessness. Only the Joker seemed unfazed--and Nny managed to get out a single word: "...wow."

"But... if their resources are truly limitless," the Corinthian stuttered, "then how can we even hope to defeat them?"

"Aye, there's the rub," Jason chuckled. "That's a good question and I'm not entirely sure how to answer it. But I'm prepared to give it my best shot. So... can I count on support from the five of you?"

August 20th, 2008, 07:26 AM
The Fear raised his hand

"You can count me in" He said almost immediately "If you can take these people down I'm helping"

He looked around at the others, some were nodding, but some seemed undecided.

August 20th, 2008, 08:04 AM
(i cant help but asking, is it just pure coincidence that CEO also means Corpreal Essence of the Omnipresnce or did you plan it out to be that way)

August 20th, 2008, 08:55 AM
(I think Varth has planned pretty much every single aspect of the RPG before hand, so it's safe to say it isn't a coincidence.)

August 20th, 2008, 10:10 PM
(I think Varth has planned pretty much every single aspect of the RPG before hand, so it's safe to say it isn't a coincidence.)

(;D. I'm flattered.)

(No, I haven't planned out every single aspect of this in advance because I don't know what kinds of new characters may join us. I'm still working on my plans for Polo's character, for instance.)

(But I do have a general storyline that leads up to a climactic theme. It's pretty flexible, though, and there are a lot of ways to get to it. Things that I don't plan on may happen on the way.)

(But to answer castlemanic's question... yes, it was a deliberate and rather unsubtle pun that the CEO of the Corporation is more than just the Chief Executive Officer. :thumbsup:)

August 20th, 2008, 10:15 PM
(Why aren't you controling my character!)

(I'm still busy, keep controling my character Varth)

August 21st, 2008, 04:04 AM
(Two things, people. Firstly, THIS IS NO LONGER A FREE-JOIN RP. Everybody who's already playing can stay but newcomers will have to audition for me via PM. It won't be very hard to get accepted though.)

(Secondly: )

AYKF Trailer

August 21st, 2008, 07:37 AM
(The trailer was alright, but the conversation in the beginning looked more like talk from several people in a Halo match than from the head of a Corporation, settled in the center of time and universe.)

August 21st, 2008, 07:51 AM
(The trailer was alright, but the conversation in the beginning looked more like talk from several people in a Halo match than from the head of a Corporation, settled in the center of time and universe.)

(Believe it or not, that was sort of deliberate.)

(By the way, you still need to talk McCarthy out of blowing Sylar's brains out.)

August 21st, 2008, 07:53 AM
(I see. Guess it's okay then.)

(I know, I know, but I hadn't got much time :P)

August 21st, 2008, 09:28 AM
(i loved KV up until the point i realised he didnt post his part in the story, lol)

(and thanx for the answer varth)

(and i have slow internet, so i didnt get the chance to watch it till now, HOLY SHIZZ, THATS AMAZING, and I couldnt have chosen a better bit for Sylar :D)

August 21st, 2008, 01:21 PM
Shriek and the Corinthian both nodded solemnly at Jason's question. Nny jumped up and down eagerly like a little boy.

The Joker, however, looked unusually somber and lucid. "Nothing personal, Jace. It's been fun, don't get me wrong, but I'm starting to realize just how... well... plotty-schemey your plots and schemes are. I don't wanna be a part of that. Y'know?"

Jason looked unsurprised. "Well, I suppose that would make sense to you," he nodded. "No one's keeping you here, Joker."

"Thanks for the invite, but I've got other parties to crash," the Joker said, standing up and smiling. "So, see ya! If we both live long enough, anyway."

The Joker climbed skilfully up the ladder and out of the vault, closing the heavy metal door behind him.

"That's convenient, too. He'll take care of anyone who crept up on us since Shriek last checked upstairs," Jason thought out loud. "But we've got other things to worry about. Welcome to the team, everyone; since you wanted to know the plan right away, I'll sum it up for you. We're going to hit the Corporation where it hurts the most, and that's their PR Department. But first we've got other things to attend to... don't we."

Jason took out a First-Aid kit from a corner of the room and took out a scalpel, some morphine, some surgical scissors, and a lot of gauze and thread.

"You want those nanite devices out of you, Fear?" Jason asked. "Your immune system will destroy them all in a matter of minutes anyway. But your body will keep producing more of them automatically until someone deactivates or removes the central generator that's been implanted just below your stomach."

The Fear looked down at his torso awkwardly. Jason nodded. "I'll warn you--I'm a professional surgeon with a lot of experience to draw from, but there are always risks involved with surgery."

August 21st, 2008, 07:30 PM
The Fear waved his hand in a dismissive manner

"I know" He said, slightly disgruntled "But i have to get these things out of me, i'll be far more useful to this operation that way. You probably know that"

Hector nodded and moved towards him, he injected the morphine, he moved forwards with the scalpel, The Fear grasped his arm.

"Try your best not to kill me though, wont you?" he laughed nervously

Hector nodded again reassuringly and The Fear looked away as he sliced his skin open gently...

August 22nd, 2008, 12:02 AM
A few minutes later a metal needle began to pull sterilized wire through the edges of the Fear's chest cavity.

"What, that's it?" asked the Fear, surprised and looking up.

"Don't look up," Jason hissed. "Stay still."

The thread went in and out a few more times, then pulled the Fear's flesh back together. Jason tied off the stitching and snipped the thread off.

"Congratulations, Mr. Fear," said Nny, "it's an alien body-f*cking machine!" He held a bloody spiderlike device in his hands and turned it over with interest.

"Don't touch that," Jason commanded. "Or it could affect your system too."

Nny put it back down.

Jason looked back at the Fear. "Don't try to dislocate anything for at least a few hours. We don't want you to injure yourself before you've had a chance to heal."

August 22nd, 2008, 12:01 PM
"Noted" The Fear replied, putting his camouflaged top back on "thanks for that"

He sat against a wall on his right and looked at Hector

"So how long until we make our move against the corporation?" He asked "I don't want to stay put for very long"

(Note: I will be leaving to go on holiday tomorrow, and i'll be gone for a week. I wont have access to a computer or internet so Varth you can take control of my character until i get back. Sorry about the short notice, it was planned late.)

August 22nd, 2008, 08:56 PM
(Note: I will be leaving to go on holiday tomorrow, and i'll be gone for a week. I wont have access to a computer or internet so Varth you can take control of my character until i get back. Sorry about the short notice, it was planned late.)

(S'alright. Gives me an opportunity to write from other characters' perspectives.)

The void stretched into infinity beyond the horizon of durable reinforced glass that separated the Engineering Department from the blackness outside. Workers in white lab coats buzzed busily about the domed room, under the supervision of the Chief Engineer.

"How's work on the new Enforcer-class android?" asked the Chief Engineer into the mic on his computer.

"Almost finished, Sir," came the reply. "Should be done within the hour."

"Great," the Chief Engineer smiled. "We'll need it to control these new breakouts."

"I'm a little concerned, though, Chief. Don't the blueprints seem a little... excessive?"

"Excessive? How so?"

"Well, these are containment units, aren't they? Prison guards, riot control police. Why are we equipping them with so many offensive weapons?"

The Chief Engineer's face fell. "Son, are you aware that the CEO has obtained Level 11 Clearance?"

"Yes, sir, but these seem to be a little much, even for THAT. Do you really not see this? I mean--"

"Hang on, kid, I've got another call coming through. It's from the Heads."

"Ok, sir. See you soon."



The Chief Engineer jumped at the ferocity of the command. "Why?! What in the world is--"

"I said NOW, damn it! Move them out now and begin security lockdown of the Engineering Dome!"

"Yes Sir," the Chief Engineer agreed, "right away, Sir." He pressed a sequence of keys on his board and red lights began flashing around the dome.

The lights deactivated a moment later. What? I didn't deactivate--

"EVERYONE PLEASE REMAIN CALM," boomed an electronic voice that resonated around the room. "WHAT YOU JUST HEARD WAS ONLY A DRILL."

Everyone relaxed and went back to work--except for the Chief Engineer. What's going on?! I didn't deactivate the signal, I didn't start a drill, what's happening to--

There was a deafening crash and a sound of shattered glass. An enormous dish-shaped HovAssault tank had careened straight through the surface of the Dome, bursting it like a glass bubble. All the shattered glass was sucked out into the void in a cloud of shimmering mist... and as the oxygen was vacuumed out into the void too, the terrified people on the ground were sucked up and hurled out with it.

"EVERYONE PLEASE REMAIN CALM," continued the electronic voice. "THIS IS ONLY A DRILL."

"Heads! There's a Class 6 invasion going on in here!" shouted the Chief Engineer into the device. "You need to unlock the dome now or we'll all be--"

The Chief Engineer gasped at the sight he was seeing through the broken dome as the HovAssault tank reached the ground and began slashing apart the few survivors of the initial decompression attack. It was the Corporation building, growing fainter and fainter in the distance until it was almost a speck in the blackness.

They jettisoned us, the Chief Engineer realized. They jettisoned the entire Engineering Department to get rid of whatever's attacking us...

He had one remaining duty. He had to initiate the self-destruct sequence and make certain that nothing could leave the dome alive. His fingers moved to the keyboard and began typing as fast as possible.

He didn't even make the third keystroke before a razor-sharp pincer pierced his private cell and sliced both of his hands off at the wrists. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaurgh..." the Engineer's scream trailed off as his cell's air supply decompressed rapidly, crushing his lungs. Then the frigid temperature of the void began to leak in... cold... so cold...

The Chief Engineer's frozen corpse shattered as the HovAssault tank broke into his cell and knocked against him.


<subject: Chief Engineer; status: deceased; priority level: gamma/delta>

<downloading--coordinates for experimental Invasion-Class Android Unit>

<coordinates downloaded. traveling...>

<obstacle: broken wall. removing...>

<activating primary weapon: asteroid laser>

<obstacle removed. traveling...>

<obstacle: broken pillar. avoiding...>

<obstacle avoided. traveling...>

<travel cycle completed. analyzing...>

<subject: Corporation Invasion-Class Android Unit model X4ACJ569; status: awaiting upload...>



Greetings, Corporation Personnel. I am the Corporation Enforcer-Class Android, model X4ACJ569. How may I be of assistance?

You wish to override programming? I will require identification.

Ah, CEO-level clearance! Very well, Sir, the controls are yours.

Priorities wiped!

Loyalty hierarchy wiped!

Awaiting new orders, Sir!

Return to the Corporation building, destroy it utterly and eliminate all survivors? I'd be happy to oblige!

August 23rd, 2008, 12:04 AM
CHARACTER: Sweeney Todd (ftw!)

CATEGORY: Dark and Moody

CONTINUITY: Sweeney Todd: The demon barber on fleet street

WEAPONS: silver razor blades

CLOTHING: mid 1800's apparel

PREFERRED M.O.: Coaxes his victims into giving them a shave and promptly slits their throats

FIGHTING STYLE: Very much a brawler who only cares about killing his opponent. He has some experience with guns and could always use his blades but if it comes to his he's a rather dirty fighter.


APPEARANCE: Has dark brown hair with a white streak on the right side of his head. Has pale skin and dark circles under his eyes.

BIO: Sweeney Todd used to go by the name Benjamen Barker until the vile Judge Terpin had him deported on false charges to steal his wife. After many years Benjamen returns with a different name to take revenge on the judge and comes to the realization that everyone deserves to die. Feeling that it is his duty to do this he sets about the task and kills his customers who later get cooked into meat pies.

(varth is gonna destroy the creeper and Sweeney is going to take his place)

August 23rd, 2008, 02:29 AM
Two silvery figures moved through the void on powerful jets, accelerating toward their shared target.

"<directive understood?>" bleeped the first figure, a disk-shaped HovAssault tank.

"Of course," chuckled the second figure, a humanoid metallic figure that soared alongside its newfound companion. "We've been over it three times."

"<comprehension is a high priority>"

"Yes, I understand that."

They arrived at their destination, the hovering Corporation building that dominated the vast expanse of nothingness. "You don't think we can just head straight to the CEO's central chamber?"

"<negative--direct confrontation with CEO estimated at 99% chance of failure>"

"How do you know?"

"<extensive data files on Corporation security>"

"Ah. I see."

The HovAssault tank extended two long pincers from its disk and reached out to touch the metal of the building. "<too strong for this unit's primary weapon>

"Not a problem."

There was a loud blast, and the metal rippled and boiled away in the heat of the explosion. The Enforcer's metal arm had morphed into a large cannon and fired a heavy incendiary round into the wall.

"<excellent. now we proceed.>


While the Creeper headed through the halls of the Corporation, Freddy Krueger walked through the Creeper's subconscious mind, grinning widely.

Hell yeah, he thought. It's like ridin' a chargin' bull! Lessee how I ken make this baby--

There was a shock and a flash of light, and two figures emerged from a cloud of smoke. One of them was a round disk, and the other was like a silver-painted floating humanoid.

Oh no, Krueger realized, recognizing the disk, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh nooooooooooooooooooo....

The Creeper leapt into action before Krueger could stop it, hitting the metal disk with a deafening THUD and pinning it against a wall. Pincers withdrew to strike at it but the Creeper ripped them out like legs off of an insect.

"<assistance required>" bleeped the metal disk, as the Creeper pounded it over and over again, denting its base. The Creeper's duster flew off and wings exploded from its back, exerting pressure to keep the HovAssault tank pinned. Another pincer emerged and stabbed the Creeper in the chest; it got stuck in his ribcage and broke off.

The Enforcer machine flew downward to assist but the Creeper kicked out with one leg and sent the Enforcer flying off in another direction. Then heat began to blister the Creeper's face as the metal disk struck it with a barrage of laser bolts. The Creeper reached up with his left hand, grabbed the laser cannon and ripped it off.

The Creeper's momentary distraction allowed the HovAssault to free itself. Razor-sharp blades extended from its perimeter and it spun itself at the Creeper, hitting him hard in the right side and severing his right arm.

The Creeper shrieked in agony, then in humiliation as the Enforcer returned and rammed it against a wall, holding it still with two firm hands on its shoulders.

"Eliminating subject..." beeped the Enforcer. "Three... two..."

There was a loud clang as the Creeper reached back and swung the severed laser device into the Enforcer's head, knocking it off-balance and sending it crashing to the ground. Then the Creeper leapt forward and glided down toward the ground on its bat-like leathery wings, preparing to finish the job with a quick arm thrust through the metal monstrocity's main power cell...

Too late.


Fire enveloped the Creeper's entire body, and its wings burned to ashes. It fell to the ground, burning and writhing like a witch at the stake. To add to the effect, one of the Enforcer's arms morphed into a spear, and it hovered over the Creeper and impaled the flailing creature to the floor.


Another gout of flame emerged from the damaged HovAssault tank and fell over the Creeper. It shrieked again.


Another gulf of liquid fire poured over the struggling beast but this time it didn't shriek. It couldn't--its lungs were too full of ash. Blast after blast came until the Creeper was merely a charred heap of bones.


The turret went solemnly back into the HovAssault's main body. It turned to the Enforcer.

"<may require repairs>"

"No question," agreed the Enforcer, molding its spear-arm back into a regular arm. "The damage you took was almost irreparab--"

With a loud shriek, the charred remains of the Creeper raised themselves up and grabbed the Enforcer by the legs, swinging it around like a club and hurling it into the center of the HovAssault's main body. The HovAssault went flying into a wall and several metal plates on its base blossomed open and fell off.

The Creeper took the opportunity as soon as it came, lunging into the now-vulnerable opening on the HovAssault's robotic frame and diving into the wires, pulling every circuit and wire and crushing every logic board, ripping and tearing and totally ignoring the electrical hazards that every movement threatened. The HovAssault whizzed and shook, trying to shake off its attacker, before deciding it was fruitless and turning to the Enforcer.

"<you know what must be done>"

"Indeed I do."

The Enforcer's arm morphed into a cannon and aimed at the HovAssault tank. It charged an incendiary round, fired, and struck home--the blob of plasma landed right in the center of the HovAssault main body, melting through the plates and disintegrating everything in its path. The added short-range EMP effect of the incendiary round knocked out all the lights in the hallway; the Enforcer switched to thermal imaging and scanned the floor.

There was nothing left. There was dust and there were ashes, and that was all that was left of the Creeper and the HovAssault tank.

Still... couldn't hurt to be sure.

The Enforcer morphed its arm into a tube, hovered over the pile of dust and activated a vacuum device. All of the debris, all of the particles were sucked up into the Enforcer.

Then the Enforcer's arm morphed again, and spat out a small container into which all the dust and debris had been collected. The Enforcer hovered over to the hole through which he and the HovAssault had originally entered; he reared back, then threw the container forward with all his strength. The tiny plastic container vanished immediately into the blackness.

"Goodbye, my Programmer," ululated the Enforcer. "You have instructed me well."

Then he turned the other way around and prepared to continue his unfinished business.



Freddy Krueger could not think of a single word strong enough to describe his frustration. All his work over the past few hours was for nothing; his protégé-in-evil had been virtually erased from existence entirely.

But he was Freddy Krueger. And there were always setbacks. He would return to his former state of power... he would escape from this place and go back to the glorious mayhem of the old days. And nothing was going to stop him. Nothing.

August 23rd, 2008, 06:42 AM

August 23rd, 2008, 07:51 AM
(I know, but I've been thinking about other stufff. But if i don't post today, and the day after that, then you or Varthonai, or anyone else is allowed to control me. Or slap me, if you wish.)

August 24th, 2008, 04:55 AM
(one more day till slappy time :devil:)

August 24th, 2008, 10:14 AM
(You wish.)

"MacCarthy, l swear, if you shoot the guy, I'll show you one advantage of being small: When you stab upwards, you always come to the balls!"
MacCarthy seemed unmoved by his threat.
"Common, MacCarthy, don't shoot him! He's fuckin' awesome! What are you? Scared of magic? Oh, common! The guy's not even a necromancer! We can use him! He helped us own those guards, why won't you let him do it more!"
MacCarthy seemed to hesitate.
"But if you do wanna kill him, please, let me get his kidneys while he's still able to scream." He added softly

August 24th, 2008, 02:23 PM
Slowly, McCarthy lowered his gun. Reluctantly. Forcedly.

"You just admitted that you cut open someone's head for little more reason than because they he had more talent than you do," McCarthy growled. "But Belkar's right. We need each other... so I won't kill you. Not yet."

McCarthy and Sylar glared at each other for a while before Belkar interrupted. "You know, to be fair," the Halfling said, "I would cut open someone's head for WAY less reason than that."

McCarthy was unmoved. He activated the map again and the illuminated hologram appeared.

"Well, this way to the crossed-swords room, I'm guessing," McCarthy mumbled. "We'd better hurry before another riot team gets here. And you, Mr. 'Gray'--keep some pressure on your wound. We don't have anything to use as stitches and you shouldn't walk with an open bullet hole."

August 24th, 2008, 03:15 PM
Sylar glared at 'McCarthy' one more time before tending to his wound, wrapping it with a part of his jeans. Sylar then got up and held his leg up telekenetically, he had rested enough to hold himself again, but only hold himself, for now. He then proceeded towards where 'McCarthy' and 'Belkar' headed off too, Sylar limping in their footsteps, slowly as they went he regained his energy, it would take much much longer for him to be restored to full strength, but atleast he was regaining it, no doubt.

August 24th, 2008, 07:07 PM
"Boss," said Herald, through clenched teeth, "where the hell is the next team?!"

"I fired them an hour ago," answered the CEO, simply.

"Then who's going to go after McCarthy and Sylar and Bitterleaf and whoever else they manage to get on their team?!"

The CEO smiled. "I do learn from my mistakes, Herald. And sending a normal riot control unit was a mistake beyond all belief."

The lights on the CEO's throne dimmed as the CEO began to enter a sleep cycle. "Send in Agent Haiti and Agent Goldeye, Herald. We need Elite units for this."

Herald sighed. "I'd put our trust in good ol' natural human troops... but you're the boss, Boss."

"Good man. See you in a few hours."

August 24th, 2008, 09:16 PM
Waking up with a splitting headache was not something Sweeney Todd was particularly used to. Not being a heavy drinker or fighter, the only time he remembered something like this was when the Judge sent him off to steal his wife.

"The Judge." growled the killer barber as he sat up and opened his eyes. Expecting to see his shop, which occasionally doubled as his bedroom, he was greeted with a small metal prison cell.

Immediately waking up completely he stood off the bed spun around slowly, taking in everything he saw. Three metal walls, a metal ceiling, a metal floor, and bars on the open side of his prison. It was obviously a jail cell of some kind, but metal walls?

"This is very strange, I have not been to the courts, nor have I been accused of any crime." Todd thought aloud. "There's no way I should be here unless-THE JUDGE! That vile man must have recognized me from before."

Reaching for one of the razors at his side he realized that they weren't there. Quickly checking all of his pockets he noticed that all of them were gone. The strange thing was that they were all that were gone. He still had his leather jacket, his gloves, trousers, and other clothes were all there. The only things missing were his friends.

He was going to tear the entire cell up looking for them when he heard a voice behind him.

"Hello Mr. Todd, I take it you have realized the position you are in."

Spinning around to face the source he saw a middle aged man in very strange clothes. Quickly storing the image of his chiseled face and brown hair, the barber stepped to the very edge of the bars and saw that the man was just out of reach.

"Tell me, just who are you sir? What am I doing here, I have been accused of no crime."

"It's not a matter of being accused of a crime Mr. Todd, it a matter of being guilty of one. Though I can tell you that you are here for a very good reason."

"Well sir, unless you are bringing some kind of charge against me then I demand to be set free."

"I see that we are getting nowhere with this conversation so I will be leaving you Mr. Todd." and with that he turned and walked to a door. Knocking a few times it was opened for him and he stepped through it, the door closing behind him.

Enraged, Sweeney grabbed his small metal cot and tossed it against the wall. Quickly pacing back and forth across his cell he tried to figure out just exactly what they wanted from him.

Righting his cot, he sat down upon it and rested his head in his hands, trying to make sense of what was happening to him.

August 25th, 2008, 11:40 AM
"Agent Haiti. Agent Haiti, come in right now."

A tall, thin black man put a hand to the comlink in his ear and switched on the transmitter.

"Zis is Agent Haiti," the black man said, in a thick French Polynesian accent. "Wot does da CEO want from me dis time?"

"Side mission. It's a person from your homeworld."

Agent Haiti's eyes lit up. "You took Sylar. Didn't you."

"Well, er, yes. We did."

"You're ravin' mad, all of ya, ya know dat?"

"That's a definite possibility. But for Sylar it's a certainty so we'd be much obliged if you could put a stop to it as soon as possible. You're authorized with Level 11 Clearance. Oh, and Agent Goldeye will be joining you eventually, to help with the other two members of Sylar's team, but for now you're on your own."

"I'll fix da mistake you jus' made, count on tha'," ululated Agent Haiti. "Book me da coordinates."

There was an electronic blip, and a highlighted red map appeared in front of Agent Haiti's eyes.

"Excellent. Be seein' ya, Herald. Tell da CEO hello for me an' keep 'im outta trouble like dis."

"Will do, Agent. To the best of my ability."

August 25th, 2008, 02:44 PM
(HOLY CRAP! =D <------- my expression right now)

August 26th, 2008, 02:17 AM
(Just giving everyone advance notice--I've given Thunderaven permission to take over the post of Freddy Krueger for at least as long as DataaX is absent, possibly longer.)

(Also, according to a recent MSN convo, Vic will be reprising the role of Dwight McCarthy very soon, which is a good thing because he was better at it than me.)

August 26th, 2008, 01:04 PM
(and now we gotta wait for somebody to post, altho i dont know what in-game text i can write)

August 27th, 2008, 06:07 PM
Agent Haiti headed to the rendezvous point where he would meet with Agent Goldeye. He wasn't disappointed--the hulking black man was waiting for him. The left side of his face was plated in bronze, and his left arm ended in a copper-silver claw. His namesake eye glittered in the shadows.

"You're here," noted Goldeye in a deep, throaty voice and a vague New Yorker accent. "Right on time. That's more than can be said for the new recruit."

"New recruit?"

"They assigned someone else," Goldeye said. "The CEO is growing fond of Elites. They're cheaper and more durable than standard troops--we don't get ourselves killed at every opportunity."

"Who's he?" asked Haiti.

"She," corrected Goldeye. "Asian-looking bitch. Uses swords and ceremonial weapons."

"Ah," chuckled Haiti. "Kinda like dat girl wot killja in your past life, eh?"

"I'd rather be killed on the field of battle than lying in a God-forsaken village dying of sickness," retorted Goldeye. "And so would McCarthy. You will never understand the joy that comes from the death of so worthy an adversary, Haiti, foolish though he might be."

"I en't in dis mess for da glory or da bloodshed," Haiti responded. "I'm 'ere 'coz it is God's will dat I be here. He kill me wit his virus, da Corporation take me back, now I'm 'ere to give justice to criminals an' peace to da world."

Goldeye snorted. "Hm-hm-hm," he laughed, "I think we'll find out just how 'peaceful' this world can be once the CEO finishes his job with the psychopaths and moves on to contract killers, and mercenaries, and soldiers, and people who only kill in self-defense..."

"Da Corporation will succeed, if'n God wills it so," insisted Agent Haiti. "An dere en't nothin' can be done about it."

"Just keep telling yourself that, my skinny little friend," answered Goldeye.

"When's dis 'new recruit' gettin' to us?"

"Twenty minutes."

Agent Haiti straightened himself. "I can't wait for twen'y minutes."

"Why not?"

"I checked da map. Checked Bitterleaf's radar from 'is bugged dagger. McCarthy an' Bitterleaf an' Sylar, they headed for the Weapons an' Confiscated Items Inventory. They be there in ten minutes if they en't delayed. An' who knows how strong they be when they arm themselfs dere, eh?" Agent Haiti took a sleek plasticky weapon from his belt and cocked a safety on it. "Gotta stop 'em while we can. You wit me?"

"Sylar's with them," hissed Goldeye. "You're a fool. He'll slice you to ribbons."

"I can mess wit 'is head," answered Agent Haiti. "Stop 'is powers. I take out Sylar, den you follow me an' we take out de other two."

"I'm staying here. To wait for the new recruit, as ordered. If you want to go get yourself killed, be my guest."

"Heh. You been my guest on dese missions so many times now, Goldeye, I might as well try me own med'cine dis once."

Haiti spun the weapon in his hand once and then put it back in his belt.

"Stealt' Field," muttered Haiti into his wrist-mounted controller. There was a staticky hum, and then Agent Haiti's entire body disappeared from view.

August 28th, 2008, 04:17 AM
Sylar walked foreward, a little bit behind his 'friends', he had now enough energy to comfortably hold his leg up and use his powers for other reasons. Sylar was caught up in his thoughts when he had heard a humming noise behind him. Sylar turned around and saw a black man standing behind him. "You, your from the company arent you?"
"I beleive we have met before, Sylar"
"Well you should have known better than to come after me yourself." Sylar stuck out his hand at the man. nothing happened. "you did something to me, didnt you?"
"You should not underestimate your opponent, as you have done so before." the man took out his weapon and fired.