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July 31st, 2008, 04:39 PM
(varth, can i atleast somewhat reply to bitterleafs question?)

July 31st, 2008, 04:41 PM
(varth, can i atleast somewhat reply to bitterleafs question?)

(I guess. We're in the middle of an action scene though, so keep in mind that dialogue costs more here than it would during a calm moment.)

July 31st, 2008, 11:10 PM
Two dark figures were watching the deformed monster through the single window into the room. They were the ones in charge of making sure the prisoner didn't escape.

"My god that thing's hideous." one of the guards said. "Good thing he's stuck behind that window."

"If he had half a mind to, that bastard could make it to us no problem. The only thing keeping him from doing so is my paralyzer chip in his neck." growled the technician.

"Oh come on, anything can be killed with a bullet to the head." Grinned the guard.

"IDIOT! This...this thing can't be killed, believe me it's been tried." the old man had almost had enough of this new whelp when it started waking up.

The first thing that came to mind when the Creeper woke up was that it was not yet time. No, it was much too early for him to be awake. Twenty three years could not have already past him by.

The second thing that he noticed was the fact that he couldn't move any of his limbs. Opening his eyes the cold steel room that contained him was revealed. The only difference in his dark prison was a small window straight in front of him.

Focusing on the two dim individuals he saw a young, fit meal just waiting for him to eat. It had been a while since he had seen such a prime individual. Licking his lips the creeper almost shuddered in ecstasy.

He could have cared less of the old man. His special nose couldn't smell any good organs to be had froom that one. Driving the useless one from his mind, he started thinking of a way to get out. He had to hurry, because he was getting hungry.

August 1st, 2008, 01:48 AM
'what are you talking about? what is this level 12 caster thing?' Sylar said as he held himself where the bruises hurt most.

August 1st, 2008, 12:08 PM
(I'll wait for you now Varth, seeing as i have no idea about the layout of this place.)

August 1st, 2008, 01:24 PM
(is it too late to join? and is it okay that if i can still join then i be nemisis the zombie for res evil?)

(and by res evil i mean the 2nd movie not the game)

August 1st, 2008, 02:05 PM
(Well it's up to Varth, but this is a serial killer RPG, and Nemesis isn't really a serial killer.)

(Oops, forgot, thanks CM)

August 1st, 2008, 02:15 PM
(is it too late to join?)

(For you, yes.)

August 1st, 2008, 02:16 PM
(remember out of RP stuff in brackets wadling, and yeah its up to varth, so wait till hes online to reply)

August 1st, 2008, 04:19 PM
(Check it out, guys, it's the Dramatis Personae title for the novel version that I'll post on DA.)


August 1st, 2008, 04:24 PM

(That is oh so cool Varth)

August 1st, 2008, 04:31 PM
(HOLY CRAP, YOU DID ALL THAT? nice going varth :thumbsup:)

August 1st, 2008, 05:24 PM
Dear Die-ary,

Today I met two new friends. One of them carries a crossbow and the other has a claw with razors on it.

This place is very strange. Very, very strange... I saw a friendly face, though. Mr. Samsa has been following me. I accidentally squished him when I saw him at first because I was afraid he was a demon roach from another dimension. It's ok, though--he'll be back. Mr. Samsa always comes back.

We're camping out in a big open space around a furnace that we found going through the tunnels. The Corinthian says we should get to where we're going soon. I hope he's right.

The Wall is going to get hungry again soon...

The Corinthian came back to the campsite with two arms full of dead rats. All of the rats now had empty eye sockets.

"Successful hunting session," the Corinthian said, dropping the load of rat carcasses to the ground.

He flicked his Swiss Army knife open until he found a good skewering blade, and he stabbed one of the rats through the stomach. Then he took it over to the furnace and began to roast it. "Feel free to help yourselves."

"Eh," said Freddy, dismissively. "I only eat the flesh o' innocent children."

"Really?" asked the Corinthian, turning his rat-kabob in the flames.

"Naw. I don' need to eat anymore t'all. Might try it sometime, though... that's a fine idea right there, eatin' their flesh... never thought about it before..."

Nny looked disgusted. "Ugh, I couldn't possibly eat meat that fresh... it's too full of blood."

"Blood makes it more elegant, Nny," the Corinthian replied, taking his skewer from the fire and biting into the roasted rat's hindquarters. "Mmf. S'a way to return to your roots, y'know? My predecessor was a big fan of bloody killing. Once, during the Great War, he saw a starving little girl in Russia kill and cannibalize her grandfather for his brains. S'true story."

"Well, I hate blood," Nny said prudishly. "Just like I hate piss and sweat and sh*t and spit and all the other sewage of the organism! Just like I detest that f*cking cream filling in a Twinkie!"

The Corinthian shrugged. "Your loss, then."


Nny spotted a cockroach and leapt gleefully after it. "Mr. Samsa's back! How are you today, good sir?"

"Nny, that's not Mr. Samsa, that's just another cockroach. They all look the same."

"Don't be ridiculous!" Nny called back. "That's genetically impossible."

August 1st, 2008, 06:21 PM
The Corinthian offered one of the cooked rats to The Fear, he raised a hand in protest.

"I'd prefer one of the raw ones thanks" He explained "So much time in the forest and you can't stomach cooked food anymore."

The Corinthian nodded and handed over one of the raw rats. The Fear chewed it absentmindedly, every now and again stopping to savor the fresh, musky smells and tastes that came with every new bite of flesh. He lay back and stared up at the ceiling, looking among the wires and cables above him.

He noticed a spider, so tiny and delicate. Crawling along, lonely in the dark. It began spinning a web, and The Fear watched as its creation slowly came into shape, bit by bit. Its web broke and it fell down into the darkness, out of sight.

The Fear frowned and sat back up, he saw Nny eying a bug suspiciously.

"What are you doing this time?" He asked him.

Nny did not turn around or respond in any way, The Fear turned to the Corinthian, but he shook his head.

Things were going pretty well so far, he hoped that it would be some time before the next mishap.

August 1st, 2008, 07:34 PM


Nny and the Fear were sleeping. Freddy and the Corinthian took the full night's watch, on account of their mutual lack of necessity for sleep.



The Corinthian counted the seconds by flicking his knife open and closed again and again. Over and over. They'd both been sleeping for five hours now, by his count.




Freddy scratched his claws through the floor beneath them, leaving noticeable gouges in the metal surface. He looked up and grinned at the Corinthian. My weapon's better than yours, Freddy said without any actual words.



*FWOOSH* *thunk*

Something had caught the Corinthian's attention, something moving. Instinctively he had thrown his knife and hit it spot-on. A fountain of blue spark erupted from its position and movement flowed around it.

He lunged downward and snatched one of the moving objects. It flailed and writhed in his grasp; it was a wriggling machine, spiderlike in shape and four inches in diameter. A tiny plasma screen was mounted on its back.

Dozens more of the little devices were scattering around the tunnel, heading away from the campsite and into the darkness. The electrified remains of the device that the Corinthian had destroyed with his knife continued to vibrate and emit sparks erratically.

"Nny! Fear!" called the Corinthian. "I think we've got something interesting here."

He looked back. They hadn't woken, but Freddy was up and moving.

The Corinthian felt uncomfortable, and got his Swiss Army knife again, ignoring the slight shock of electric thrill as he withdrew it. He called louder. "Fear! Johnny!"

They stirred a little bit. The Fear lifted his head curiously. The Corinthian breathed a sigh of relief.

August 1st, 2008, 08:18 PM
The Fear yawned sleepily, the Corinthian sounded nervous. The Fear took everything into consideration. The Corinthian sounded nervous and was looking at Freddy who was approaching with what looked like newly sharpened claws, the Corinthian had his knife ready.

"Freddy!" The Fear said, Freddy turned around "What's going on?"

He got up and made his way over.

"Oh come off it Fear" Freddy complained "I wasn't doin nothin"

"Then what's the yelling for?"

The Corinthian held up a spider like device with a screen on it.

"What is that?" The Fear asked.

"It's obvious isn't it?" Nny broke in, The Fear jumped as he realized Nny was standing beside him "They're spying on us, watching us, waiting for the right moment before they abduct us!"

The Fear sighed, but he began to think about it.

"You know, he might actually be right" He realized "Maybe these things are spying on us"

August 1st, 2008, 10:08 PM
"Your friend is remarkably apt," said a voice in the plasma screen. "But not "spying" per se, of course... "spying" implies an intent to remain concealed. No such intent exists--I wish to be allies."

Nny thought to himself for a little bit, considering what he'd just heard.

"Er," Nny said, "um. Everyone else hears the spider-thingy talking, right?"


"Alright, then I'm good."

A masked face appeared on the screen. "You may call me Hector," said the masked man. "I know you three already. Johnny C., the Corinthian, and... well, I shan't do you the injustice of naming you in public, shall I, Mr. 'Fear'?"

Freddy looked disgruntled. "Whaddabout me, ya sonuvabitch?! Are ya blind?! Can ya see through those damn peepholes in yer mask?!"

Hector's eyes narrowed. "Unfortunately, I do not trust you, Krueger. Not one bit."

"Whaddayamean?! I'll gut ya like a--"

"Yes, Krueger, thank you for illustrating my point so perfectly," hissed Hector, returning his attention to the others. "As I said--he is not to be trusted. I can help all three of you immensely. You, Fear... I can remove the nanite devices that cripple your movement. Johnny, I can provide a limitless source of blood to keep your monster contained. Corinthian... I can get you back in touch with the Lord Shaper."

The Corinthian can never be stunned, but that moment was one of the closest he ever came to it.

"[I]But," continued Hector, "I refuse to do it if you bring that filth with you when you arrive. I will relay directions to my location as soon as you have ridded yourselves of Krueger. Goodbye."


The image disappeared... and the screen faded to black.

August 1st, 2008, 10:25 PM
The Fear turned, stunned at the others.

"I don't like him" He muttered and then, too quietly for the others to hear "He knows my name?"

Soon everyone was looking at Freddy

"What do we do?" Asked the Corinthian

"Get rid of him" Nny burst out at once "He can get me blood, the wall is turning black, it's drying!"

"I'm not sure" said The Fear, he knew that Freddy could be a liability as well as an asset, but there was something about leaving someone alone and lost that troubled him. After all, Freddy had freed him in the first place, as well as helping him get into the panic room and such.

But then, he also makes a mockery of killing, no respect, nothing. He kills quickly, as if the quicker the better, disgusting. There was also the lingering prospect of having the nanites removed. How he longed to be free to move around as he wished.

He looked at Freddy who was displaying a look of pure fury on his disfigured face. The Fear felt no sympathy for him.

"You're just gonna leave me here!?" Freddy laughed.

"I think so..." Mused The Fear "What're your thoughts Corinthian?"

August 1st, 2008, 10:52 PM
"I say we KEEP Freddy."

Everyone was shocked, including Freddy himself. "WHAT?!"

"Look, I have zero trust in you," said the Corinthian pointedly to Krueger. "But I have NEGATIVE trust in the man we just spoke to. He offered me a chance to speak to my master--the last people who offered me that were the people who put me in this prison in the first place. And now he's trying to split us up?! With no background information for his claims?!"

"Look here," said Nny, in a strangely lucid tone, "Freddy's crazy. And coming from me, that's saying a lot. You kill things, Corinthian--why? Because it's what you were created to do; you're not human, you have your own set of morals to follow, so it's excusable. You kill things too, Fear--because you're good at it. It gives you a sense of purpose. You enjoy scaring people, feeling powerful, and that's a trait that the shitstain of humanity revels in. ME, now, that's a conundrum, isn't it? I kill because of my contempt for humanity, my childish misunderstanding of the world around me, and the demands of the Wall--WHICH YOU KNOW ARE NOT DELUSIONS, Corinthian, since you've seen them yourself. But Freddy Krueger..." Nny gestured at the fuming man, "Freddy is a pathetic human defect that defies all logical moral limits in ways that even I would never dream of! (Heheh, "dream of," get it?) He kills children--and he doesn't do it to fulfill some delusion, or out of disdain for humanity. He does it for FUN."

Nny took a bow. "And that's why I believe that no matter what Hector's motives may be, we should dismember Freddy, drain him of all his blood, and go on alone."

The Corinthian stepped up calmly but defiantly. "If Freddy goes, I go."

Nny thought for a minute again. "You remind me... of someone... who am I thinking of?"

"You give the deciding vote, Fear," said the Corinthian, almost accusingly. "Do we follow a stranger's advice, or do we keep our current ally until we learn more about this 'Hector' fellow?"

August 2nd, 2008, 05:32 AM
The Fear thought it all over. He found that he definitely did not like the idea of being left alone with Nny and his wall. They didn't know anything about this man either, it could be a trap set by the corporation, in which only Freddy stood as a threat.

The Fear looked at the Corinthian "Until we learn more?" He asked, the Corinthian nodded "Alright then, I vote we keep Freddy and don't try to meet up with this guy until we know more about him."

"But what about my blood!?" Nny hissed furiously

"We'll find you some more" the Corinthian sighed "Will these work for now?" He held up a couple of rat carcasses.

"NO!" Screamed Nny "THEY HAVE TO BE HUMAN!"

"I guess" The Fear suggested "We should try and find some blood then?"

August 2nd, 2008, 05:14 PM
Shriek had been thinking and observing for a bit, but now as she was waiting here with Jason she couldn't help but doubting his plan. "A team of people is like hm, family," Shriek mumbled. "...They stick together if there is a leader. Are you sure this will work?"

August 2nd, 2008, 05:15 PM
"Look, logic dictates that this tunnel will eventually lead back to a storage room or something like that, someplace that the metal creature came from," the Corinthian said, scratching his head. "There will probably be guards there. And it can't be much farther."

"What if it IS?" hissed Nny. "Is it worth the risk?"

The Corinthian shook his head. "No, it's not."

"Then why wait? Let's go ahead and--"

"We don't have to wait for more guards, and we don't have to kill Freddy either."

The Corinthian slashed his Swiss Army knife across his open palm. Blood began to flow freely from it. He approached the Wall and pressed his palm to it.

The nightmare could feel a tiny bit of energy being sapped from his spirit as soon as the dream-blood began to trickle down the surface of the Wall. He grunted and kept his silence. This feels different from the other two times... he thought. Was it really you, draining power from me? Or was that something else?

It didn't matter. The Corinthian withdrew his hand and watched the blood on his palm begin to rapidly crust into a scab. It would heal within the next twenty minutes.

"I'll be wanting that back," said the Corinthian to the Wall, sternly. "And I will get it back, one way or another."

The Wall, unsurprisingly, made no response.

"Apparently nightmare blood works just as well as human's, then. Good to know."


Shriek had been thinking and observing for a bit, but now as she was waiting here with Jason she couldn't help but doubting his plan. "A team of people is like hm, family," Shriek mumbled. "...They stick together if there is a leader. Are you sure this will work?"

"As long as we keep Krueger out of the picture, yes," replied Jason. "He'll turn on us at a moment's notice after we've fulfilled our use to him."

Jason typed a command into the keyboard switched to another channel. The CEO's room appeared on the screen again. "YOU," called Jason, attracting the CEO's attention. "You wanted my help getting rid of the virus? Very well, then. I want you to shut down all security protocols on Level 5 right now."

"Done," said the CEO. "You have the floor, my friend. Heh--literally."

"You are to command all troops on Level 5 to stand down and take no action against prisoners."

"Done. Anything else?"

"Not now, but keep in touch," chuckled Jason. "I may have another job for you yet."


"This is getting out of hand, Boss."

"Calm down, Herald," laughed the CEO. "He's playing right into our hands now. He'll never see it coming."

August 2nd, 2008, 06:36 PM
The Fear watched as Nny scuttled over to the wall and began smearing as much of the blood over the wall as possible, covering every inch that he could.

"There, that should be fine" He muttered "For now at least"

"Then lets get going" Said the Corinthian "This place stinks of dead animals" He cast a glance at Freddy.

The group set off down another of the narrow tunnels, ducking under low pipes and stepping over piles of cables. They eventually came to the end of the tunnel.

It opened up onto a long walkway with lights all along the railings. The rest of the room was dark, though several bits of wall jutted out and connected with the walkway every few meters. The Fear could see double doors at the opposite side of the walkway.

"Get a move on will ya!" Freddy shouted, irritated "While we're living" He chuckled.

The Fear jumped down from the tunnel and landed clumsily. The Corinthian landed beside him, followed by Freddy and finally Nny.

"This place is huge" Freddy said, a little too loudly for comfort.

"Shut up" The Corinthian whispered "there could be guards around."

"Good" he answered stubbornly "That place was boring".

The Fear felt uneasy, there was something in this place that wasn't quite right. He walked over to the safety railings that lined the walkway and looked at one of the jutted out walls. There was something large attached to it, two metal lumps.

The Fears eyes widened in horror as he realized what it was. Two large metal harnesses were clamped around two equally huge contraptions. They looked exactly the same as the robot that had attacked them earlier.

"Guys" The Fear whispered, turning to the others "We have to go, quickly, get to the doors."

The others all walked over and saw what the problem was.

"You're right, lets go" the Corinthain agreed.

"For once you're right there" Freddy said quickly.

But Nny seemed to have other plans, his face lit up in a disturbing delight, he was standing furthest away from it but he was had his eyes transfixed on them.

"The UFO'S!" He shouted "This must be where they all come from!'

"Nny come on!" The corinthian urged.

"Don't you see? This is their hub! If we destroy this, the abductions will stop, no more disappearing cows! No more walking through the streets, not knowing whether you're going to start flying into the air in a purple light!"

"We don't have time Nny" the Corinthian moaned desperately.

Suddenly Nny broke into a run, the Corinthian flew forwards and tried to grab him, but to no avail. All he managed was to get a weak hold of his shirt and stretch it a little before he broke free.

The Fear, who was still standing near to the UFO's turned just in time to see the manic expression on Nny's face, and his accompanying fist fly into his nose. He fell backwards, his head hitting the metal floor painfully.

Out of nowhere Freddy pulled Nny back by the collar of his shirt and put both hands around his waist. Nny flailed in rage, he managed to twist in Freddys grip, using his small figure to his advantage. He brought his head forward and connected with his forehead, stunning Freddy. He used this moment to continue his race towards the UFO's.

The Corinthian was several meters behind and couldn't catch up in time. He watched helplessly as Nny jumped onto one of the UFO's.

The metal harnesses on both robots retracted as an alarm sounded. The white lights along the catwalk flashed red and soon all of the other UFO's were emerging.

"NNY!" the Corinthian shouted "What have you done!?"

August 2nd, 2008, 06:49 PM
"You forgot to turn off the HovAssault Autopilot feature," noted Jason, irritatedly.

"Is it a problem?" smiled the CEO.

"Of course not." Jason closed the window and typed another command into the Core terminal. "HOVASSAULT AUTOPILOT, THIS IS CORE COMMAND. ASSUMING MANUAL CONTROL NOW."


Nny shouted gleefully as the machines converged on them--and then suddenly, they all stopped, and began retreating back into their harnesses.

"What just happened?" asked the Corinthian.

"Dunno," said Freddy. "But I know who's RESPONSIBLE!"

Krueger turned one hundred and eighty degrees and slashed Nny's face. Nny jumped back and felt lines of blood drip down his pale cheek.

"Ya almost killed us all, ya stupid bastard! And ya said I was crazy!"

Nny took out two blades to defend himself, and the Corinthian and the Fear moved to pull Freddy away--when a HovAssault tank plowed into Freddy and dragged him off of Nny like a rag doll with its two handling pincers.

"GAH! Gerrimoff! Off!" roared Freddy, beating the machine with his claw and his left hand. "Go back to the pod wit' the rest o' your pals!"

A screenshot of Hector's face appeared on the UFO's surface.

"YOU..." hissed Freddy, "YOU..."

Freddy struggled wildly as the HovAssault dragged him over the edge of the pit and floated above the seemingly-bottomless pit below them.

"Welcome to MY nightmare," hissed Hector, dropping Freddy into the darkness.


The Corinthian watched the HovAssault tank come nearer, and tensed every muscle when Hector's face was still shown on it.

"I think I've solved your little dilemma for you," said Hector smugly. "Would you like to hear my offer now?"

August 3rd, 2008, 04:48 PM
The Fear ran over to the railing where Freddy had disappeared. He heard a scream fading away before stopping suddenly. He continued to stare for a few more moments before turning back to the man on the screen.

"Was that absolutely necessary" He growled "what gives you the right to just kill him like that?"

The robot turned to him and Hectors eyes narrowed.

"It was very necessary Mr.Fear." He explained "it was obvious you were not going to come around to my way of thinking, and you were certainly not going to abandon two of your companions. I deciphered that the best way to solve this problem was to get rid of him myself."

The Fear continued to glare at him but did not say anything more.

"Now" Hector smiled "On to business!"

August 8th, 2008, 11:56 AM
(varth? SPP? victory? anyone?)

August 8th, 2008, 01:59 PM
(varth? SPP? victory? anyone?)

(I'm still here. Just a little busy.)

August 8th, 2008, 03:31 PM
"I like your ways of solving problems Jason. It's always pleasent to see fast paced progress," Shriek commented and smiled.

(She's yours from now on Varth. I'll leave very soon)

August 10th, 2008, 06:40 PM
(Reserving Bellatrix Lestrange. I'll have a profile up as soon as I reread all seven books. Just kidding, hopefully I'll finish it tonight.)

August 10th, 2008, 06:56 PM
(I would like to assert that GonnaWinSomeday's reservation is done with my blessing, in the unlikely event that anyone has a problem with that.)

Hector continued speaking, with a rising assertive tone in his voice.

"I'll guard you and guide you with this machine as far as I can," Hector said, through the voice synthesizer of the HovAssault tank, "but at a certain point, circumstances may make it impossible for me to continue. So I will print you a backup copy just in case."

There was a buzzing noise, and a sheet of paper was ejected from the side of the tank. Nny watched in awe. "A UFO... that craps paper," he oohed, in a small voice. "This really IS a brave new world!"

The Corinthian snatched the sheet of paper as it drifted downward and glanced at it.


"Whose idea was it to install printers into an assault vehicle?" the Corinthian barked.

"Mine, actually," said Hector, chuckling to himself. "So what say you?"

August 11th, 2008, 02:02 PM
CHARACTER: Bellatrix Lestrange

CATEGORY: Homicidal Girl / F*cking Insane

CONTINUITY: Harry Potter Franchise


CLOTHING: Death Eater's cloak and hood, or just general ragged black things.

PREFERRED M.O.: Avada Kedavra

FIGHTING STYLE: Dueling, an affinity for the Cruciatus Curse


APPEARANCE: Tall with a guant, skull-like face, dark, heavy-lidded eyes, and long black hair.


BIO: Bella is an expert in the Dark Arts and an skilled duelist, both thanks to training from Lord Voldemort. The Dark Lord is also her one weakness, as he is her only love. She holds anyone with Muggle blood in extreme contempt, and never hesitates to kill anyone; family, friend, or complete stranger.