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September 22nd, 2008, 05:36 PM
“Yes, two of them,” Bellatrix said quietly. "Well, three including the one on the ground."

“What is a ‘muggle’?” Radagast asked.

Bellatrix stared at him. “Someone who isn’t a wizard. But how could you have never heard the word before?”

September 22nd, 2008, 05:47 PM
"I'm getting the feeling that this place may not be on Middle-Earth at all, or even anywhere in Arda," mumbled Saruman. "I come from a place where non-magical folk are common enough that it is wizards who are exceptional enough to merit special names, rather than the reverse. Is working with non-magical folk somehow taboo for you?"

Bellatrix's disgusted expression was all the answer he needed.

"Well understanding cultural differences has always been a point of pride with me," said Saruman. "One of my... companions was not the same way, and refused to join me with a powerful ally because of that. But until we understand more about this accursed place we should try to make friends more than foes. And I honestly don't know how their clothes alone tell you who they are... as we can tell simply from looking at one another, there are uncountable potential differences that may have nothing to do with magical potential."

Bellatrix didn't look totally swayed.

"Look," persisted Saruman. "They're obviously not guards. They have no uniforms, and some of them have no weapons. So we might as well try to go in without a fight. They may know things that we don't."

September 22nd, 2008, 06:12 PM
“You want to go out there and declare yourself a wizard in front of them, without any sort of weapon, fine. Have fun,” Bellatrix said annoyed. “I’ll be waiting here to say ‘I told you so’ when you find out why I wanted to kill them.”

September 22nd, 2008, 06:23 PM
Saruman stood up with a slight air of smugness and walked into the chamber.

"Don't be alarmed," he said, using his Voice to the extent that he could, pacifying everyone. "I believe we are all here for the same reason."

Belkar looked up. "What the--hey, do I know you? I feel like I made a pop culture reference to you a while ago. Or maybe it was one of your friends... or..."

Saruman looked down. "Are you... a Hobbit?"

"Halfling. Nobody says Hobbit anymore."

Saruman was almost joyful. Almost. "You're from my world!"

"Maybe. Or just two similar campaign worlds."


"Yeah, that just proves it. If you don't know what I'm talking about then you're from someplace more like where these guys are from." Belkar gestured to the rest of his group.

Everyone looked extremely confused. "Er... yes, well, I am Radagast," said Saruman, "and it's a pleasure to meet all of you... and, were you all imprisoned here as well?"

"Dwight and I were next to each other," said Belkar. "The others can speak for themselves."

September 23rd, 2008, 03:36 AM
Sylar had reached for his gun and, knowing the barber could now use his own gun, would have gussed he reached for his own. Sylar stood there, ready to defend himself. he wondered why Belkar was so open to the man, but then again, he didnt look like a guard, that white robe that he was wearing was far from what the guards clothes, and on top of that, he was an old man. Sylar moved to a more relaxed looking position, still keeping his hand close to his gun. "i was in another cell on another floor, when i managed to escape, i was somehow teleported here. whoever took us here wants something from us and, from a few fights, some of them want us dead." Sylar said, he would hope that the man had useful talents of sorts, since he didnt seem to carry any weapons.

September 23rd, 2008, 09:12 AM
(CM, are you watching Heroes Season 3? It's good to keep up with character development, and Sylar just proved me wrong. He's just as cool as he was in Season 2, even though he's got his powers back.)

("Eat your brain?! Claire, that's disgusting!" :D)

September 23rd, 2008, 10:23 AM
(Varth, I am guessing that i do not have any of my equipment on me right now.)

The Fear fell from the wall and hit the ground painfully, he was not prepared for the fall, but he regained his footing quickly as he jumped to his feet.

"It worked" He said "any idea where my equipment is, i'll need it if i'm going to put up a decent fight against these guys."

September 23rd, 2008, 10:38 AM
(Varth, I am guessing that i do not have any of my equipment on me right now.)

The Fear fell from the wall and hit the ground painfully, he was not prepared for the fall, but he regained his footing quickly as he jumped to his feet.

"It worked" He said "any idea where my equipment is, i'll need it if i'm going to put up a decent fight against these guys."

<Holding cell to the right,> answered the Joker.

The Fear turned to the right.

<No, MY right.>

The Fear went left.

<No, my OTHER right! Look, it's left for you now. Yeah.>

The Fear moved left and came to a locked door.

<Unlocked it. Keep going.>

The Fear clicked the latch again and the door opened. He was in a new room now. They'd stashed his crossbow, his camouflage device, everything here in this stone chamber.

<Reinforcing guards, 12 o' clock. Hit 'em.>

September 23rd, 2008, 11:04 AM
The Fear lunged forward and swiped up his stealth camouflage, he quickly flicked a switch and was invisible, just as five guards piled into the room shouting loudly. One of them ran over the the table with his equipment on it, followed closely by another man. He gave a quick sweeping glance at the table before turning to the others.

"Stealth camo's gone!" He shouted

Sounds of guns being cocked filled the room as the two men backed away towards the others, looking around the room nervously.

"We know you're here" Said another man calmly "take off the camo and put your hands on your head."

The men saw as the crossbow disappeared off the table into nothingness. The men gasped in alarm and all began reaching towards their eyes. They pulled down green goggles which Fear instantly recognized as thermal vision goggles.

The Fear lifted up the crossbow and let off three shots before diving for cover behind the table. He peeked round the corner and saw three men sprawled on the flaw, one was shaking uncontrollably. The other two payed no attention to his pained shrieks.

They both fired two shots, causing Fear to jerk back into a safe position. He cursed at his missed chance of taking out all five of them. The men began their approach and Fear tried to think of a plan, suddenly he got his chance.

A loud laugh came over the intercom system as the Joker watched the man writhing on the floor. The men looked around, startled, expecting an accomplice. The Fear sprang up and dispatched the two men quickly, jumping behind one man and using his weapon to pump the other man full of holes, before jabbing an arrow sharply into the mans jugular vein. He pushed him aside and stepped away from the gushing blood. The Joker was still howling with laughter.

"Do it again!" He laughed "do it again!"

"Joker, i'm glad you're having fun" Fear couldn't help feeling a little jovial at getting some payback on the corporation, he needed to get out "but i really need to get out of here! Where do i go next?"

September 23rd, 2008, 11:14 AM
"Back out the way you came," said the Joker. "I'll get back into your head and guide you. Think of me as your own personal GPS system of anarchic chaos."

The Fear didn't look entirely comfortable with the prospect, but continued anyway.

<Ok, back on board. Head left. Your left.>

The Fear found a flimsy wooden door in his path.

<There's no electric lock. I can't shut it d-->

The Fear kicked the door apart in one strike.

<Ok, that works too then. Left. Now right. Now left again... straight ahead here... ok, you should see a shady silhouetted man leaning against the window of a control room. See him?>


<Good, because it's me. Hi.>

The silhouetted figure stood up straight and gave a friendly wave. The light now illuminated his pale red-and-white face. Some other figures moved around behind him.

<We're a little busy and we could use some help moving this stuff. Wouldja mind pitching in? The door's right over there.>

September 23rd, 2008, 11:33 AM
Although the Fear was pretty certain that the Joker had just saved his life, he couldn't help feeling some hesitation in helping him. For all he knew, Joker was planning on blowing the place up, along with everyone else.

"What exactly would i be doing while pitching in?" The Fear asked.

September 23rd, 2008, 01:16 PM
<Just moving boxes. It's mostly tranquilizers and anti-psychotics, but there's some Hypnocil here too. No explosives, I promise. I'm a man of my word.>

Hesitantly, the Fear entered into the room. The Joker waved a gloved hand in welcome.


Noting the surprised expression on the Fear's face, the Joker chuckled. "Yeah, it's evening back in reality. Or at least it is on the world I come from. Corporation's got a multiversal clock display in the main office; took a lot of effort to steal."

The Fear looked surprised again.

"Yeah, we've done a lot in the time we've been away from Hector, y'know. Lot to catch you up on. For starters, y'know he's not really Jason Voorhees, right? We got a copy of the Corporation's file on Voorhees; doesn't match. Voorhees doesn't know beans about surgery, psychology, or any of the stuff Hector does--he's a zombie, a vegetable killing machine. Nothing the Corporation did to his brain could change that. It don't fit the bill. But I found another guy who does."

The Joker pulled a sheet of laminated paper from a nearby desk. "They didn't even store this one on the network at all--we had to manually break in and steal the paper copy. Brilliant guy, had a little accident with his sister and some hungry Nazis when he was a child though. Snapped his mind like a twig. He went on to become a master surgeon, emergency room doctor, clinical psychiatrist, necrologist, forensic psychologist, culinary artist, artist, musician, library curator, and cannibalistic homicidal monster. Corporation records show that they hired the guy as the original head of the Psychology department two months ago."

The Fear read over the sheet. The man's body was certainly shaped like Hector's, and the personality described in the profile was somewhat akin to Hector's as well.

"Now, I'm not trusting the personality because I'm pretty sure that a guy like that is devious enough and a good enough actor to wear personalities like clothes. But everything else fits. And so I'm pretty sure that this is our man."

The Joker emphatically tapped the name at the top of the paper. "Cute, isn't it?"

Dr. Hannibal Lecter VIII, M.D.


AYKF Trailer 2

September 23rd, 2008, 02:45 PM
(SEASON THREE STARTED, AND I DIDNT EVEN NOTICE D= *runs off to video streaming website*)
(loved the trailer btw!)

September 23rd, 2008, 02:53 PM
(SEASON THREE STARTED, AND I DIDNT EVEN NOTICE D= *runs off to video streaming website*)

(Damn straight.)

(Lots of good Sylar development in the first two episodes, too. Very poor development for Mohinder though, unfortunately. Sad, too; he was my favorite character until Season 2.)

September 23rd, 2008, 03:15 PM
(Very VERY good trailer, i think i fainted while watching it. Also, one question about the Heroes thing, i was watching the first episode of the first season on a website, and it started with a 'previously on' moment. A little confusing to say the least. Anyway.)

The Fear looked down at the file, his eyes narrowed.

"Hector" He chuckled "heh, that's pretty good. It's odd, he acts like he's telling everyone everything but he was even lying about his name?"

The Joker nodded, glee bright and obvious in his eyes.

"Well, i don't think it's that big of a deal, but it's definitely interesting." He turned the file over in his hands a couple of times before tossing it back to the Joker, who gave it to one of his lackeys "so you've been doing pretty well for yourself, what sort of operation you got going on here? You trying to take down the Corporation too?"

September 23rd, 2008, 03:31 PM
(wadling, to answer your question, that isnt the first episode of heroes. did it have claire running through a fire or something?)

September 23rd, 2008, 03:37 PM
(I think it might have done, it definitely had Hiro telling someone he was going to die.)

September 23rd, 2008, 05:04 PM
Sweeney Todd had just set his newly acquired gun on the table when he heard a voice behind him. In an almost instinctive action, he pulled out one of his razors and had the blade out in an instant. Spinning around to face this possible danger, he saw that it was just an old man and relaxed. "I'm sorry my friend, your purpose will be fulfilled another day." he whispered, replacing the razor to its proper place.

"I was trapped in a metal cell, much like yours I'm guessing, when...I found a flaw in the lock." he lied, picking up his gun and turning it around in his hand a few times. Todd really thought it best to not tell them precisely how he escaped, it could cause future problems after all. "I was walking down a corridor when I met these three and I believe that takes us to the present." he said.

September 23rd, 2008, 05:08 PM
(im not sure you have the right episode, lol, is there abit where nathan and peter are talking about nathan running for state senate?)
(on the topic of Sylar development, i thought i was being to open, guess i was right on cue, although im not sure what to make of the possibility of Sylar being manipulated, i guess i have to wait till the third episode is online)

September 23rd, 2008, 06:02 PM
(Let's not make this into a Heroes discussion thread, guys. Stay on-topic.)

The two of them spoke while moving boxes out of the control room. "Take down the Corporation?" chuckled the Joker. "Why take down something that's just going to destroy itself anyway later? No, no, what we're doing is giving the CEO a little taste of the inevitable truth of the universe. Y'see, the CEO and Dr. Lecter, they've both got it wrong. They've got plans, you know? A little utopian Multiverse where everything's peaceful and happy and orderly, a little Multiverse that stays like it is now, whichever. They're both trying to impose a world view on each other. What I'm here to do is show them that neither of their world views matter because there's no controlling it, no influencing the chaos that the multiverse is. And the reason for that is that the only people who can fight craziness are CRAZY. Y'see nearly half of the Corporation's staff are psychotic themselves--that's the reason for this little shrink's storage room, it's because they're prescribed to most of the regulars. Takes a wacko to catch a wacko, I know from experience. So what's the CEO to do when he loses control of his staff, eh? Now see it's not gonna Foil the Bad Guy, I know he'll just have them all hunted down and replaced. But I'm not targeting the Corporation's heart the way Hector is. I'm targeting its soul."

The Joker licked his lips eerily. "The Corporation's so-called 'sane' men and women in uniform are going to have to turn on the people they've fought and worked with for so long. They'll have to slaughter them, cage them. Now the people here are pretty inured to the violation of the rights of their fellow man, but moving on their friends--that'll be somethin' else. I want to shatter their grand illusion of nobility. I want them to know that even if they win, they lose."

The last box was moved out of the control room; only a few of the cardboard packages were left inside. The Joker ushered everyone back into the room. "And here we go," grinned the Joker, pressing a button on the dashboard with one gloved finger.

The control room began to rise into the air on glowing-blue antigrav jets, leaving the small mountain of boxes far below.

The Fear looked puzzled. Why were they just leaving them there in the--

There was a resounding blast that shook the entire chamber and surrounding shaft as an enormous fireball engulfed the medical supplies and drugs down below. The hovering control room remained untouched, flying higher and further away from the blast.

"What?" said the Joker. "I specifically said that there were no explosives IN HERE."

September 23rd, 2008, 08:53 PM
(The trailer was AMAZING!)

Bellatrix frowned in confusion. The muggles hadn’t done what she had expected, and as for the house elf…

She stood up, sighed, and walked around the corner.

“Sorry I took so long to catch up, Radagast,” Bellatrix said. “By the way, I couldn’t figure out what happened to the staircase.”

September 24th, 2008, 12:00 AM
"Introductions are not one of my specialties," Saruman said pointedly. "And I have politely refrained from prying into her personal history. So if anyone has questions to ask, please direct them to her specifically. And now that we're all together perhaps we should--"

There was a click and a hum. Suddenly the force field activated itself again.

"Check and mate, McCarthy," chuckled a deep, booming voice from the other side of the field.

"Who are you?" Saruman shouted, turning back to the field and trying to use the Voice as best he could. "Release us!"

"Your power has no effect on me, wizard, much less without your staff. I am Agent Goldeye, agent of the Corporation, and you are all now recaptured. It's been a pleasure playing this cat-and-mouse game but the trap is sprung and it's over."

"You friggin' bastard!" Belkar roared, launching himself at the field--and bouncing off again.

"You know the useful thing about that weapons cache?" Goldeye continued. "It's managed by a machine that can transport anything inside to the Simulation Arena. It's how we move weapons to and from your personalized tests. And since none of your original holding cells were sufficient to contain you... we will keep you in the Arena until better cells can be constructed."

There was a dull metal thumping noise as Goldeye's heavy footfalls struck the floor, walking away.

"I hope that you all have a pleasant stay," he called, walking away. The footsteps of Azure and Haiti sounded softly alongside his, and faded from audible levels.

September 24th, 2008, 01:06 AM
Sylar took no time to think about a solution, there were only two ways out, either break the force field, or break the teleporting device. "I guess intro ductions will have to come later." Sylar said, concentrating at the task at hand. Sylar looked around. this would have been much easier if i had my abilities. Sylar thought. he didnt find any flaws in the machinery, and the force field looked sturdy. Sylar, taking no chances, took out his gun. "everyone, get on the ground and stay close to me." Sylar then turned around, pointed the gun at the force field, at an angle, checked that everyone got on the floor. Sylar fired, sure enough, not only was there no ripple on the force field, but the bullet ricochet off the field completely, bounced off the cieling and hit the wall behind them. Sylar turned around to the others. "does anyone have any clue how to break either the machinery thats keeping the force field up or break through the forcefield itself?" Sylar asked, knowing they didnt have long before they were teleported to the arena.

September 24th, 2008, 11:16 AM
Saruman began to try to answer Sylar's question but no sound came out. The air in the room was suddenly gone, and would not carry any noise.

A moment later, there was a blinding green flash that burned a brilliant afterimage into Saruman's eyes; then, slowly, it began to clear.

When Saruman could see again he found that he was still in the same room, surrounded by his newfound 'companions'; he looked around worriedly.

"Why didn't it work?" Saruman asked. "Why are we still..."

"We're not," answered Belkar, pointing through the archway where the force field had been a moment before. "Look."

Where there had been a metal corridor and a repulsing energy barrier a moment ago, there were now green fields and blue skies. An enormous stone tower rose out of the earth ahead of them, gleaming brightly in the sun.

"This is Isengard," Saruman mumbled to himself. "How... how is this..."

"It's a test," said the Halfling. "An illusion. Something the Corporation's contructed for us. But something's missing."

The other fallen companions began to stir and stand up. Dwight McCarthy seemed to have finally started recovering his senses. "Wh... where are we?" he mumbled. "Where's Manute?"

"There's a lot to catch you up on, pal," Belkar replied. "Actually I think there's a lot for all of us to catch up on."

The group began to gather together again. "Now I am wholeheartedly opposed to character development beyond stabbing things," continued Belkar. "And that's pretty much what we've been going on so far, which is good. But even I have some limits. Where are we all from? What were we doing when we were brought here? Why us? Is there anything that we all have in common? 'Cuz it doesn't seem like it to me."

"Perhaps they are taking people with certain skills," suggested Saruman. "Perhaps they are using us to create a race of supersoldiers. That would certainly explain why they took me. I have much skill in the arts of industry, artifice, metalworking, and the selective breeding of infantry."

"Oh right, sure," Belkar mocked. "Sure, a telekinetic knife-throwing gunslinging furry-footed wizard would be pretty cool, but why HIM?" Belkar pointed at Todd. "What's he going to contribute to the mix, huh? Keeping troops clean-shaven doesn't seem like a high priority to me."

Todd's eyes flashed dangerously.

"Well I cannot fathom why I would be of use to this 'Corporation' otherwise," Saruman retorted. "I... I am not of any notable rank in my Order at all. Perhaps they intended to take the leader of the Istari and made a mistake."

Do they see the lie? thought Saruman. No, I don't think so.

September 24th, 2008, 11:37 AM
The Fear rolled his eyes, but couldn't help chuckling slightly at the childish argument.

"Ok then" He raised an eyebrow slightly "What did you just do?"

September 24th, 2008, 02:52 PM
Sylar gathered himself, being one of the last to stand up again. checking his gun, Sylar found its ammunition to be the same. looking around the room once more and finding another knife, Sylar took it, turned around and faced the others. "whereever we are, we need to stay together, they can do anything with these illusions that they have, ive been in one." Sylar said, staring at the greenery that spread out before them.

(greenery, right?)

September 24th, 2008, 04:08 PM
"Yes we should probably stay together if we are to make it out of this." Todd said, checking how many bullets were left in his gun, partly for practice. He was amazed at how much his opinion of what could and could not happen changed in such a short time.

"If we are to associate with each other, we should probably tell each other our respective backgrounds right? I for one can't trust a person I know nothing about." he said, taking a glance at the group of people gathered around him. Switching his gun for one of the razors in his pocket, he realized that he was still missing one of his gloves. Taking off the other one, he tossed it aside.

September 24th, 2008, 04:16 PM
"It looks like about a day's journey to Orthanc from here," Saruman guessed. "We should start moving. Stories can wait."

"I wouldn't," warned Belkar. "It'll probably just turn into a huge Earth Elemental and try to crush us. Or something."

"The Corporation seems to prefer to catch us alive," Saruman reasoned. "I doubt they would waste time making more obstacles when they already have us where they want us."

"Well we still have basic biological needs. Food, water, rest. We should make camp and gather strength before we move. I know I'm getting low on HP and since Sylar doesn't seem to have any heal spells for some reason, I'd better try to recover... and we'd probably all better do something similar."

Saruman thought about it. "Very well. We'll make camp."

The wizard looked back into the room they had abandoned. "Your names were on your weapons?" he asked.

"Yeah," said Belkar, "I checked. Nothing marked 'Radagast'."

And nothing marked 'Saruman' either, thought the wizard. Where is my staff?

September 24th, 2008, 04:22 PM
Sylar was still getting accustomed to the way his 'team' talked. "ok, and where do we camp, with all the weaponry? or just outside?" Sylar asked.

(question, how much time has passed since the begining of the game? has it been hours or days, or even weeks?)

September 24th, 2008, 05:11 PM
While the house elf had been talking nonsense, Bellatrix had been staring around the room. She walked over to a shelf and started searching frantically. In her panic, she didn’t take any real notice of names on the boxes.

“What are you looking for?” Someone asked.

“My—“ Bellatrix stopped. There was no way she was going to say the word ‘wand’ in front of a bunch of muggles. “It’s about eleven inches long, and very thin.”

“Well, what’s your name?”

Bellatrix hesitated. As much as she wanted to keep her identity secret, she needed her wand more. “Lestrange,” she said. “Bellatrix Lestrange.”

September 24th, 2008, 05:31 PM
(question, how much time has passed since the begining of the game? has it been hours or days, or even weeks?)

(I'm not keeping track. There's no standard to judge time by except Corporation clocks, since we're outside of space and time.)

(But for convenience's sake, let's say it's been a few days since I made the first post as the Corinthian.)

(Also letting everyone know that Bellatrix's wand and Saruman's staff are actually on Level 4 and Angua may continue the story as such.)

September 24th, 2008, 09:49 PM
“I don’t think it’s here.”

“It has to be!” Bellatrix said. “Radagast, you said our weapons are down here, right?” She became aware of a very awkward silence, and turned to Radagast. “Right?”

“Well… there is a possibility that they are being stored on the same level we were,” Radagast said. Bellatrix punched him.


(By the way, don't think you have to wait for me to write more before you can post. And anyone can claim they were helping Bellatrix, I haven't really decided who it was.)

September 27th, 2008, 03:37 AM
(i was waiting for kalil to post, meh)

Sylar looked at the argument going on between the robed man and the women. they're weapons must be powerful if they were arguing about it as such. Sylar turned around, grabbed an extra magazine for his gun and put it in his pocket, he would need if for sure. Sylar checked he had his knife, the gun and the extra magazine, he looked outside the room again. "were gonna need to rest for now, you can continue your argument in the morning." Sylar said, sitting down on the ground, letting his head fall back against the wall behind him.

September 27th, 2008, 04:52 AM
( Sorry 'bout this, I've never found an opportunity to post a good thing, so I'll just make Belkar raise even more questions :P )

"What? You don't have a cheat that allows you to gain extra spells without Resting? Man, you DO suck." Belkar snarled at Sylar.

He didn't notice the raised eyebrows and confused looks as he placed himself as comfortably as he could on the hard floor.

September 27th, 2008, 05:01 AM
(whos cheaty?)

September 27th, 2008, 05:05 AM
(Sylar, lol. It's how Belkar sees him :P, a cheating cleric. I admit it's a long time it has been used anymore... Edited.)

September 27th, 2008, 11:46 AM
As the artificial sun began to set around them, Saruman was a becoming a little worried about the company that Bellatrix provided. Frequently useful, certainly, but probably unreliable in the long run... the wizard usually tried to ensure nothing less than fanatical loyalty from his followers.

Saruman needed a better friend.

"I heard the Halfling say something about... powers. Telekinesis," Saruman said, walking over to Sylar and using the Voice with such subtlety that only another wizard of the Istari could tell he was using it at all. Sylar nodded thoughtfully as Saruman slid down to sit against the wall. "Power is a wonderful gift that many people squander needlessly," continued Saruman. "Don't you agree?"


I'm starting to wonder if this is all just a dream. Not that it would make any difference; I fight in dreams and in reality the same way--and if you get knocked out during drunken barroom brawls in Old Town as much as me, you're guaranteed to have violence in your dreams like the Roarks have ill-gotten cash in public office.

And speaking of the Roarks...

It never leaves my swollen, Manute-bruised and devil-ridden head how much this 'Sylar' kid reminds me of that twisted family. Politics, I don't care about, but corruption is something else entirely, something Marv could never stomach either... died fighting it, poor bastard... and Sylar has that same sense of faux-innocent self-preservation about him that the good Senator's always had. Maybe not even Senator Roark anymore... he's almost like Roark Junior, if that comparison can ever be made to anyone. Roark Junior, the Senator's only son... barely a teenager and he was already raping and cutting up little girls. Not that the good Senator couldn't find a fall guy to blame for his son's innocent misadventures, of course. 'Boys will be boys,' as Ava might have said had it been her son's social life on the line.

I look in Sylar's charming, friendly face and right away I think This kid would have no problem murdering a child. But maybe that's Marv rubbing off on me, maybe I'm just seeing perverted sickos with faces that need a good smashing everywhere I look. Sylar's given us no concrete reason to suspect him, and everyone else seems to be 6uying it... and maybe that's exactly how he wants it.

If this IS a dream, where in the holy hell of my Freudian subconscious did they get her from? The new dame seems as bad as Ava... thankfully she doesn't get as much sympathy from me as Ava did. Or from anyone else, apparently, judging from how 'Radagast' looked at her after that punch. Radagast seems like Sylar's type too, both with good old-fashioned Roark family values. And there they are talking together in the corner, too... I'm going to keep an eye on each of them.

Belkar's lying on his back to my left. I can't get to sleep, and it doesn't seem like he can, either. Belkar reminds me, oddly enough, of Marv... but without Marv's inhibitions, without Marv's sense of righteousness. Certainly without Marv's staggeringly colossal size, but that's beside the point. Why would my little Freud turn Marv into a midget? Irony, maybe? Does my subconscious have a sense of humor now? Might as well talk to my fellow insomniac.

"Hey. Belkar," I whisper. "What d'you think of the new arrivals?"


Hector returned from talking with Nny upstairs to relay new information to Shriek.

"Of the three of us, you can travel the fastest unaided," said Hector. "I need you at the rendez-vous point to meet with the Joker's emissary and pick up our Hypnocil. Questions?"


The Joker grinned at the Fear. "Well, I detonated about a quarter-ton of gelignite that we placed at strategic points in that pile of boxes. Hopefully that destroyed most or all of the merchandise within."

The Joker turned back to the controls. "Now, where did you say you where headed? To the controls for the Level 5 teleporter field?"

September 27th, 2008, 12:16 PM
"people do squander their powers needlessly." Sylar agreed, slightly nodding his head. Sylar was wondering if he would be able to get his abilities back soon. "do you think they will be able to put us back in our holding cells soon?" Sylar said, looking at the robed man again.

September 27th, 2008, 12:34 PM
The Joker grinned at the Fear. "Well, I detonated about a quarter-ton of gelignite that we placed at strategic points in that pile of boxes. Hopefully that destroyed most or all of the merchandise within."

The Joker turned back to the controls. "Now, where did you say you where headed? To the controls for the Level 5 teleporter field?"

The Fear nodded "That's right" He confirmed "Once that's down then Hector's gonna move through with all the others and-"

The Fear stopped as he realized that he had agreed to do his job without knowing what the other phases of the plans were. He noticed the Joker's lips move into a sly smile, as if he knew what Fear was thinking.

"And then we'll meet up i suppose, and try and find that Sylar guy."

September 27th, 2008, 12:35 PM
"Unlikely," answered Saruman. "They'll probably have no idea how some of us escaped in the first place. How do they work?" Saruman asked. "Your powers, I mean. Is something preventing you from using them?"

September 27th, 2008, 12:39 PM
"they injected me with a virus, it stopped me from using my abilities." Sylar said. "and my powers work through mental control, when i want, i can use them, but now, the virus is stopping me from using my powers." Sylar said. "you seem to know alot about powers, do you have any?"


September 27th, 2008, 01:09 PM
"You could say that," Saruman answered. "But my power is gone from me as well. Most of my ability is focused through my staff. I could make a new one if I had the right materials but that could take months."

Saruman thought for a bit and then spoke again. "What happens when you try to use your powers? Something must happen. Even with this... virus inside of you. Power like that could never be removed THAT easily."


Suddenly the control ship lurched violently.

"Fire on the starboard bow, Cap'n Joker," called one of the masked crewmen.

"Well, phooey," sulked the Joker. "There goes the stealth plan. This is proof that subtlety is just never the answer. Alright, time to step it up a notch on the theatricality scale... all hands on deck! Ripper, get in the gun turret. Morgenson, evasive maneuvers! And Bateman, go spraypaint a clown face on the glass sun roof, where they can see it."

"You got it, Boss."

Another blast hit the control ship and rocked it.

"Return fire!"

September 27th, 2008, 01:11 PM
Throughout all of the conversations going on, Sweeney Todd was watching in silence. Sitting against the wall just a short distance from the others, he allowed his gaze to shift from them to the razor he had recent pulled out of his pocket. Feeling the familiar weight in his hand was a comfortable reassurance that there was some chance he would be able to get back home.
It's getting late, I'll probably have to get some sleep soon. He thought to himself as he noticed the dimming of the light. But can I really trust any of these people to watch my sleeping form? The thought bothered him, but he would have to get over it.
(sorry for my bit of a disappearing act there)

September 27th, 2008, 01:19 PM
The initial attack had surprised The Fear, and he stumbled backwards before steadying himself again. His head exploded with pain again and he grimaced, holding onto his head as if it would split open at any second.

As the pain subsided he marched over to Joker, who was now admiring the large clown face. He studied it for a moment or two longer, then swept round to shout orders to another man. Fear tapped him on the shoulder with the back of his hand, and Joker turned to him smiling.

"You know" Fear suggested "If there's anything I can do to help, I'd love to repay you for getting me away from that prison."

September 27th, 2008, 01:33 PM
"This virus is strong enough to stop me from using my abilities, watch me try and move that." Sylar pointed at a magazine that was on the table where Todd had left the ammunition. Sylar stretched his hand out and made a grasping motion with his hand. focusing all his telekinetic energy on the ammunition, Sylar stared at the ammunition. it didnt budge. Sylar concentrated a while longer and then gave up. the man had given him a little hope, but he could do nothing now. "without the virus, that would have flown straight into my hand, with the virus though, i cannot use my powers at all, nothing." Sylar said, slowly lowering his hand, his powers useless for now.

September 27th, 2008, 02:36 PM
(Everyone hates Bellatrix! lol!)

So… the dark-haired young man isn’t a muggle after all, Bellatrix thought as she pretended to sleep. Dawlish had implied that everyone imprisoned here was a killer. She couldn’t believe that Radagast could have made so many ‘mistakes’ by accident. Is he working with the Corporation? Why did Dawlish attack him? What’s he hiding?

Bellatrix listened for a while to the conversations around her before another question occurred to her.

Am I the only Death Eater here? Will they try to capture more? And what about… but they couldn’t be that foolish, could they? Bellatrix wondered as a new thought made her blood run cold. They wouldn’t try to capture the Dark Lord…? No! I can’t let that happen. I MUST stop the Corporation at all costs… for the Dark Lord…

September 27th, 2008, 03:14 PM
"Do it again," Saruman said. "Harder this time."

"I was doing it as hard as I--"

"Harder," Saruman hissed, increasing the power in his Voice. Sylar looked a little shaken and tried again, trying to pull the bullet magazine into his hand. A vein pulsed in Sylar's temple.


Sylar smelled salt-iron and felt his nose begin to bleed. A red drip ran down his upper lip.

"Use your POWER, boy, concentration shouldn't have anything to do with it. Do it!"

As Saruman strained his Voice to keep Sylar intent on his goal, Dwight began to take notice. Dwight drew his Colts and advanced toward Saruman uncertainly. What was the crazy old man doing to Sylar?

"You can't let your potential be wasted," encouraged Saruman. Sylar's eyes screwed shut and he began to groan incomprehensibly.

"Do it," said Saruman. "Do it. DO IT!"

"I'm TRYING to do it, I just can't--"

A misty sheen swept over the bullet magazine and then it was suddenly enveloped in a small block of ice.

Sylar's jaw dropped. "Did I just--"

"I think you did," said Saruman. "I know I didn't."

"What's going on over here?!" demanded Dwight of Saruman. "What are you up to?"


"I've got a plan, Fear," said the Joker, "much as I hate to admit it. But it's a short-term plan, so it's only a venial sin on my part. Hey, Ripper, let's put a smile on that face!"

"With pleasure, Sir," said the man in the gun turret, turning and pulling the triggers on both of the weapon control systems. Two arcs of yellow light blazed out of the control ship and carved a curving gash into the front hull of the pursuing ship.

"Alrighty, we've breached their hull, now we board 'em," said the Joker. "Fear, if you want to help, go with Ripper to the Boarding Cannon."

"...boarding CANNON?"

"Yeah, we took the projectile cannon and modified it to shoot crewmen at mostly-safe velocities. Critical injuries only happen on one out of twelve shots now, thanks to adjustments by our team engineer."

"How... how did you get that statistic?"

"No comment. And I'd advise you to pop as many joints as you can BEFORE being shot, since that will minimize the chance of dislocated bones AFTER the fact. Good luck!"

September 27th, 2008, 04:30 PM
The Fear stared at Joker for a few seconds. For once he didn't seem to be joking at all. Fear sighed and shook his head with disbelief. Joker motioned to a large cannon device, a man sat at a control panel and was keeping it aligned with the hole in the nearby ship.

"Fine" Is all the Fear could think of to say.

He walked slowly over to the cannon, and let another masked henchman help him into it. He quickly snapped his arms out of their joints, but left his legs in case he landed near enemies.

"Ready?" asked the Joker

"As i'll ever be"

September 27th, 2008, 05:23 PM

Sylar sat there, shocked, he didnt know what just happened. staring at the block of ice on the table. did i just really do that? Sylar thought to himself, still in disbeleif. He then turned to Dwight McCarthy.
"hes helping me get my powers back, although i never had that ability before." Sylar sat in confusion, staring at the block of ice, he had used a power he didnt have, or was the woman in his second illusion room actually real?

September 27th, 2008, 06:27 PM
(Is Sylar lying, or are you out of character, CM? As I remember it, cryokinesis was the third power that Sylar absorbed. And then he used it to freeze Molly Walker's dad to death in Season 1, Episode 2. And in the webcomic, he caused a highway crash by freezing the road. And "Future Sylar" uses it to fight with "Future Peter" when Hiro sees the world 5 years later.)

(Intuitive aptitude, then telekinesis from Brian Davis, then cryokinesis from the guy in the webcomic, then perfect memory from Charlene Andrews, then metal liquification from Zane Taylor, then superhearing from, uh, the mechanic whose name I've forgotten... then the ones that I won't mention, due to potential spoilers for people who haven't seen Heroes yet.)