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July 25th, 2008, 06:12 AM
The Fear watched as Freddy concentrated, trying to get his powers again, it looked like he was struggling.

"No can do buddy" he said, rubbing his head "It just aint happenin'"

The Fear groaned, what was going on, why had that card melted at that time? I suppose they're watching us he thought.

He walked over to the door and rested his head against it, he slammed his fist into the metal over and over again.

Suddenly the room turned black, the female voice sounded once again.

"Main generator offline, backup generator coming online in 10 seconds, doors unpowered, occupants are asked to arm the-"

The Fear lurched into action and squeezed his fingers into the seams, Freddy joined him and together they pried the door open and rushed out.

"Backup generators failed" came the voice again "please head to your nearest security station and c-"

The Fear laughed with glee, this was fantastic, his eyes had already adjusted to the darkness, but he realized the same could not be said for Freddy.

"Umm, sorry buddy" He sounded confused "But where are ya? How can you see? It's pitch black here!"

The Fear turned, strangely talkative.

"Well i used to live in the forest, i'd sleep outside, hunt outside, eat outside, all of that." He continued "You can't do much in the forest at night if you can't see in the dark, so i'd stay up as much as possible so i got used to it."

"Ok, but i never did live in the forest" Freddy said "So i can't bloody see"

"Ok, hang on" He walked back the the panic room "I'm gonna check the guards."

He entered the room and searched the nearest guard, as expected he had a torch attached to his belt, it was slightly bloodied but it worked. He headed back to Freddy and handed him the torch.

"There" he said "that should help"

They carried on walking down the hallways until they reached the elevator

"Shall we give this another go?" asked Freddy

The Fear nodded "might as well"

He pressed the button, it didn't work. He did the same thing he did with the panic room doors and they slid open stiffly. He looked up and down the cold dark shaft and spotted a ladder on the side.

"Ok, theres a ladder to the right, we can use that to get up to the next floor, then we can see whats happening."

He moved along a ledge and grabbed the ladder, he began to climb, he looked down to see that Freddy had also began climbing. He was going for about two minutes before he saw another door, he jumped to the ledge and forced the door open, a thump behind him confirmed that Freddy had made it.

As The Fear stepped out into this new hallway, he looked around, it looked similar, but at least it was slightly different. A welcome change.

July 25th, 2008, 03:30 PM
a slight whirring was heard, Sylar turned around, still in the darkness, all of a sudden the lights went on. Sylar looked down and found the gun he had used and the guard he had killed, but its electric circuits were sparking, sylar had shot it right in its core, but something else had been making the illusions. Sylar picked up the gun and looked around and found the door. 'i hate all these illusions.' Sylar said as he went to the door. he tried to open the door, but it was stuck in its position, he hit the door with his shoulder, the door opened. Sylar walked out and found corridors with numbers on them, he turned around and tried to see the number on his door but then a guard came at him, Sylar shot him and walked down the corridor. what he saw next blew him out of his mind.

July 25th, 2008, 04:35 PM
Hector and Shriek were down in the Core, having finished their bloody work on the level above. The Joker was propped up against a wall on a pile of broken equipment, with bandages wrapped around his stomach.

"This is... wonderful," Hector grinned, eying the computer monitor. "I half-expected something would go wrong, but no... it worked."

"We're all very impressed, Hecky-boy," groaned the Joker, clutching his now-stitched-and-cleaned abdomen, "but you still haven't told us the rest of the plan!"

"We're in the Core, Joker. We've created a fake Administrator account on their network. We have access to so much of the Corporation Security now that we practically RUN the place."

Hector gave a vocal command to the machine. "Subject Gabriel Gray, AKA 'Sylar' has escaped confinement; initiate default security protocols."


A picture of Sylar appeared on the screen, showing him leaving his prison and passing security cameras.

"Who's this clown?" asked the Joker, peering closer. Shriek came to get a closer look as well.

"That is our distraction," Hector answered. "He's considered to be the most unstable prisoner in the complex, because he has the potential to grow as powerful as all the other prisoners combined. He steals the powers of those he defeats... so the obvious security measure when he escapes is to transfer him to a place with no superpowered prisoners."

There was a flash of green light, and Sylar disappeared from the camera.

Another window opened up on the screen, showing footage from a camera on Security Level 2. Sylar appeared in front of it in a second flash of green light.

"Sylar has a teleportation unit implanted in his chest," Hector explained. "They put it there when they first captured him. If he's ever about to kill someone who's too strong, someone who would give him more power, they can simply move him back to Level 2."

The Joker understood now. "So this 'Corporation' will send its troops down to Level 2 to reclaim Sylar..."

"And while they're gone, we move to build our forces on Level 5," Hector finished. "Exactly."

"But how much of a distraction to the Corporation can Sylar be if he has no powers?"

"Ah," Hector smiled. "That's the other part of the plan."

Hector opened up a third window and spoke aloud. "This is Core Command, speaking to Specialist Elite 'Brian Davis', Mr. Davis, you are ordered to deal with an immediate threat on Level 2, a Class-2 Outbreak. You still have your telekinetic powers, Mr. Davis, do you not?"

"I do, Command. Roger that."

"Wonderful, Mr. Davis. Wonderful."

July 25th, 2008, 04:40 PM
(Haha, Hector is running the place? With The Joker as one of his advisers? Thats perfectly hilarious.)

(Castlemaniac is the new lead role!)

July 25th, 2008, 04:57 PM
(HELL YEAH, now for some sylar time xD)

*green flash* 'what the?' Sylar found himself in a similar corridor, he still had his gun, but he noticed the different camera, it had a different wiring system then the last on that he passed. 'i wonder what would happen... OOOOF' Sylar was sent crashing into the wall behind him. Sylar still had his gun but he kept it hidden. Sylar gasped, there in front of him stood the man he had killed before, Brian Davis, his arm pointing at Sylar.
'how are you still alive?'
'the corporation brought me back, and now i can have my revenge, you said you would help me, you said you would take it away, and now, even after i have been revived, i still have it, you LIED TO ME' Sylar was thrown against the ajacent wall. Sylar did all he could to conceal the gun while trying to aim at Brian.
'And now, i will make you pay for what you have done!' Brian pulled Sylar telekenetically close to him, putting them face to face. 'I want you to see my eyes, LOOK AT THE..' a shot was heard, sylar had aimed for Brians heart, if it didnt kill him again, it would atleast stall him. then Sylar hit him on the back of his head with the gun, making him fall to the floor, vulnerable, his head wide open. Sylar found a chip in brians head, it was sharp enough. 'Now i have you, and after this, you will not be reborn, i promise you.' sylar pulled the chip out of Brians head and proceeded to open his skull. a few minuted later, the blood soaked floor had peices of brain matter all over it. Sylar then telekinetically detached Brians arms and legs and cut his chest open and took out his heart. 'Try coming back from that.' Sylar said as he turned around, guards piled in aiming their guns at Sylar. Sylar felt the telekenisis flow through him, he felt its power, he realised this wasnt an illusion anymore.
'Let the fun begin.' He flicked his wrist and a dozen guards flew across the hallway with bone crushing force.

July 25th, 2008, 05:04 PM
(Haha, Hector is running the place? With The Joker as one of his advisers? Thats perfectly hilarious.)

(Castlemaniac is the new lead role!)

(Yep. xD)

Belkar and Dwight McCarthy walked cautiously down the halls of Security Level 2. McCarthy held the map, examining it curiously, like some sort of predator plotting a kill.

I like this guy already, thought Belkar.

"Hey, McCarthy, check it out!" called Belkar. McCarthy looked up from the map.

"STAIRS!" Belkar shouted, dancing around joyfully on his little furry Halfling feet. "Hell yes! And I Spotted them without help! I am a sexy shoeless God of Spot Check!"

Then a bullet missed Belkar by inches and he literally jumped ten feet in the air as the Halfling's shock mixed with his +20 Ring of Jumping. "CRAP! We're under attack!" Belkar yelled, running and hiding behind McCarthy. "Uh, maybe you should check it out first..."


Belkar looked around the place and saw nothing. Karma, I guess. I Spotted the staircase so of course I can't Spot the snipers too... maybe McCarthy can, though.

"Hey, Legolas!" Belkar whispered sarcastically to his makeshift "partner"; "What do thy Elf Eyes see?"


Robert Lee Stagger was nervous. He'd been training not to be nervous for almost a year, but only in simulations. Now he was tasked with his first Riot Control assignment; it wasn't even a real riot, since it only consisted of two escapees, but it still had gotten him nervous. He needed to control it, to think rationally. Think, Stagger. You can handle this.

"Captain Lee? Shouldn't we fire? We've got Level 11 Clearance, sir, we don't need to worry about capturing them."

"The first shot was supposed to hit the Halfling in his oversized little head, Officer. Ryan missed his target," Stagger growled, trying to mask his nervousness with aggression. "Now they know we're hidden. Every shot we make from now on is another clue to our position for McCarthy to pick up on--he's a better tactician than Bitterleaf in a firefight, and we can be sure he'll use every clue he gets."

"So we try to intimidate them first?"

"We try to intimidate them first," repeated Stagger. "Send a report to Command--at least we've found them."

"Yeah, but where's our backup team?"


"COMMAND! COMMAND! Someone ordered a Telekinetic-Class unit into Sylar's area!" screamed David McCallahan into his comlink. "He's slaughtering the backup Recon team! Send help! Send he--ARGlaxs.."

A large-caliber bullet propelled by sheer force of mind and will burst through David's skull.

"Now look what you made me do," hissed Sylar, flicking the comlink back off.

(castlemanic, you might try meeting up with Dwight McCarthy and Belkar if you like, since you're on the same floor and they could use your help)

BIG UPDATE: Guys, Story Arc 1 was so cool that I'm going to compile all of the in-game text, spell / grammar check it, edit it into a more novel-ish format, and put it up on my DA. Everyone will be credited with their specific character. If anyone has a problem with this please PM me.

July 25th, 2008, 06:02 PM
(Sounds good to me, when will it be up on your DA?)

July 25th, 2008, 06:38 PM
(Sounds good to me, when will it be up on your DA?)

(Probably in 1-2 weeks. I just finished pasting the last of the in-game text into a Word document--and Story Arc I takes up exactly 130 pages of single-spaced, Lucida Grande, 13-point font. It's almost 40,000 words. Congrads, guys, we've basically written the first installment in a series of novels here. :thumbsup:)

July 25th, 2008, 06:41 PM
(We could totally make money out of this :lol:)

July 25th, 2008, 07:37 PM
(Sorry, If I havent been making posts in the last days. I will be sure to continue my posts)

July 26th, 2008, 04:01 AM
Dear Die-Ary,

Today I escaped from reality. I still don't really know if it was real or not. Thinking about it is sort of making my head hurt.

I'm traveling with a fellow who professes himself to be a nightmare. This seems oddly poetic, in a way... this whole affair has a very dreamlike touch to it.

The Wall keeps getting thirsty. I've been giving it the remains of all the guards we've come across in our travels. I hope we keep running into people.

...now, that's something I never thought I'd hear myself say. This really IS a new experience for me!

The Corinthian walked cautiously down the hallway, silent as the grave. He waved for Nny to follow him.


"Damn it, Nny, can't we make those wheels quieter somehow?"

Nny shrugged, and continued pulling the wheel-mounted Wall behind him like a child with an enormous wooden duck-on-a-string toy. An enormous wooden duck-on-a-string toy covered with the blood of ten thousand assholes.

"How often does it need to be painted?" asked the Corinthian, as Nny stopped to wipe a spot on the Wall with his red-coated paintbrush.

"About once every few days, depending on how much I painted it with the last time. Generally it's a good idea to keep it bright red... when it starts to dry and turn black, you know it's a bad sign."

The Corinthian nodded. "All right, then. Let's--"

Suddenly the Corinthian stopped, whirled around, and crouched behind a corner. "What is it?" whispered Nny.

"I heard someone breathing," the Corinthian whispered back. "Just around the corner of this wall..."

"Oh," Nny said. "...why are we whispering?"

"To avoid attracting attention, Nny."

"The Wall could use another coat, though. I don't think we need to bother."

"It was coated ten minutes ago, Nny, I don't think that..."

Too late. Johnny was already heading around the corner, leaving the Corinthian and the Wall behind him. He clutched two long knives in his hands, ready to kill. "No! Nny, this is--"


A man with a horribly burned face leapt onto the Corinthian from behind and slashed his back with a bladed glove. "Ya like that, ya son of a bitch?!" roared the maniac, laughing maniacally. The Corinthian tried to twist around, but Freddy Krueger held him still in a vice-like grip.

Nny turned around to come back and help, but was struck by an invisible fist and flung into the concrete wall on the other side of the hallway. "Ahhh..." came a disembodied voice. "Your fear is exquisite to me..."

"Ya may've sensed my invisible partner over there with a clever lil' trick," Freddy hissed, "but guess what, jackass? I'm already dead. I don't breathe anymore! Hahahahahaha!!"

Freddy pulled off the Corinthian's sunglasses and thrust two clawed fingers into the nightmare's sockets, not realizing that the Corinthian had a very unusual anatomical face design. The nightmare bit down hard on both of Freddy's fingers, not quite breaking them but drawing blood painfully.

"AGH!!" screamed Freddy, pulling the fingers back out. "AAAAGH!! You FREAK! You goddamn freaky little sh*t!"

The Corinthian took advantage of Freddy's surprise and broke free, turning and punching Freddy hard in the face. He kicked Freddy twice in the stomach, and the child murderer vomited powerfully.

When Freddy's vomiting subsided, the Corinthian was holding him by the throat and sticking an open Swiss Army knife into his mouth. "One false move and I carve that grin of yours five times wider," growled the nightmare. Then the Corinthian turned to look back at Nny. "Johnny? Nny, are you all right?"

Nny and the invisible assailant were both gone; the battle must have taken them elsewhere. A blood trail led off down another corridor... whether it was the blood of Nny or his attacker remained to be seen.

The Corinthian got behind Freddy but kept the knife in his mouth. "You first," said the Corinthian, politely. "I want to see my friend again and you're going to be my meat shield. If your friend is reasonably loyal we shouldn't have any problems, now, should we?"

Freddy mumbled something incomprehensible. It's difficult to speak when the slightest wrong syllable can make you accidentally slice your own tongue.

"Walk. And don't stop unless I say so."

(Wadling, you should fill in what happened while the Corinthian was preoccupied fighting with Freddy. And clarify whose blood the trail is from; the choice is yours. Neither you nor Nny is permitted to die, though... but that's obvious, since you won't kill yourself and Nny can't be killed by other people. :D)

July 26th, 2008, 06:17 AM
(Got it)

The Fear saw his companion make his move, attacking the one with the sunglasses and the bleached hair, leaving him to attack the skinny one with the swords. As 'skinny' turned to see what was happening The Fear made his move.

He ran forward, planting a fist into the left cheek of Johnny's face, the blow had only meant to knock him to the floor, but instead he went flying into a wall opposite. The Fear had either hit him too hard, or this opponent was extremely underweight. He switched off his invisibility.

He moved towards him and lifted him up by the throat, he felt an emotion coming off him in waves.

"Ahhh" He hissed "Your fear is quite exquisite to me, but no... thats not fear thats."

Johnny's face contorted into a manic grin, the sort of grin that makes you shiver just thinking about it. He shouted what The Fear was about to say.

"INSANITY!" he lashed out with a sword, aiming for his stomach. The Fear let him drop and twisted out of the way.

The Fear smiled, no Freddy in sight, just him and me. Johnny sprang forward with a flurry of movement, slicing his swords wildly. The Fear smiled, this man WAS insane!

The Fear hopped delicately over the first swipe and ducked another, he span sideways to avoid two at once. He used this opportunity to bend down and sweep his legs from underneath him. While he was on the floor he stamped into his face with his heavy boots, spraying blood down the corridor.

Nny mumbled something that sounded like "not again" before stumbling to his feet. "Why can't you people just GIVE ME YOUR BLOOD!?" he screamed running at The Fear cutting the air with his swords.

The Fear backed away, dodging the attacks until they were round the corner. He used the corner as a strategic point. As Nny came running round the corner The Fear grasped his right wrist with his right hand, and planted his left hand on his back. He moved his right hand from the wrist to the sword.

He pushed with all his might with his left hand while pulling the sword with his other. Nny let go of the sword as he tumbled to the ground. The Fear bolted towards him and kicked the other sword away, planting a knee on Nny's throat (see what i did there). He put an arm around his neck and pulled him up, placing the sword very close to his neck.

He walked with him, having to force him to move every now and again by pulling on his neck painfully. They walked round the corner to see Freddy with a swiss army knife in his mouth.

"Oh COME ON!" The Fear yelled in anger "It was your idea to attack them! How is it that you get caught while I, the one who wanted to talk with them, manage to take one out." He was fed up with this Freddy.

Nny forced a whisper out, managing to get some air out of his squeezed windpipe.

"What now?" he asked.

July 26th, 2008, 01:45 PM
(yeah we could make a book out of this, lol)

(varth, everyone in the corporation has that healing thing right? also can i 'randomly' meet up with Mcarthy and bitterleaf?)

(one other thing, Sylar has telekenetically induced powers, the three powers used (as far as i remember) are telekenetically induced superhuman durability, not to supermans level but enough to stop bullets from killing him, superhuman strength, enough to throw a person with bone breaking force, but not enough to lift a truck, and some sort of levetation, he used it once before when he snuck up on a person with superhearing abilities who is able to hear rain from 40 miles away, she turns to Sylar and she says 'i didnt hear any footsteps' Sylar replies 'there werent any', i will be using these in game for future reference, so nobody say i cant do these things. the main one ill use is the durability one.)

July 26th, 2008, 01:52 PM
(I think Varth even suggested that you meet up with Mcarthey and Bitterleaf, as they are going to die without your help.)

July 26th, 2008, 02:21 PM
(ok good, ill go with that)

Sylar continued down the hallway. Troops stormed their way through the hallways, only the be crushed by Sylars telekenisis, and sometimes literally. He threw one guard across the hallway and against the wall, killing him instanly. he grabbed another guard and pinned him against the wall. 'Wheres the way out?' the guard was hanging their, unable to protect himself. 'i said, where the way out?' on the word "out", sylars voice slightly became demonic, the guards eyes flew wide open.
'th-h-h-h-at w-w-w-ay.' the guard pointed in a direction. Sylar killed him and took his pistol, he learned from losing his powers due to the virus that he should always have a backup plan. Sylar turned the corner and found a set of stairs and two men on the floor, one strangely short. Sylar threw them both on opposite sides of the corridor. 'DO YOU EXPECT ME TO NOT REALISE ITS A TRAP!?' A shot was fired, the bullet hit Sylar in the chest. Sylar staggered backwards. two more shots were fired, the second one hit his chest again, the third stopped in mid air, right infront of sylars forhead, he analyzed the direction of the bullet. the two bullets that hit Sylars chest fell to the floor. Sylar looked up, turned the bullet around and threw it in the direction that it came, dropped the two men he had pinned against the wall and slowly walked towards the area where the bullets came from.

July 26th, 2008, 02:40 PM
The Corinthian heard a voice whispering softly at the end of the corridor as he approached with Freddy in tow.

Hm, the nightmare thought. If we BOTH have a hostage, things can only go downhill from here.

The Corinthian moved away, back around the corner, and rethought his strategy. First he found the body of a guard, with three sets of handcuffs. He used one set to restrain Freddy's hands, another to restrain his feet, and a third to bind the two first sets together, leaving Freddy on the floor in reverse-fetal position. I'll need both hands ready for this.

The Corinthian looked back at the Wall that they had left around the edge of the corridor. I'm pretty sure that I've got a score to settle with you, thought the Corinthian. He thought it as loudly as he could, probably in the hope that the Wall could hear him. Now's the chance to square...


The Fear was confused. Was the nightmare abandoning Nny for some reason? What should he do? How soon should he act?

And... what was that infernal squeaking noise coming down the--

BOOM. The Wall-on-wheels went airborne as the Corinthian picked it up and hurled it like a guided missile. The Fear let Nny go in panic to dodge the massive improvised weapon and reactivated his active camouflage.

"Come out, come out, wherever you are," hissed the Corinthian loudly. "Nny, get back over there. I've restrained the other one but I don't know how powerful he is. He could free himself at any moment."

Nny picked up his weapons and complied without hesitation, running around the corner of the room with a wild and wide smile. The Corinthian continued to pace the room like a tiger, looking for some hint of the Fear's position.


"Ow." The Corinthian looked down to see an arrowhead embedded in his left wrist. He pulled it out and saw something smeared over the tip.

The nightmare brought the bolt close to his mouth and licked it. "Hm," he thought aloud, "this is Brazilian Wandering Spider venom, isn't it? Wouldn't it be cheaper to 6uy a poison that's commercially available? Like artificial sweetener? Why go to all the trouble to milk a deadly spider's fangs?"

The Corinthian threw away the bolt and cast another glance around the room. "Oh, and by the way--I'm a nightmare. That means no metabolism for the poison to destroy. Nice try, tho--"

An invisible fist slammed into the Corinthian's chest, knocking him a few steps back. The Corinthian lashed out with his knife but hit nothing.

"I'm going to enjoy this," grinned the Corinthian. "Lay on, then."


Nny arrived around the corridor to find three sets of scratched handcuffs, each with clawmarks around the keyholes.

"Hm..." Nny thought, pensively. "He must have melted in the presence of cold iron, like a bad fairy."


Freddy lunged at Nny, and they began to fight in a whirlwind of blades and fury.

(W00t! It's Freddy vs. Johnny! This will break the box office record set by Freddy vs. Jason by three figures.)

July 26th, 2008, 02:51 PM
(Is there also a Fear vs Corinthian fight happening then? If so, how're we going to write it, i've only fought NPC's and people who were away up to this point.)

(Also, loved the wall attack, never saw it coming.)

July 26th, 2008, 03:30 PM
(Is there also a Fear vs Corinthian fight happening then? If so, how're we going to write it, i've only fought NPC's and people who were away up to this point.)

(Like this. One move at a time, not controlling the other character's actions.)

The Corinthian listened hard and heard footsteps. Left.

The nightmare punched hard left and followed up with a stabbing motion from his knife. The first blow connected but knocked the target too far away from his second blow. Damn it.

"Who are you?" hissed the Corinthian. "Why did you attack us?"