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November 21st, 2008, 02:54 PM
Ok... Time for another post.

Cruella donned the guard's outfit and found that it fit her quite well. A much needed pocket of serendipity in a well of pain.

She walked out of her cell and realized exactly how screwed she was. She was in the middle of a huge tunnel, flanked by hundreds of inmates (hook handed pirates, lions with scars, ect). In a while, other guards would come by, and it would be toss up if they would recognize her or not.

She headed left.

She walked down the lonely corridor, and realized how much of a shitty job the poor guards have. They have too put up with moaning, screaming, talking inmates constantly.

She grinned slowly. All of these people. In so much pain. So hurting. She loved it.


Hours passed before she found anything of interest. Strangely, she found no guards on the way there. Finally, she did find a small orb, floating strangely in the center of a dead end. She went to the orb, looking at it curiously. She picked it up out of the air.


"There. We got her. She found the beacon. Thank whatever god there is that the guards have the ocular implants." Said a voice in the darkness. Boyish, and high, but dead serious at the same time.

"We're not done yet..." Said a cold, low voice.

"Just start up the damn drive." Said a third, a woman's voice this time.

"Right. One more member for the resistance. I love these warp devices." Said the first voice.


It was a bright room, occupied by only one singular point of darkness. It spoke, and none but itself could hear.

"There. We got the f-ckers. Finally." It said.

"Cruella was such great bait." It continued.

Three more point of darkness appeared, then turned into what looked like men. They wore a tuxedo, and had two defining attributes. They had no face. Simply a clean sheet of skin. They carried two weapons. An uzi, and a short blade, one in each hand. More appeared around them, clones.

In the end there were a dozen. They followed.


Cruella found herself in a dark room. There were three other, illuminated from small glowing sticks hanging from their necks.

"I'm Lucian." Said one. A large, scruffy looking man.

"I'm the leader of the rebellion. Small and pathetic as we are, we fight The Corporation." He continued.

"This is Agent Smith," He said, pointing to a man in a tuxedo with slicked back hair and black sunglasses ", and this is Lex Luther." He said, pointing to a bald man.

"Currently, we're in a pocket of The Cave that they don't use. They use this cave as a prison for criminals, villains, all sort of general 'bad guys'." He said.

"They capture us and hold us until the date of our execution comes." He continued.

Cruella took it all in. She stood there for almost twenty seconds before replying.

"So, who are they?" She asked.

"I don't know. We're pretty sure that it's made up of different entities. The one that hunts us, and we try to fight is called Dark. He's able to create matter from thin air near him, but can't move. We don't know how to kill him, but we've been trying to free prisoners. They use human guards with android-like implants to guard us. We drugged yours, and hoped that you would figure out a way to escape." He replied.

November 22nd, 2008, 07:59 AM
Then I saw the prison: a collosal grey building divided into the shapes of squares. One of the squares seemed to have black-uniformed men and a few stormtroopers blasting at a handful of escaping prisoners (who are firing back with stolen weapons) just at the corner of the square-building.
It didn't matter whether I would care for the prisoners inside of the building; I just wanted my revenge.
Releasing four missiles, I streaked away before their radars could detect me. The rockets homed in on one square and smashed into it, obliviating half it completely. This led to a few of the other squares blowing up with a few explosions.
I smiled. Now... what next?

(Can I take control of my recently-created NPC Admiral Maylord? You know, narrate from his sense of view.)

November 27th, 2008, 05:46 PM
(You can control Maylord, but I don't know about writing from his point of view, no for now)

Herald had been flicking through records of the inmates and their cells for a while now. He glanced behind him, the CEO was still sleeping, good. He tapped a few keys and another file appeared in front of him, displayed in holographic form.

Case No. 51B Regarding inmate No. 3542912 *Frederick -Freddy- Krueger* and inmate No. 7216248 *The Corinthian*

He skimmed through it, and then there it was. Proof against the CEO, proof that something was wrong here in the corporation. This file details the monitoring of a link between the two subjects. Apparently it was a likely problem, and what was most disturbing of all, the team in charge of monitoring the link were actually pleased when Krueger escaped and The Corinthian was hurt.

Herald drew up another file regarding a link between Krueger and The Fear. The only path that Krueger could have taken after escaping lead right to Fear's cell!

The Jokers cell, Shriek, Nny, they all had flaws in their cells, documented to have been put there on purpose on orders from the CEO himself. Herald stifled a gasp, he stole another look back at the CEO... Was he moving?

No, but there was only one thing Herald could do, he couldn't leave here. It was almost impossible, and he refused to stand by and let his fellow workers get slaughtered. He stood up shakily, breathed deep and got his confidence back. Then he turned on the spot and walked purposefully towards the CEO.

"Sir" He said loudly, his voice a little too shaky for his liking.

The CEO's eyes opened immediately "What is it?"

"Sir, I know about the flaws in the system" His eyes set "And I am taking the proper action to stop you."

"What are you talking about Herald" His voice was calm, but his eyes had another, hidden meaning behind them.

"The problems with the cells" Herald continued "You have purposefully put flaws in each cell so that the criminals can escape!"

"I know"

This startled Herald

"I won't pretend i wasn't watching you Herald, and It's disappointing to see that you didn't keep quiet. Such a waste. But I'm curious, what do you plan to do with this information."

"I..." Herald faltered a little "I'll tell the higher ups, I'll tell the security chiefs, anybody that'll listen. You have to be stopped."

"Indeed, it would have been far smarter to start some sort of underground resistance in my opinion. But all the better for me."

There was a small hissing noise, and Herald felt a slight pain in his neck. He grouped at the pain and found a tiny dark, the size of a pine needle lodged in his jugular. He pulled it out, he didn't bleed.

"What was that?" Herald took a step forwards and as soon as his left foot touched the ground it seemed to crumble into mush. He fell forwards and he instinctively held out a hand to stop him from hitting the ground. As soon as his hands touched the floor, they too melted away under the pressure of his body. The pain was excruciating. Herald was sure he would pass out, blood was pouring from his wounds, and he could feel the cheek that he was lying on slowly being pushed away.

"Something i had the science team develop" the CEO chuckled "I told them it was for inmates, but it was really designed with insubordinate staff in mind. I wont go into great detail as you have little time left, however I will tell you the ultimate effects of the toxin. Basically, any force applied to any part of your body will cause it to collapse. You're skin is now as weak as a spiders web to a human hand, your bones and muscle tissue like ice cream in one of the suns."

Herald lifted his head up, and half of his cheek scraped off on the floor, his head gave way and was followed by a loud 'squish' sound.

"Eventually you will simply collapse under your own weight, when you're dead i will dispose of your body appropriately."

Herald let out a scream of terror, and his throat and lungs ripped as the air passed through his airways. Blood poured through his mouth and pushed down through his jaw. He came to a sudden moment of clarity, and things didn't seem so bad, before one final surge of pain and horror came through him, and he stopped thinking. All that was left of him was a red coloured mush around a pile of clothes.

"Alright then" the CEO said to himself, not phased in the slightest. He reached over to an intercom and said "Maintenance, there's been a spill in here, something needs clearing up." He then picked out the clothes, and tossed them behind him into an incinerator.

November 28th, 2008, 01:42 AM
(is there anyone continuing the story arc with Sylar, McCarthy and the others?)

November 28th, 2008, 11:10 AM
(Don't ask me, i'm knocked out.)

November 28th, 2008, 12:43 PM
(Come too any time you like KV, new stuff coming soon. But don't expect a massive action sequence today.)

November 30th, 2008, 01:02 PM
(Not much has happened, while I was away. :/ I resume control over Altair.)

November 30th, 2008, 02:37 PM
(Sorry guys, but I'm being buried by a ton of coursework. Which is taking top priority. Good news is that Varth will be back taking control of the RP some time soon. Things should move better after that.)

December 1st, 2008, 04:37 AM
(I'll be resuming my character once I think of something...)

December 2nd, 2008, 10:20 AM
(Look! Up in the sky! It's... ok no, it's not going to sound as cool in text as it did out loud. Never mind.)

(Yeah, I'm back, and ready for more active posting! I'd like to clarify which story arcs have got the most active players in them so that I know what to focus on so yeah, correct me via PM if I'm wrong here and haven't included an active arc.)

(MOST ACTIVE ARCS: 1. Sylar / Belkar / Dwight / Bellatrix; 2. Fear; 3. Altair / Geralt 4. Boba Fett)

(Long-overdue updates to the SBDB and Fear arcs: )

"Tell me about the problem with your powers," Saruman whispered kindly to Sylar, using only the subtlest trace of the Voice to compel him.

A crackling fire with a spitted wolf carcass roasting over it illuminated the group with a friendly glow. An amicable spirit was coming over the circled companions, a sentiment that seemed to even affect the hardened moods of Dwight and Bellatrix, though it did nothing for the cold and focused stare of Mr. Todd. The dark-eyed barber flicked one of his razors open and shut, over and over again, watching the firelight play in the polished silver metal with obsessive fascination.

Sylar barely listened to Saruman's actual words, but the subliminal spell of the Voice entranced him. He touched the log that they sat on together and released a gentle frost that covered its rough bark surface. The frost melted in seconds in the heat of the fire.

"Not as powerful," Saruman commented. "But it's still there. Here, I kept some of the meat for the journey--planned to dry it to keep it preserved. But with you here, there's no need for that, is there?"

Saruman touched Sylar's hand to a small piece of leftover wolf meat and watched frost begin to cover it. But then Sylar's expression changed and suddenly the flesh began to blacken and char. A slight orange glow shone beneath Sylar's fingers.

"Hm, that's new," commented Saruman. "Regaining your powers?"

"...no," Sylar said, confused. "I... I was trying to freeze it."


"I can't freeze things anymore. This ability... I've had it before, but... but the old one's gone now. It makes no sense."

Saruman put his chin on his fist and thought for a bit. "Here," Saruman said, touching Sylar's hand again. "Try it again."

The charred scrap flashed and suddenly became heavier, harder, and metallic brassy-yellow. Sylar's eyes widened.

"I've... I've never been able to do that before. Ever."

"I thought that my magic was somehow interfering with yours," Saruman postulated, "but now I'm not so sure. I think it's something much larger, much more complex. It's this whole place; it's somehow outside of the world, outside of all worlds. Outside of space, outside of time. And those of us with power transcending space and time are finding ourselves limited and confused by its strange laws and its basic nature."

Shkt. Todd's blade flicked open again, and he stared blankly at his own reflection in the silver.

"What about you, Mr. Todd?" Saruman asked. "What's your story? Is this place changing you as well?"

"I've changed far too much to ever change much more," answered Todd, cryptically. "I've sailed the world and seen its wonders an awful lot of times already."

The razor flicked shut again, and Todd looked up at his companions in a rare fit of external interest. His eyes went to Bellatrix and he was struck by a sudden sense of familiarity.

"You know," Todd said, gesturing at the witch, "I never thought about it 'til now, but I have the strangest feeling that we've met before."


"You're part of the family now, Feary-fella," the Joker said in his eerie sing-song voice, patting the Fear on the back. "So you're entitled to know the family secrets."

"Secrets?" the Fear asked, confused.

"Secrets," the Joker answered, pressing a metal button and opening a steel door. "Dr. Lecter doesn't know it yet, but he doesn't even need the Hypnocil. We've already cleaned up his mess."

"His mess? What do you--"

A nasty voice with a thick Southern accent barked loudly from the center of the room.


A spotlight suddenly turned on, illuminating a man in chains in the center of the chamber. His skin was burned and shriveled tight onto his bones, and the Fear recognized him immediately even without the tattered brown fedora and razor-tipped glove.



"He's not exactly the politest of guests," nodded the Joker. "But he's still parta the Corporation's plan. And what are we here to do, boys?" he called back to his team.


"Damn straight. So, Fear, you still with Dr. Lecter up on Level 5? 'Cuz there's no problem if you are, y'see. We'll help you to your next little errand and leave you alone. Or, y'know, you could stick with us. Your call."

December 2nd, 2008, 11:03 AM
"I never thought about it 'til now, but I have the strangest feeling that we've met before."

Mostly likely at the insane asylum. I almost want to say it. I almost want to spell it out, declare how insane they sound. I can feel the wish to antagonize all of them, openly hate them; that would've made a whole lot more sense to me than fire balls and walking tress. Or anything that they say for that matter.

My neck is still sore and my head feels several sizes too large. Manute was the same alright, not much had changed about him. He was a walking tank back then, and now. I'll get him, though. With or witout Miho, I'll make sure he suffers.

Marv would've loved this place. He would've teared it apart, as well as anyone who he came across, just for the fun of it. In his way, he'd probably find out more than we all have together. If he had been alive, it probably would've been him who would'd woke up in this place and not me. It's tailor made for him.

December 3rd, 2008, 05:50 AM
I landed in the middle of the endless forest, contemplating whether I should go back and search for a portal that could transport me back to my own galaxy or searching for some allies that are also against this Corporation.
Insofar, I have tried to pick up signals, any messages on the fighter's monitor. There were none.
Then I heard the roar of engines. The Corporation have no doubt sent troops as well as vehciles out into this forest to search for their escaped inmates. I would be easily spotted if I continued flying the fighter.
So I continued on foot, blaster ready and surviving on bizarre hard red (sometimes green) fruits.
Now was the time to search for information.

December 3rd, 2008, 07:36 AM
(NOTE TO ALL: I've scrapped my posts and I'm restarting from Lucian from Underworld due to request by Wadling and Varth.)

December 3rd, 2008, 11:07 AM
Fear stared at the struggling Freddy, how did he get here? Why is he a problem, why does he need to be chained up? More importantly.

"How are you alive?" Fear frowned "You fell down that pit, I heard the screaming."

He shook his head, Freddy only returned a cold, hard stare, one Fear had seen many times in his life. Freddy thought that he was responsible for this, no amount of persuasion can stop that kind of bloodlust. Fear put it out of his mind for now. He turned back to the Joker.

"Before i make any kind of decision" Fear's tone was challenging "I want to know a couple of things. No more blindly taking orders, I want to know what's going on and what you plan to do."

December 3rd, 2008, 03:13 PM
("i dont like plans, i just... do things" couldnt resist the joker quote, and its appropriate at this time as well, since, well, it is the joker, lol)

Getting annnoyed at the lack of control of his powers, Sylar concentrated on the lump of gold in his hand, not sure how he had gotten the power.
the only upside is that im getting my powers back Sylar thought, soon he would be able to control his abilities again, and return to his former self.

Traffic cone man
December 3rd, 2008, 03:57 PM
I am ready to join your RPG, so Here is my Bio:

Character: Jason
Category: #3 {oh, yeah}
From:Friday the 13th
Weapons:Hands, feet, scimitar. Anything I can get my hands on
Clothes:Jeans, White T, Hockey mak(My face is *ss ugly
Preffered M.O.:Beating them to death =O
Fighting style:You start I'll match it
Supernaturals:Teleportation(I think, he's always somewhere 600 feet away in two seconds), Breath under water(Cause he doesn't breath. Oh sweet Irony), and invincabilty to norm. weapons.
Appearance: No hair, grey skin, and ugly face if he takes off mask. About six feet tall.

December 4th, 2008, 12:45 AM
(Glad to have you here, TCM! Just waiting for you to make an intro.)

"Feary-fella," the Joker chuckled, "you don't know much about Freddy here, do ya? His temporal body is more of a hindrance than a life-support system, the way it is for you. Or, hell, even for an abstract thinkin' freak-o like me! He can vanish into Dreamland and cheat death over and over again, unless you can hold him in one spot. Which is what we're doin' here, y'see."

The Joker walked to the edge of the room. "D'you wanna come see the rest? We've got quite the circus planned. All those answers to the questions you've been lookin' for, they're all down this way."

The Joker thought about that statement for a moment. "Well, most of 'em, anyhow," he corrected himself. "Most of the most recent ones you've been asking. Y'know how it is."


The CEO looked stoically down at the terminal monitoring the Simulation Arena.

<Do you think that it is time to test them with a proper challenge yet? We cannot know if they are the Ones, not until they survive a greater challenge. You thought that the Corinthian would be One of them, didn't you, until Krueger smote him down--you can be mistaken, Master, wise though you may be.>

"It is a good precaution," the CEO nodded, "my faithful companion. I will see that it happens soon. Do you think I should join them up with Fett yet?"

<The bounty hunter? No, no. It's too soon, Master.>

"Mm. Alright then. Tell your people that things are in play."

<Very well, Master.>

The CEO pressed a button on the dashboard. "Commander, reroute the target path. I want the new prisoner taken to his cell via Closed Route 401."

"Sir, isn't that the route that the Level 5 escapees are holding? Lecter and his crew?"

"Yes it is, Private. Is there a problem with that?"

"...no, sir. No problem."

"Good. Hurry it up."

December 4th, 2008, 05:03 AM
(Wow Varth. The CEO sure is a mysterious character.)

I hid in the bushes and watched the Corporation's army move out into the woods. I've also spotted giant Imperial AT-ATs, trampling across the forest floor and smashing anything in their way. These lumbering behemoths can obliverate almost anything with their invincible firepower and are almost unstoppable. Beside the AT-ATs were green tanks with the infrantry: black-uniformed men and Imperial stormtroopers. They looked tiny compared to the giants. Zooming across what looked like light particles were scout troops on speederbikes.
Looks to me that they were armed and prepared. I left my hiding place to continue my search.
Something wasn't right. I could feel it.
Without warning, I heard a scream then threw myself into a berry bush when suddenly, a speederbike appeared (with its rider still on) and crashed into a tree. I pulled myself out when there were more screams; and the bodies of three men: two soldiers and one stormtrooper; were thrown onto the ground.
I checked for their pulse: dead.
Once more, some one yelled again. Then a stormtrooper ran out from the bushes, only to be jumped on and impaled by a huge object. I gasped as the object stood up. It had long hair and mandibles. It was a creature of some sort.


Then the creature growled. This was obviously an escaped inmate, but it didn't look friendly for it showed me it's claws and a blaster cannon.
I brought up my blaster rifle. Here we go again.

December 4th, 2008, 05:22 AM
(Hm... I should have played as a Predator. Oh well. >_>)

I drew both my sword and short-blade. The 'guards' aimed his weapon at me. I stepped forward, the guard pointed his weapon up and flexed his fore-finger. The weapon gave out a loud sound... A bang. I have a feeling the weapon is a projectile. I looked at the hole above us, a hole made by the guard. I guess that was a warning. Geralt turn his head, noticing the guard's warning. I returned my weapons to their scabbards. I guess our odds are up, soon... We'll return to our cells again...

(I figured that we have no chance escaping guards armed with automatic rifles...)

December 4th, 2008, 08:08 AM
(Time period: Before Underworld I)

The sound of the locking and loading of weapons filled the small van. Lucian was surrounded by five allies, one driving, and the rest in the back of the van. They had guns, and lots of them. Uzis, MP-40s, and various assault rifles. They were driving on a raid. They received intelligence the vampires were moving to a new location, and they wanted to shake up the place a little. Between their booted feet was over a hundred pounds of C4.

“How long ‘till we get there?” Lucian yelled.
“Bout an hour. Unless this f-cker decides to stop working on us, like last time." The driver replied.

Suddenly, the van stopped. That simple. It stopped moving. Completely halted.

People flew across the van, smashing into the seats and sides of the van and each other. If they weren't werewolves, they would already be dead.


Lucian slowly came back into consciousness. He was in a cell of some sort. Cold and damp, shaped out of stone. Iron bars stopped his escape. He grinned. Once he woke up completely, those bars would never hold him.

Suddenly, they opened, and three men rushed in, one of them holding a syringe, while the other two held guns. The man stabbed the needle into his neck, and a strange weakness came over him. The natural toughness and power of a werewolf in human form left him.

It made him feel weak and useless, like a normal human. The people went out of the cell, and he was left there, with no way to escape.

(Varth, is that new prisoner in level 5 me?)

December 4th, 2008, 08:51 AM
(I assume that would be Jason Vorhees controlled by Traffic Cone Man.)

December 4th, 2008, 03:50 PM
The Fear stared after The Joker for a moment before following, he cast a glance back at Freddy, who was still struggling in his restraints, several of Joker's men gathered around him. Joker beckoned him to follow.

"So" Fear asked "You have more than one person trapped here?"

December 5th, 2008, 03:18 AM
The Fear stared after The Joker for a moment before following, he cast a glance back at Freddy, who was still struggling in his restraints, several of Joker's men gathered around him. Joker beckoned him to follow.

"So" Fear asked "You have more than one person trapped here?"

"You think Krueger's a person, Fear?" the Joker asked, looking genuinely surprised. It was not an expression seen often on the killer clown's distorted face. "You're more tolerant than I give you credit for."

The steel doors slammed shut behind them. Freddy's furious screams drowned in the deep thud and the walls' internal soundproof layering.

"And nah, there's no one trapped here, unless you count Krueger. But he'll be instrumental in the events to come. Y'see, one thing we know about the CEO, kid--he dreams. Every sentient being dreams. We don't know what species he is, if he has a subconscious, or even if he has a humanoid brain, but we know for damn sure that he dreams in some way. And that means that Krueger's the key to beating him when the time comes."

The Joker opened a door onto a metal catwalk over an enormous chamber and beckoned for the Fear to follow. "I'm a man of simple tastes, y'see. I'm not one for elaborate Xanatos roulette games with the heroes or building giant world-domination-thingy machines, y'know? I enjoy little things. Dynamite, and gunpowder, and gasoline. Stuff with guarantees, stuff that's reliable in the heat of the moment--pun intended, as usual."

The pale-faced man gestured out at the enormous machine below the catwalk, full of gears and pistons and centrifuges and lathes and whirling metal parts, waiting for the Fear to take in the full extent of the place. "But hell," the Joker continued, "if there's already a machine ready and built for ya, no need to invest time and energy in it--well, why not? Y'answer me that."


(Vamp, in case you haven't noticed, realism isn't the primary focus in this game. If you wanna keep fighting those guards, I'm not gonna stop you. But if you genuinely think it would be more in-character to surrender, well, that's your call too.)

December 5th, 2008, 03:25 AM
(I guess I should discuss that with Silitor... As he is my 'partner'. And the fact that I decide to surrender is that I won't be able to fight gun-armed guards... Yet. Unless an unexpected event happens. I need to confirm this with Silitor, before I proceed posting.)

December 5th, 2008, 05:42 AM
The humanoid creature fired at me. I jumped away just in time, flying onto a treetop, then, bending down; launched the homing missile in my jetpack. The missile slammed right down onto the creature, destroying its cannon and flinging it backwards; slamming head first on a branch (breaking it of course). It landed in the bushes.
Almost immediately, I aimed my blaster rifle and pelted the plants with laser blasts. When there was no sign of movement, I readied my flame thrower and drew a green lightsaber I found in that storage chamber. Stepping slowly closer to the bush, I saw that everything was absolutely still and let my guard down slightly.
The creature must have seen this as a chance to defeat me; for it lunged out of the bushes and crashed into me. I found myself underneath him with its claws raised like a fist punching some one; only this one can kill.
Drasticly, I quickly activated my flame thrower and set its chest on fire. The creature gasped and recoiled; I swung the lightsaber and decapitated it. The body of the creature toppled over, blood pouring out from where its head should have been.
Breathing heavily, I picked myself up and continued into the deep forest.

December 5th, 2008, 07:27 AM
Lucian stood and inspected himself. He was in different cloths, simple white shirt and brown pants. He lacked the mechanical blades on his arms and feet. He sighed slowly, and broke the mental barrier that held him from becoming a werewolf. He waited for the rage and power to fill him.

And waited.

It didn't come. He tried again, and failed.

He realized it must have been the injection he was given. He would have to get out of here as a human.

He walked to the bars holding him in, and tested their strength. They didn't budge. He walked across the wall, trying to find a weak spot. He couldn't. Finally, he inspected the small metal toilet placed on the wall for him. It was also unmovable.

As he was doing this, his guard passed by.

He was a tall, handsome man, and wore a dark blue uniform. He carried a desert eagle.

"Welcome to Gables & Gables. Hell. You're in here for life. You've killed a lot of people. Not a good thing to keep people like you alive." The guard said. He spoke with a British accent

Lucain took it in, not responding.

"So, aren't you going to plead for a trail. You're a bloody American, aren't you? They're always bitching about their f-cking rights." The guard continued.

"Doesn't look like I'll get one." Lucian said after a short pause.

"Anything I can do to get out of here?" Lucian asked, just as the guard was about to leave.

The guard paused for a moment.

"No." He answered, and left.

December 5th, 2008, 10:00 AM
The Fear stared in awe at the giant machine below him. He watched as every bit of it moved into a different position, then back again. It was emitting loud clunking noises every few seconds, and Fear had to raise his voice over it to speak.

"Where did you find this?" He asked, it seemed that with every new explanation, more questions popped up in it's place "What does it do? What are you going to use it for?"

December 5th, 2008, 12:16 PM
The Fear stared in awe at the giant machine below him. He watched as every bit of it moved into a different position, then back again. It was emitting loud clunking noises every few seconds, and Fear had to raise his voice over it to speak.

"Where did you find this?" He asked, it seemed that with every new explanation, more questions popped up in it's place "What does it do? What are you going to use it for?"

"This," declared the Joker emphatically, "is the Dreaming Monitor. It's fueled by some weird mix of technology and magic; I'm not sure about the exact proportions."

A blast of red smoke billowed out from a pipe and began to sprout horns and limbs before being sucked back into another opening in the machine.

"The CEO isolated the Corporation building from the main part of the Dreaming, y'see. He wanted to keep the Corinthian's boss out of everyone's head, I guess, what with some the dream-fueled inmates. It starts to regulate the sleeping psyches of every person in this building the moment they enter, and it does it pretty subtly; you can't even feel it if you're trying to. The boys and me, we tapped into it to keep Krueger still, y'see. That's only the beginning, though."

A doorway on the opposite side of the catwalk slid open, and the Joker beckoned for the Fear to follow.

"I found it a while before I started working with Lecter, actually. Never mentioned it to him; he wouldn't appreciate it for what it is. He'd probably use it as a record player or something. He's a collector, y'see; he's got this need to take things that haven't got any practical value. He's a walking Cultured Killer archetype. So I kept quiet and stayed with him to keep tabs on his operation, organizing stuff down here with my pals. Here, there's an elevator somewhere around... there! There we go."

A circlet in the floor glowed green at the edges. The Joker jumped gleefully into the center.

"C'mon in. I've got something to show you."

December 5th, 2008, 12:31 PM
The Fear stepped gingerly into the circle as the green light got brighter. He grimaced and turned to the Joker again.

"How did you find this place anyway?" He asked "Hasn't the CEO made any real attempt to stop you? Surely he... or it has more resources available than you do."

December 5th, 2008, 01:37 PM
The Fear stepped gingerly into the circle as the green light got brighter. He grimaced and turned to the Joker again.

"How did you find this place anyway?" He asked "Hasn't the CEO made any real attempt to stop you? Surely he... or it has more resources available than you do."

"Yeah, he tried at first," the Joker nodded as the circle flashed and teleported them two hundred meters down. "Gave up eventually, though. Too time-consuming to fight a war of attrition what with everything else going on, probably. He thinks I don't know what the machine is for, and he's probably right to. I shouldn't know what it's for. But Lecter knows a good bit more about the Corporation than I do and I've spent a lot of time around him."

Another steel door opened, and suddenly they were standing in a room walled with dripping threads of firm and stringy adhesive material, like spider web coated in human snot. Lumpy bulges were scattered here and there inside the room haphazardly, and the Joker looked at one of them with mild interest.

"We're in luck," the Joker sang happily. "I thought we'd have to wait a few more hours, but I think this should be done within minutes."

The Fear paced silently toward the bulge and followed the Joker's gaze to the "head" of the humanoid lump.

Two small spots on the head began to sink inwards, forming little dark caves in the ovoid surface. The material that cocooned the bulge was being sucked slowly into the two holes, like sand sifting through a sieve. And, after a moment, pearly white teeth surfaced through the cocoon--a bit like the gold nuggets at the base of the sieve, to extend a metaphor.

Two hands broke out of the material at the sides of the bulge's torso and reached up to rip at the material still covering its face. Layers of cocoon peeled off of the figure's scalp and bleach-white unkempt hair came free, slick from the wetness of the cocoon material. All at once the cocoon came completely undone, and a tense and naked nightmare tumbled free from the bonds of the room's sticky walls. Translucent red slime dripped off of his back as he got to his feet.

"Nasty bugger's tough," muttered the Corinthian, wiping himself. His voice was slightly muffled; he spat into his hand, and a folded red Swiss Army knife dropped out of his mouth. "Just wouldn't give up."

(Cue the dramatic Heroes title screen!)

"Towel?" offered the Joker amicably, producing a folded white sheet from a metal cabinet next to the door. The Corinthian accepted it gratefully and wiped himself a bit more, then wrapped it around himself and pulled himself straight. He stretched around a bit, cracking his neck noisily.

"Oh, hello, Fear," nodded the Corinthian, noticing his former companion suddenly. "Ever met Johnny's pet monster? Doesn't take kindly to strangers, apparently."

December 5th, 2008, 02:21 PM
Fear stared wide eyed at the Corinthian.

"You..." He stuttered "You were in a bulge on the wall..."

The Corinthian nodded, as if this were a perfectly normal thing to happen.

"Why? What were you doing in there? What do you mean Johnny's pet monster?"

December 5th, 2008, 04:16 PM
Lucian slowly thought over how to get out of his cell. The only time that they opened the cell door was when they would give him a shot.

That is, if they have to do it again. He hoped so.

And so, he waited.

And waited.

And waited.

And waited.

And waited.

And finally, after days, they came.

Three of them. Two holding MP-40s, and one holding the syringe.

They unlocked the door and entered slowly, with weapons lowered. Lucian decided to jam the weapons into the air, then spin around, flinging one of the guns away from them, and using the other to kill the three.

The two with the weapons stood back a few feet. Damn... Lucian thought. He would have to dodge past the man with the shot... Or....

Lucian dived straight through the man in front of him, pildriving him. The needle pieced the skin of his right shoulder, and a few drops of the liquid slid in before it fell out.

He ran straight through the first man, and grabbed the guns according to plan. He spun around, and through one weapon to the other side of the room, and spun around, the gun perfect positioned to kill all three in a hailstorm of lead.



Lucian slammed the butt of the gun into the first man, the one that was holding one of the guns. He dropped the the floor.

He then slammed the gun into the next man, and turned to face the final opponent, about five feet away at this time.

Wait... if they made those guns as duds... Then they must have a real one... Lucian thought.

The bullet pierced his side. It was a small round, a 22, but never the less, worked. The pain enraged him, awoke something inside of him. His body began to change as he tackled the one who shot him. He slammed the man to the floor, and began to pummel his face with strong hands. Blood rushed from his nose and mouth, and he was soon dead.

Lucian looked at himself. He wasn't fully werewolf, but he had somehow halfway transformed. He had kept his mind, something that became feral and barbaric when he usually transformed. His body didn't expand, so his cloths stayed on. But he was covered with fur, and his head had turned into that of a wolf. He had claws, too.

He tried to reverse the transformation, but found that he couldn't. The drug had taken effect, and frozen him in this half state.

December 5th, 2008, 06:02 PM
(Sorry for the long silence. You can just pretend that Bellatrix was being antiscocial, which is probibly what she would have been doing anyway if I had been posting)

Bellatrix stared at Sylar as he experimented on the meat. Apparently he had more power before, but it was still an impressive show of power, and he didn’t even have a wand! When the Corporation has been destroyed, she would have to convince him to join the Deatheaters.

Unfortunately, Radagast seemed to have spotted Sylar’s usefulness first. They were being friendly, which was bad for Bellatrix because she had punched Radagast. Not a very good first impression, but it was fixable.

“You know,” Todd said, “I never thought about it ‘till now, but I have the strangest feeling we’ve met before.”

“I doubt it,” Bellatrix said, not unkindly, to the muggle. He flicked the razor open again, his face unreadable. “How sharp is that blade?”

Todd looked surprised and frowned as though the question didn’t make sense.

“The Corporation put this on me and I can’t get it off,” Bellatrix said, pulling back her left sleeve to display the hated metal bandage, which glimmered strangely in the firelight. “I tried with a dagger I took from a guard, but it wasn’t very sharp and didn’t work.”

December 6th, 2008, 04:42 AM
(Silitor and I have already discussed about our situation. I'm be awaiting for his next post.)

December 6th, 2008, 08:16 AM
Geralt looked at the men who circled them. Altair had already unarmed himself. Well, they could use surprise. He dropped his sword to the ground, then spoke. "You got us. We'll go with you in peace." The guards circled them cautiosly, but most lowered their arms. Geralt fingered two potions in his potion belt, then thought of a great idea. He popped one out, and flung it towards Altair.

"Altair! Catch it!" Geralt called out to him.
"And do what?!" He replied.
"Just drink it, and feel the potion, and then dispatch these men!" Geralt popped another into his mouth, then, the fluids seared his throat, and caused him to stagger slightly, the world faded in and out, then it came back to focus.

The men were shouting in confusion, everything seemed to go in slow motion, Geralt could see what he would do five seconds later, he saw at the side of his perifferal vision, Altair was chugging down the potion too. Geralt kicked his steel sword in the air, the sword slicing through a nearby guard's gun, and stabbing his eye.

Then, the next few steps presented themself into Geralt's brain, after many years of training, what he would do next, disarm a guard, kill him, use him as a shield, these options presented themselves faster than normal, and all the bullets that shot themselves at Geralt were easily dodged. The man behind him barely let out three of them when Geralt jumped into the air and smashed the man's face into the ground. Immediately, a guard further away from him opened fired. The bullets also went in slow motion, and Geralt was able to pull the guard whom he just killed's body and use it as a human shield.

He charged toward the guard who was shooting in panic, all his bullets finding homes in Geralt's shield, or the nearby concrete. When Geralt finally closed the gap, he landed the back of his heel onto the man's face, and brought it to smear his blood on the wall.

(okay, Vamp, your battle scene now.)

December 6th, 2008, 09:32 AM
Lucian stood and squeezed the small 22 round from his side. The skin healed almost insintaniously. He took the handgun the guard had shot him with. He didn't regonize the model, but figured it would be pretty easy to use. It held fourteen rounds, the last one on the ground, bloody.

He was at a intersection of a T shaped tunnel system. He was about to head right when footsteps began echoing from his flanks. He ran straight down the center of the passage where they wern't coming from.

Amazing that they got the news so fast.

After a few moments of running, he turned back, and learned the true seriousness of the situation.

Vampires, two of them, carrying automatic rifles, probably loaded with silver bullets.

He turned back, and began to sprint for his life. He was good, but killing two vampires with far superior weapons was out of his leauge.

He heard the gunfire from behind him, and turned to look, still running. The vampires were about 50 yards behind him, standing and firing their weapons. Rounds blew up tiny dust clouds all around him, but, amazingly, he remained uninjured.

The vampires bagan firing semiautomatically, their incredible aim and heightened senses pulling into effect.

Lucian could see a corner coming up.

If I can only make it there...

A round hit him. Square between his shoulder blades. He tumbled, but fell into a roll, and kept running, his body trying to reject the bullet.

He rounded the corner. into the face of a vampire holding a long, sliver blade.

He ducked the first swing, and form tackled the vampire, his blade scattering to the ground. The vampire was thrown back, but quickly stood up. Lucain grabbed the blade, and took a clumsy swing at the vampire. He nimbly dodged away and kept his distance.

Lucian could start to hear the footsteps of the other two vampires. On his second swing, a great stab, he caught the vampire by surprised, slamming the blade straight through his heart.

It's face showed shock, and then fell rigid. Lucain took the blade from the dead vampire, and spun around, just in time to take off the head of one of the vampires with guns. He turned to face his final opponent, who had dropped the gun, and drew two silver daggers.

Lucian dropped the blade, and charged the vampire, going for his throat. The daggers stabbed into his chest, luckily not on any organs. He tore the throat from the final vampire, and took the two daggers from his chest.

He could still feel the pain of the round on his back, and knew that without it being removed in the next twelve hours, he would die. It was at an angle that he couldn't get to it.

Where are minions when you need them...