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November 12th, 2008, 07:44 AM
(TLI - Jack of Blades is not an object- it's a title. His name is Jack, obviously. Though, the real killer is the mask, not the man. The mask posseses its wearer and is the real source of Jack of Blade's powers. In the end of Fable: The Lost Chapters, you're given a choice to don the mask yourself after destroying Jack, instead of destroying it. In that sense, you would probably be playing as the Hero of Oakvale, rather than Jack.)

(I'll await someone else from my group to start it up again, just so I can get a jump start)

November 12th, 2008, 09:36 AM
(@ TLI, the floor that you are on (3rd floor) is still perfectly operational. I'm assuming that the corporation is massive, none of the floors are completely 'offline'. So you can either edit that or make it into one of the corporations simulations.)

(@ Kenneth, yes, 1st person and 3rd person are accepted)

(@ Vic, I'll get it started soon.)

November 12th, 2008, 12:38 PM
(Here goes...)

... Darkness. It's always the same... Everytime I sleep, nothing comes into my mind...

The mattress on my bed feels... Hard.

My eyes slowly opened... This hasn't happened before, not even once. It's like I got kicked on the face with a steel boot.

Wait? Did the remaining Templars invaded Al Masyaf again, at this unearthly hour? Cowards... Wait, I'm not even in the Brotherhood's Fortress. What is this place?


I slowly sat up. Pressed my had on the mattress... Wait, this isn't a mattress! I looked down, staring at the block of rock I slept upon. I felt... Strange. Maybe about a few hours ago, I was given a pat on my back after slaying Al Mualim, former leader of the Brotherhood of Assassins, who betrayed our creed. It breaks my heart to find out great leader to be one of those Templars. Atleast the treasure is safe in Malik's hands.

Tomorrow, I was told, we will discuss who'll be the new leader. But... That is now postponed. The Templars attacked us... Or dumped us into their dungeons. I stood up, ran my hands around my body. No weapons, although I was still wearing the same clothing I wore. I turned and looked what I lay down on, a rectangular block of rock, protruding from the wall. Must be the work of a highly payed sculptor. I turned and examined my surroundings, a door, made out of metal, but not the same metal my weapons where forged with, it was more darker. I approached the door and pushed it... Odd, it didn't budge. The Templars must have really good craftsmen to create dugeon cells like this. They can even cover expenses, the cell is meant for only one invidual. They were no windows but a source of light is present, I looked up, I glowing object above my head, producing light but not like the sun, it looked more pure white. I proceed and sat on the 'stone bed' and think. Two pure white objects caught my attention in the corner of my eye. I stood up. They look peculiar. A large white object, almost shaped like a bowl protruded from the wall, again and two metal 'knobs' where on top of it. I twisted the blue one, water came out, I quickly collected them with my palms and slapped it on my face. I shivered a bit, the water was cold. I stopped the water by twisting the blue knob the otherside, it abruptly stopped. Now I have my attention on the red knob, I twisted it and smoke of hot water rose up. Now I know what it does or it's just sheer curiosity that I had to twist that one. I stopped the hot water and turned my attention to other white object. It was more larger than the 'water flowing bowl', it's like a seat with a hard flap covering it and a lever on near the edge of the 'back rest'. I lifted up the flap and found another 'bowl'. Water lay still at the bottom. Out of curiosity, I pulled down the lever, water gushed down from the bowl. On the wall, beside the 'seat bowl water gusher', a long cord connected to some device, it hanged on the wall. I picked it up and pressed, yet another, lever protuding from it. Water is sprayed on me. I kept the 'spray' back on the wall and sat on my 'bed' again. Must be the utilities used in a bathroom, as it all uses water. My mind felt weird, distorted. What are the Templars hiding from society?

I hear footsteps, approaching the door. I got up and kept my guard up. I have no weapons so I have to take them down by hand, quickly. I heard their voices, sounds different from the average Templar, "Man, this sucks... Why do we to patrol five times every route?". Another voice, "Well, our officer told us to do so and we get payed for it. I heard that we got a new bunch of killers." "Ah, I see. Last time, the other group escaped, that was bad." What group? Killers? They don't sound like Templars, who are they? New killers? I'm not a killer, although I kill for the good of the holy land. The man with a more burly voice, the second man, continued, "Yep, so that's why we need to make sure these ones don't escape. The next time it happens, the CEO will have our heads." "Ooooh Yeah. 'The CEO will have our heads'. Whatever." Said the other, in a mocking voice. Soon their voices faded and their words meant nothing at all, some of their words and slang doesn't really makes sense to me. I sat down again and leaned back. I just waited to what will happen next. Those 'guards' are not Templars. And if they are not Templars, they have no reason for me to rot in here. But whatever they said, new bunch of killers, am I one of them? Extracted like a plant? If I wait long enough, I will find out what they want from me... Hopefully.

(I got some difficulty writing the description. It's hard to describe everyday objects. xD I guess I have to go with the flow. And this is my worse descriptive writing... Maybe.)

November 12th, 2008, 04:02 PM
(@ Vic: I'm playing the Jack of Blades as his demon-in-a-man's body, so I'm referring to him as "it" because I feel that it simply adapted a male persona. He was snatched up as he was preparing to fight the Hero of Oakvale.)

The Jack of Blades was confused. Since leaving its room, it hadn't encountered anything within the facility it was in. As it rounded a corner, it saw a man standing there. A tall, old man, dressed all in plate armor, except for his head, which had nothing. He was holding a two-handed sword in his right hand. He seemed to be waiting for someone.
The word seemed to hang in the air.
The man gripped his sword, tensed, and ran for the monster, holding his sword in one hand, charging a bolt of lightning in the other. The Jack of Blades met the Hero of Oakvales' sword,(for that was certainly who he was) and caught the hand charging magic. The Jack of Blades forced the Heroes sword back, and swept forward with its own terrible blow, dented the mighty two-handed sword, and smashed his right pauldron, caving it in to the Heroes shoulder.
A pity it wouldn't be the end right there. thought the monster as it dodged a blow from the old man's fist.
"Where does your strength come from, beast?" the Hero asked while unstoppering a healing potion.
"Is a man behind that mask?"
He lunged forward and cracked his blade on the demons head, a certain death blow. But, as the rules dictate, Jack was barely shaken. It used the Sword of Aeons to blast a flurry of magical spells at the Hero, which sent him flying. Before he could recover, Jack lept towards him and stabbed him through the middle. As it pulled its sword out, the Heroes sword arm swung towards it and smashed through its mask.
The Jack of Blades awoke with a start, and could feel the blood of the young chick through its glove.

November 12th, 2008, 04:38 PM
Lucas Coates was walking down one of the many bland corridors that littered the building. He was heading for level three's main security room. He had been trying to get reassigned from level 2 psych wards for a while now, but this time he actually had an excuse. He had just passed a pair of loud mouthed patrolling guards and told them to shut up, but to no avail. He couldn't imagine guard duty, pacing through this place day after day after day. A waste of anyone's talents in his opinion.

Lucas arrived at the door and spoke into a speaker.

"Lucas Coates here to see Sarah Donnan" He spoke confidently, he had done this several times before after all.

"Business?" came a bored voice from the speaker

"Reassignment" He replied

There was a loud click and the door swung open. He passed a security desk where the officer on duty looked him up and down scornfully. Lucas took no notice and carried on walking. He got to the door he had been outside every week since he got here. He knocked three times before entering.

Sarah Donnan was sitting back in a comfy chair, classical music humming softly behind her. She had her feet up on her desk and she was snoring loudly. Lucas cleared his throat, the snore caught in Sarah's mouth and she woke with a start.

"Huh?" her voice was tired and confused "What? Haven't you ever heard of knocking?"

"The thought must have passed me by" Lucas smiled, a very fake smile "I'm here to request a reassignment, we had an appointment."

"Ok Lucas, what's your case this time?" She yawned "Level 2 still a waste of your brilliant talents?"

"Actually, yes. But that's not my argument" Lucas folded his arms "I feel that my very well being is at stake here. I request a transfer to level three so's to ensure that i will not come to any harm at the hands of the resent criminal breakouts."

Sarah's face grew serious, and she narrowed her eyes a little. Lucas had a point, he hadn't been trained to fight, or defend himself in any way.

"Are you aware that the escapees have been contained?" She asked

"Yes" Lucas flapped his hands helplessly "But it's not certain that they will remain contained. We never thought they could break out did we? But they did!"

"And you're aware of the new subjects that have been recently detained on this level?"

"Yes!" It was hard for him to hide the impatience from his voice "But they're all in their cells!"

Sarah sighed in resignation "Fine, report to Dr. Almond for a new position on level 3. I guess you've earned it after trying so hard. Well done."

She reached across the table to shake Lucas' hand, but he had already turned and was walking out the door.

"That kid'll go wrong some day" She relaxed back into her chair "Then I'll get him right back in level 2, where he belongs."


Saruman turned to McCarthey and nodded briefly.

"Well done" He said "The huorn is a troublesome foe, that could have been far worse."

Sylar was stumbling back towards the group, shaking his head. Saruman pointed at him

"You" He then motioned to Belkar, who was still lying awkwardly on the floor "Carry him back to camp"

He then rounded on the witch and the barber

"You two carry that timber wolf back to the camp, and we can have a decent meal and think things over."

He began his march back to camp.


Dear Die-ary

It's been a while since anything exiting has happened. Fear left, i don't know how long ago, but it seems like a long time. Hector's keeping quiet, and the odd looking woman is gone too.

I just wish something would... happen. I can hear some more guards coming, gotta keep the wall happy.

November 12th, 2008, 05:45 PM
Geralt hang in the air by his prison implants, and thought about his friends, Triss, Shani, Zoltan and Dandelion. It seemed as if he hadn't seen them for years. And it also seemed as if he had been trying to perfect using his Axii Sign for days, weeks. He tried again, grimacing in concentration, the green mental wave was just about to touch the surface of the man's forhead, when the door slid open, and the same man in white that was visiting him on a daily basis, walked in, holding something behind his back.

'Hello hello white wolf! How nice to see you!" He said in a cheery voice. "I've brought you a companion today." And then, he revealed a big, pig like monster with a thousand of sharp fangs encircling it's large mouth. The man tied it's leash to a nearby fixing, and it stood guard at the door.

"Now don't try anything funny, i'll come back tomorrow and see what you are like."

The dog snarled at Geralt, lunging at him ferociously, only to be pulled back by his leash on every occasion. Geralt sighed. He would need his silver sword.

(By the way, in the next post im going to escape my cell, what do i do after that?)

November 13th, 2008, 01:42 AM
(You can do whatever you want, free some prisoners, get revenge on the doctor who was visiting your cell, try to kill all the security staff. Whatever you do, things will unfold.)

(I'd also like to ask everyone to ask me questions via PM rather than in this thread. It takes an edge off the story somewhat.)

November 13th, 2008, 05:14 AM
The door opened and two guards in black came in.
"Hey," one of them said in a dark metallic voice. It was hard to tell who. Their faces didn't show in the dim light. "it's time for you-"
I smashed the chair down on the man's head. I was gobsmacked: the chair had little effect on him, and was still standing upright.
"Bad move." said the same dark voice. He fired and I fell, unconscious once more.

An electro-shock brought me back. I was tied up in a dark room with nothing visible except a table and a yellow light coming from the ceiling. Looking up I saw the source giving the light. It was a bulbous object hanging on a thick black thread with a bright yellow spot in the middle, obviously the energy source.

"Boba Fett," came a voice from the darkness. the owner of the voice stepped into view; it was the officer: General Facker. "didn't I keep my promise?" And he smiled.

November 13th, 2008, 08:02 PM
(Sorry for not posting. I'll post within 24 hours.)

November 14th, 2008, 05:26 AM
Sylar was holding his shoulder where he collided with the ground first. He looked at Belkar and sighed, then went to pick him up. After he picked up Belkar, he almost fell from the weight of belkar. Reshuffling himself and Belkar, he turned to follow Saruman, too weak after being thrown that far distance to complain about the weight on his back.

November 14th, 2008, 05:38 AM
"How nice to see you Facker." I said in an obvious sarcastic tone. Facker merely said:"You're probably wondering why an Imperial would have you arrested as well as where you are. Well..."
Heavy footsteps approached us. As they entered the light, I saw who they were. Two Dark Troopers. Droids with black, indestructable heavier armour than the normal Imperial stormtrooper. They also wear jetpacks to take advantage of the enemy including carrying repeating blaster rifles. No wonder why I couldn't bring them down in my prison cell.
"Firstly," continued Facker. "I don't work for the Empire. In fact, I hope that lousy Lord Vader would someday have a mechanical limb failure."
He then reached for his face and tore it off- it was a mask. The face behind was old with white hair and a moustache.
"You!" I exclaimed. "You're Admiral Maylord who deserted the Empire along with the whole 149th legion!"
"Indeed." he said dryly. "Never did like the Emperor. His face was absolutely vile."
He went on:
"I then joined forces with a co-orperation who promised me great power and a decent pay. We're not on Coruscant nor Kamino, not any of those planets. We're in another universe, far into the future."
I stared at him blankly. He smiled:
"They showed me a portal. A portal which took me from our world to a place far different. Here." Maylord held out a hand, palm facing me. "The technology may be a bit layed back though. That light source hanging above us is called a bulb."
I looked at the 'bulb', then back at him. "But what use am I to your cooperation? I'm a bounty hunter for pete's sake!" I said.
"Oh that I don't know." replied Maylord. "The Cooperation hasn't told me yet. But I don't mind. At least I'm payed well."
With one more smile, he turned to the Dark troopers and said: "Take Fett to the dungeons. We shall interrogate him later."

So, I'm back in the dungeon. However, the tables have just turned and I pulled out metallic objects called 'keys' which worked like keycards. One thing I've learnt whilst I was with the Confedaracy droids when I was ten years of age was that droids were never the brightest lightsaber in the sheath.

November 14th, 2008, 06:13 AM
Geralt focused on the guard now dozing off on a chair next to the desk which had upon it placed all his possesions.

He did a gesture in the air again, and a green mental wave erupted from his hand and headed for the guard's forehead, later burying itself in the latter.

The man's eyes were now glazed with green, and stood up like a doll. His body swayed slightly, like a stick in the wind.

Geralt beckoned for the man to come closer, and he did, the next thing the man knew, he was unlocking Geralt from his implants, and just as he unlocked his last foot, he snapped out of it. His eyes were wide with shock and surprise, he made to use the rifle slung around his shoulder to shoot Geralt, but the latter had already drived his fist into his face. With another swift kick, the guard was at the mercy of the beast, which took him as food, and Geralt looked away as the man was torn limb from limb.

He strode foward to the desk, and pulled on his leather jacket. He stuffed the potions in his potions holder, and slung the steel sword over his back. The beast guarded the door, and he had no silver sword to kill it. He had forgotten to ask the guard to fetch it for him. He would have to use magic and potions to kill it.

He gulped down a teal coloured liquid, and his muscles started to bulge.
He squared down the beast, who kept lunging at Geralt, threatening to break the chain that leashed him each time. Eventually, the chain broke and the beast jumped at Geralt's face, detemined to eat it whole. Geralt stepped backwards, and quickly sent an invisible force rushing through the air, pushing the beast onto a nearby wall. Then, keeping it pinned with one hand, he got ready to stab the beast into the wall.

However, the room's security systems had weakened him, and he could not sustain, as soon as it was free from Geralt's magic, he pounced on him again. Geralt sidestepped to the left, bringing his sword around in an arc, it missed the monster by a hair's length, and buried itself into the wall.

Geralt forced it free of the wall, and ducked as the beast jumped once again, this time, Geralt's sword managed to cut the beast's tail off clean. It roared in pain as blood gushed out. The beast was now more cautious. They circled each other for a few moments, then, this time, Geralt stepped forward and swung his sword down, the beast drew his head back as it's eye was slashed, and Geralt connected by kicking him away. It flew at least a meter away, Geralt's strength enchanced by the thunderbolt potion he had just taken.

Geralt took his chance and lunged forward, burying his sword straight through the monster's head. He dragged it sideways, feeling the pull of vein, sinew and artery, finally cutting the animal in half, blood pouring out of the two seperated halves. Geralt smiled in satisfaction, then walked out the door in search of his Silver sword.

(By the way, this is what he looks like. The silver sword is on his left.Which is our right. The one that he isnt touching.)

November 14th, 2008, 08:18 AM
(Castle - Belkar is a dwarf - hardly up to your friggin waist - and McCarthy has the flamethrower... How heavy can it be?)

The forest attempts desperately to be frightening. The trees whisper and sigh, bending and whipping their twigs in the wind. The irony strikes me hard, like a bullet to the kneecap. It's funny how eerie woods are often used in ghosts stories. Perhaps they should change the setting to Sin City. Maybe Old Town, if you want to be nasty. Miho would make a great villain.

A thought strikes me, ringing my ears. Is Miho here? I can't quite decide who I should worry for. Miho or everyone else in her viscinity. No, these people aren't so stupid. They've done their homework. For their sake, they should leave Miho in Old Town.

November 14th, 2008, 10:52 AM
(you do realise the wind was knocked out of Sylar straight before that, and without telekinesis, hes unable to lift as much.)

November 14th, 2008, 11:05 AM
(Yes, but you should still change it because Belkar didn't have the flamethrower.)

November 14th, 2008, 11:24 AM
(must have missed it, changing it now)

November 16th, 2008, 08:50 AM
Geralt strode out of his cell, pulling on his leather jacket.

His boots echoed in the long halls until he heard the faint sound of voices in the distance. He ducked into a open door in the side of the wall, and listened as the sound of their voices grew louder.

In the meantime, he scanned the room he was in. There were scratches on the wall opposite, probably the prisoner counting the amount of days he was trapped in. Then on the bed lay a skeleton, rigid and white, Geralt looked at it indifferently, then turned his attention to the guards who were reaching his room.

"Yeah, hey, the prisoner in this room bit the dust huh?" One of the guards said in a stiff, alcohol induced voice.

"Yep. Hey, let's check out his skeleton, and see if he got anythin worth takin'." The other guard replied, and Geralt stuck himself against the wall as the two men walked in.

As soon as they had their backs to him, Geralt leapt forward and snapped the neck of the guard nearer to him. Then he unsheathed his sword; The guard retrieved his rifle, and in one fluid motion, the rifle was cut in half and the sword's tip was touching the man's exposed neck.

"Wha-What d'you w-want?" The words spluttered out of the man's mouth in fear.

"Where is my Silver sword?" Geralt inquired in his cold voice.
"Si-Silver Sw-Sw-Sword? I D-D-"
"Don't lie to me!" And his sword cut lightly into the man's flesh.
"I-I- Yo-You're the witcher, Ar-Aren't you?"
"Yes. And what if i am?"
"Th-Then you-you're sw-sword is in th-the contr-control room. Ta-Take my key. It-it's the tenth door on the left. D-Down the H-hall." He then handed over a small, black key.
Geralt looked into the man's wide, fearful eyes and saw no lie. "Very well."

And then Geralt's fist crashed on to the man's face, and he brought him down to create a depression in the ground.

He twirled the man's key in his hand, and walked out.


Geralt walked down the hall, and as he did, a scrawny old man forced himself onto the metal grailing to his right, pleading to him. "Please, Please, LET ME OUT!"

Geralt stared at him, expressionless, then replied. "If i help you escape, you most probably will die by the guards, correct?"

The man's expression turned crestfallen. Then spoke. "Yes... But... Well... Then... Can i ask you a favour?"

"What is it?"
"I-I have a daughter by the name of Relira. Please, if you ever do find her in your travels, give her this. She will understand." And the old man passed him a small golden locket, with a picture of a a woman, and the young version of the old man kneeling before him, and a young baby girl in the woman's arms.

Feeling something close to sympathy, Geralt conceeded. The man thanked him thorougly, then asked for one more request, "kill me."
Geralt hesitated, then said, "Very well. Have a nice after life."
The man made no hint of dodging the sword that later pierced his heart, but managed to whisper a small "Thank you" Before he lay there, lifeless on the floor.

Geralt made a footnote in his mind to try and find this woman, and then set off for the control room once again. At the tenth door to his left, there was a big piece of paper hung onto it, reading "Control Room. Staff only."

He pushed the key into the lock, and with a click, pushed it open silently. In front of him he saw many screens, with two men in front of them, eating round pieces of dough in a cup of steaming liquid, pressing a various array of buttons. Geralt crept in, careful not to make a sound, and scanned the room for any hint of his silver sword.

He saw it glinting in the cupboard leaning on the wall. He reached his hand through the gap of the ajar doors, straining to not make a sound, and finally he grasped it's hilt, he pulled it out carefully, but it had already hit the side of the door, and the men in front of him were standing up, rifles at his head.

"Stand up, Hands in the air!"
Geralt rose slowly, "Drop your weapons!" And dropped his silver sword, and reached for his steel- "Don't try anything funny!"
"I'm just putting down my steel sword!" The men looked at each other, then nodded at him. Geralt reached for his steel sword, and while reaching it, gesturing the sign of the Aard. Next thing the men knew, they were flying through the air by the sheer force of Geralt's spell.

They crashed into the console panel behind them, sparks flying everywhere, and then lay motionless on the floor, rifles hanging limp around their shoulders.

Several of the screens had cracked, and some buttons had been pushed. In one of the screens he saw a man, with his white hood up, and the screen had the words "Cellblock 45" on the bottom. He looked at the mass array of buttons, and looked at them incredulously, he had absolutely no idea what they did!

He decided to stop confusing himself, and proceeded to picking up his silver sword and leaving. Just then, a guard burst in, and open fired at Geralt. Instinctively, the latter threw himself aside, the bullets rebounding of the console, Geralt got out his sword, but the force of one of the bullets caught Geralt off guard, and his steel sword flew in the sky, and buried itself in the button labelled "Cellblock 45."

The man stared at what he had done, and Geralt took this opportunity to use his silver sword and decapitate the man. He then ran for his steel sword, and pulled it out of the metal contraption. On the screen which had the words "Cellblock 45" on it, it seemed that the door was now open.

(Btw Vamp, That's you.)

November 16th, 2008, 10:07 AM
(I plan on sending Altair to a simulation... Heck, deleting previous post.)

I leant on this wall for hours and hours. I thought the guards will come for me, explain atleast something to me... I was wrong.

I suddenly lift my head to door, it creaked loudly and opened by itself. I stood up and kept cautious. Either the guards are making fun of me and trying to trick me or somehow the door unlocked itself. No time to think, this is my chance to see what is beyond this miserable cell.

I walked out, kept my guard up and made sure no-one is waiting for me. Not a soul in sight. I loosened up abit, stretched, enjoyed the moment a little longer and proceeded in search of my weapons. I read a metallic sign board which reads : Level 3 Cell Blocks. I never seen signs made out of steel, in contrary to the carved stone signs. I do, however, seen sword engravings, indicating who owns the weapon but I doubt making a sign out of steel is an absolute waste of resources. The templars, possibly, have the resources to build a dungeon like this and forge a sign from steel. Greedy pigs, hogging all the little resources we have. And 'Level 3 Cell Blocks', never heard that phrase before...

I continued further and found an unlocked door with a piece of metal in the hole. That piece must've unlocked the door. I entered the room and found pieces of broken material and fire flies flying around and suddenly disappearing. Two dead bodies and a figure, hard to tell what sex from behind, with long white hair, seemingly examining the large device infront of him... Er, her? And the aura emitting from the figure, red... Hostility. I crept slowly and silently, relieving my days of assassinating the main templars, and spotted a sudden glint in a tall metal container beside the figure. I tiptoed closer, the container had two doors on it, I slowly opened one and found weapons. Weapons of many, possibly for inviduals, as the weapons all differ. I found my equipment. Somehow, I felt reckless after finding my own weapons and the thought of being armed against anything that stands against me. Too reckless. I picked up my hidden blade, some of the weapons that stacked on each other fell, alarming the figure. Damn... I had my weapons equipped already and I prepare to draw one of them. But because I have to think quick, I suddenly pull out my short-blade instead of my sword. From crouching position, I stood up in a defense position. The figure turned. A male...

(Quick reponse, I didn't take time on making this one...)

November 17th, 2008, 04:53 AM
Geralt turned around, the figure that was in the screen just a few seconds ago was now in front of him, carrying a shortsword, in a defensive position.

Geralt stared at the man, his right hand fingering his steel sword. He didnt look like one of the guards, so Geralt started a conversation.

"Are you one of the prison guards?"

November 17th, 2008, 06:07 AM
"No..." I replied. I had the short-blade (It's like a big dagger.) on my right hand. I slowly reach the throwing knives strapped on my leg with my left, precaution. His aura is still red. "Who are you? Are you not a Templar?"

November 17th, 2008, 06:47 AM
I pressed the red button, lights started flashing. This jailbreak should cause enough corruption for me to escape. Sneaking quietly up to a stormtrooper who had just recieved orders, I cracked his neck and stole his blaster rifle as well as his armour.
Now it's time to find mine.

November 17th, 2008, 07:55 AM
The world was a haze. A green one, in fact. Turning slightly orange. In an infantile way, she liked it, the slow blurry changing of colors, somewhere between a colideascope and a LSD trip. She knew both. Slowly, the Bliss wore away, and she found herself in much less conforting world. An 8 by 8 cell. Damp. Cold. Hard. She took a look around.

The room was carved out of stone, and seemed to be part of a cave. The only light was some small light coming from far off in the tunnel that ran by her cell. She heard the wailing cries of other inmates. Eventually, a guard made his way by. “Sir, I demand I know why I’m here!”
He didn’t respond.
“I’ll have you killed!” She screamed.
“Ma’am, do you know where you are?” He said, turning to her. His face revealed that the only reason he was addressing her was out of boredom.
“….No.” She slowly answered.
“You’re in Gables and Gables Prison. Hell. You were brought here because you’re an evil person. Gables, one of the many branches of The Corporation, helps purge this world from evil.”
“So what did I do?” She asked, despair taking over.
The man took out a long list from his pocket. After a few moments of searching, he answered, with a look of disgust coming over his face. “You killed puppies. Lots of them. People tend to like puppies.” He said, and promptly left.

(Could someone get me up to date on what's happened so far? I don't feel like reading 35 pages of RPG.)

November 17th, 2008, 10:05 AM
(Could someone get me up to date on what's happened so far? I don't feel like reading 35 pages of RPG.)

(You don't really need to know, you only need to know as much as your character knows. Far more realistic that way as well.)

(Also, remember guys you should refer to Saruman as 'Radagast'.)

Saruman strolled out of the forest and back into the clearing. He noticed that it was starting to get dark, the sun was almost past the horizon, and everything is more difficult in the dark.

"We must build a campfire quickly" Saruman looked around the group "I will stay here and supervise the preparation of our food, unfortunately some of you will have to go back into that forest. Fortunately you wont have to go too far in. You should be able to find sufficient kindling an d wood near the edge. However, you should probably take weapons and the fire spawner just in case. So, who's going in?"

A few hands raised in the group, and they picked up weapons and set off. Saruman called out to the barber.

"That knife would be perfect for skinning this wolf."


Herald was monitoring the his control pannel, several lights began flashing. He sighed and flicked a switch, turning them off. He went over to the CEO.

"Sir there have been multiple breakouts on level 3" He was getting agitated "This can't go on sir, too many people are going to get hurt. Everything we've worked for could end."

The CEO opened his eyes and turned to Herald.

"How many?"

"Only two registered so far sir" He said hurriedly "But something knocked out the primary security grid. There could be malfunctions in any of the cells. We're looking at a full scale outbreak sir!"

"Fine, send a few squads" the CEO closed his eyes again "No elites though, I have a feeling this will resolve it's self."

"Yes sir"

Something was wrong, and Herald was going to get to the bottom of it eventually. He called down several squads to level 3 and began pulling up logs on all of the cells and inmates.

November 17th, 2008, 05:42 PM
"Are you not a templar?" The man said to Geralt.
Geralt gave him a slightly confused look, then continued. "A templar? The hell is that? I just escaped from my... "cell" i think. And now i'm here.
What about you?" Geralt then stopped fingering his steel sword, and let his hand drop limp at his side. If he did not know why he was there, then he wouldn't be an enemy.

November 18th, 2008, 05:05 AM
I lowered my blade. His aura, it slowly turned yellow... Neutral, he is not my enemy. Possibly, he must be very cautious, causing me to see him in a red aura. I didn't continue reaching the throwing knives but I still kept the short blade in my hand. "The door of the 'cell' I was imprisoned in suddenly unlocked itself. " I replied to the white-haired man, showing no sign of hostility. Even as an assassin, there are times we need a partner or so and having an ally produces many advantages...

November 18th, 2008, 05:46 PM
"Hmm.. Okay." Geralt replied to the man in white. He had lowered his blade, which meant that he could safely say he was an ally.

"As for your sudden release from your cell, i think it had something to do with my sword burying itself in that console over there-" Geralt pointed to the metal contraption behind him, where one part of it was dented heavily, and lightning sparks flew out of it. "Anyway, our priority is to get out of here now. Agree?"

Geralt held out his hand.

November 19th, 2008, 04:52 AM
His aura, turning blue. It's safe to say he can be my ally. And 'console'? What does he mean? The mechanical device he pointed must be it. Does it act like a key to the doors? And those 'dissappearing fire flies', are they some sort of power source from that contraption, like a soul escaping one's body? No matter... The white-hair man held out his hand. Shaking a hand, to the assassins, would mean a faithful bond, as so we are thought by the ex-master. And his aura says alot. I held out mine and shook his hand, nodded my head to the question and stored back the short-blade in my hand. "If you are to be my ally. May I please know your name?" I asked, knowing an ally strengthens a bond.

(Wadling, who's going to control the squad NPCs? You? ...)

November 19th, 2008, 07:01 AM
Finally I had arrived at the chamber where they kept the confiscated objects. On my way, I passed several black-uniformed men carrying metallic blasters which, when fired, gave a loud rattling sound. Looks like Imperial shock troops weren't the only ones here.
Just when I've reached the entrance, some one behind me shouted: "Hey, you!"
I turned around to see three stormtroopers, their armour with red shoulder pads and two red stripes down their chests. I'm guessing that this is one of the Special Ops.
"Why aren't you down in Sector Five?" asked one of them.
"I received orders to secure the chamber." I replied.
"Show me the message." the stormtrooper ordered.
"Here." I held out a comlink and gave it to him.
"Well, open it up!" said the stormtrooper.
"Look- there's the message. Just lean closer." The soldier, dim-witted as he is (even though he's a Special Op) leaned closer.
"I don't se-" At that moment I have grabbed his head and have locked him. Using the stormtrooperas a human sheild, I fired, taking down the other two. Then finding out that the other two have shot their teammate, I let him go, slumping to the floor.
Unlocking the doors, I pushed them open to see a vast room littered with stands holding all the weapons and armour of the many prisoners (there was a stand full of black sticks. Can't imagine how that's a weapon)
Then I saw it: my armour. Sitting in a corner completely unscathed.
Once I got dressed and armed with any weaponary I could find in this room, I walked out in search of a transport.


November 19th, 2008, 07:16 AM
"Geralt. Geralt of Rivia." Geralt replied to the man, shaking his hand briskly. Then returning it to his side.

"And you?"

November 19th, 2008, 07:19 AM
(You don't really need to know, you only need to know as much as your character knows. Far more realistic that way as well.)

(Ok.... So, I just completely make up any preconceived information about this organization? Lovely. [/sarcasm]

I seriously need to know how this organization works so that I can effectively portray my character and her exploits.)

November 19th, 2008, 08:12 AM
(PM him, Silence. Or find some time in reading the first few posts...)

"The son of none," I replied, "Altair Ibn Al-Ahad."

November 19th, 2008, 10:05 AM
(PM him, Silence. Or find some time in reading the first few posts...)

"The son of none," I replied, "Altair Ibn Al-Ahad."

(whoa dude, the accuracy with your arabic is quite amazing, i havent played assasins creed but dayum, you did a good job i must say)

Sylar turned around with the others as he headed towards the forest with the group. He tried to concentrate to get his powers back, atleast his ice powers should work, he would have to slowly work on getting back other powers.

November 19th, 2008, 12:48 PM
(Heh, there's no need to credit me in my Arabic, CM... The name (And its translation) was given in the instruction manual. I'm really bad in Arabic anyway.)

Edit : (Incase, if anyone here doesn't know what does Altair looks like - Here's something, one of my screenshots. :Dhttp://img360.imageshack.us/img360/396/altair4ja0.png (http://imageshack.us))

November 19th, 2008, 06:42 PM
"Well. Son of none, Altair. Let's get moving before we are overrun."Geralt said before striding to the door, checking if the coast was clear, then beckoning to Altair with his hand to follow.

November 20th, 2008, 04:46 AM
I followed Geralt, kept my hidden blade ready. We are finally armed with our equipment and we are ready to escape...

(Silitor, did you find you silver sword yet? ... And what about the squads heading for us? Wadling, should we take control over them? And why does Bobba Fett need transport? Doesn't he have a jetpack? O_o)

November 20th, 2008, 05:41 AM
(Yes, but I'll need to fly over long distances.)

I was only a boy when my father died, killed by the treachorous Jedi. I'm glad the Emperor issued Order 66 to decimate the scum. Serves them right!
Anyway, the bounty hunter: Aurra Sing who loathe the Jedi as much as I do taught me a few tricks for what I learnt from my father was pitiful. Stealth was included, and I'm glad I became a professional at it.
I sneaked onto a flying ship with rotating blades which, when in air I killed the pilots with my blaster rifle and took control of the ship myself. It was no different from flying a starfighter.
The machine only flew for a few kilometres over a seemingly endless forest before running out of fuel. Apparently, the pilot must have wanted to land at a nearby refueling station.
Flying out on my jetpack, I left the helicopter crashing down into the jungle.
All of a sudden, I heard a distant roaring noise. Turning around, I saw three grey triangles, presumably this planet's fighters.
I knew I couldn't get away that easily and zoomed toward the rogue fighters.

November 20th, 2008, 07:16 AM
Cruella slowly paced around her small cell, and began deciding how she could escape. Obviously, she wasn’t going to stay in this place. She smiled ever so slightly at her own logic. She would escape, that alone was simple. The question was how. She began to go through the available options. It boiled down to forcing her way out, and removing herself from this place through more peaceful ways. She pondered the first.

Luckily for her, they had neglected to remove the small knife hidden in her undergarments. If she somehow made it close enough to the guard to kill him, that would be an easy solution, but she feared it would be more complex. She would have to get the guard to come to her. Seduction? No, surely not. She was old and ugly, her glory days far gone. They didn’t come in to feed her, or any sort of any action. Maybe she could somehow clog the small toilet in her cell, forcing them to come in and fix it, lest the place be filled with crap. No, that too wouldn’t work. Perhaps her henchmen could do the dirty work for her as usual… no, they would be long gone in a situation as dire as this.

Finally, she found her solution. They wanted her alive. She would have to kill herself. Hanging by the shoelaces should do, she figured. Out of luck, a bent nail happened to be hanging from the ceiling.

She tied the noose, and waited.

About ten minutes later, the guard finally made his way around. She donned the noose and waited. She began to choke. The guard passed by without even glancing into her cell. She gasped for air, and tried to untie the noose, but found it too tight against her neck to do anything. She gasped for air, but couldn’t find anything. The guard backtracked, hearing her gasps, and looked into her cell. The world began to blur, and she could see the guard desperately trying to find a key to her cell. After a few moments, moments before she would lose consciousness’, he sliced through the shoelace with a blade.
Moments later, his neck spewed scarlet liquid, staining her white dress. She took his uniform, keys, and gun, a Desert Eagle with an extra clip. Now, it was time to escape.

November 20th, 2008, 10:16 AM
Lucas was walking smugly down a corridor, he was in a fantastic mood. He had finally got the job that he wanted, he always got this feeling when he was given a promotion, but this one felt different somehow. This place, was different. He carried on walking, passing several cells and eventually arriving at Dr. Almonds office. He knocked a few times... no answer. He knocked again, louder. But no answer.

Puzzled, he hurried back down the corridor. Was this some kind of joke? Maybe Donnan didn't want him here and was just stalling for time. He rounded a corner and was sent flying by a heavily armored man. He shook his head and looked up at the figure looming over him.

"Sir" Came the voice, slightly muffled by the fabric mask he wore, "Are you okay?" He offered a hand to help Lucas up.

"What do you think you're doing!?" Lucas said indignantly, taking the hand and feeling the strength in him as he was lifted effortlessly to his feet. "Why are you in such a hurry?"

"We're under direct orders from the CEO sir" The man explained "We're here to secure this level and eliminate any criminals in the area, there's been another outbreak."

"How serious?"

"Serious enough to require six teams down here, we don't know how many escaped their cells. Could be three, could be fifteen, could be all of them."

The man looked around nervously before gesturing to his men, one of them began moving slowly down the corridor, while the other checked the way they came.

"You better stay with us Sir" The man looked worried "This is a dangerous place now, we'll get you to the safety room."

This didn't convince Lucas, he'd heard rumors that a serial killer up on level 4 had broken into a safety room and slaughtered the whole staff. But then, what choice did he have?

"Ok" Was all he could think to say.

The man called out to his men and they took defensive positions around Lucas, and started moving.

"Don't worry Sir" the man reassured "The other teams are headed right for the outbreak area, they'll take them down."

(You guys can control the rest of the guards, but Lucas isn't anywhere near you.)

November 20th, 2008, 05:35 PM
(Yes, i do have my silver sword.)

Geralt's walk broke into a jog as the footsteps of guards grew louder and louder. And then, they were surrounded. This place really was an efficient prison huh.

"Shit. Oh well. Altair, you ready?"

November 21st, 2008, 04:36 AM
(Where are all the other players before Varth said he was going to be piled up with work and studies?)

I took out the first fighter easily with the rocket in my jetpack and then landed on the nose of the second fighter. The surprised pilot (clad in a green suit and grey helmut) tried to swing me off by doing a barrel roll.
The other pilot must not have cared much for what would happen to his comrad, for he fired two missiles at the fighter.
I launched off before the missiles hit the fighter, blasting it to smithereens.
Finally, I fired whilst in midair, my laser blasts smashed through the glass screen and hit the pilot. I quickly flew into the fighter (smashing the rest of the glass and throwing the dead pilot out) and took control; blasting away.
Deciding to take revenge, I guided the fighter back to the prison.

November 21st, 2008, 12:06 PM
(Seriously guys, send me questions via PM)

November 21st, 2008, 12:33 PM
I nodded, I drew my sword. The guards wore black armor, something tells me that those aren't Templar standard issue armor. I scanned the armored guard, hoping to find a small slit to insert my blade into if my blade doesn't penetrate the armor. They wield weapons... Of some sort. Black objects, nearly the size of a sword, unlike a sword - where the user holds it vertically - the guards held it horizontally, the object has a peculiar shape, a small metal container-like-object protrudes beneath it and a hole, on the tip of the weapon, aimed at us... I shook my head, trying not to think too much about the weapons as it can distract me...

(Wadling, please take over my character. Here's my reason : http://forums.deletionquality.net/showthread.php?p=109120#post109120. I will continue taking over Altair upon my return. Thanks.)

November 21st, 2008, 12:33 PM
the task was done in a few minutes and without incedent. After having the flamethrower blaze out a nearby brush, all the Huorns ran away. nothing exciting happened on the way back, save for the instance that Sylar tripped over one of his twigs and managed to freeze half the lot he got. Angered by his fluctuating powers, he said nothing on the way back until they got back with Radagast and the rest of the 'team'.
"Will this be enough wood for you to use?" Sylar asked.